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The Starship Victory has been trough her share of adventures since she was born under the flag of StarBase 118. From the beginning of her time, Klingons, Lycanthropes, Cardassian, Ferengi, Romulans and other species, as well as a couple of newly discovered species, have faced this proud ship and crew during battle, politics and diplomacy.

After every mission a compilation is written and uploaded to these pages. This has been done so by several crewmembers in the ship's history, present and of course in the future. These compilations contain all the information you need on every mission listed on the mission overview page, like away-team rosters, mission planning, plot developement, b-plots, and of course how the entire mission went. Naturally, all post-mission promotions are also listed on these pages.

Find out what happened aboard the Victory the last weeks, or go further back into the past to her maiden voyage. Read about crew and ship as they bravely face all facts of space in name of SB118.

Season 1

The Adventure Begins
  • Pilot: Stardate 237905.24-237906.02
    • The Victory embarks on her maiden Voyage to discovery the Unknown.
Encounter on Ferenginar
  • Episode 01: Stardate 237906.03 - 237906.24
    • A Ferengi salvage operation turns in to a problem of its own.
Return to the Lithron System
  • Episode 02: Stardate 237906.26 - 237907.30
    • Once visited before, The Lithron system holds a deadly secret.
Attack on the Yithra Base
  • Episode 03: Stardate 237908.14 - 237909.28
    • TV guide like description (recommend just one sentence that will make a reader want to click to read more)
Time and Consequences
  • Episode 04: Stardate 237910.08 - 237911.18
    • A simple mission becomes a journey in time.
The True Ones
  • Episode 05: Stardate 237911.24 - 238002.23
    • A terrorist organization holds one of their own...or do they?
The Lost Colony
  • Episode 06: Stardate 238004.02 - 238007.02
    • A lost colony faces destruction of the USS Victory cannot rescue them from the Solar flare.
  • Episode 07: Stardate 238008.01 - 238009.13
    • Cardassians make a move against the Victory and one of their own goes missing.
The Hunt for Hapgood
  • Episode 08: Stardate 238009.19 - 238011.02
    • Hapgood has yet to be found and the Victory will not give up!
The Lycanthropes
  • Episode 09: Stardate 238012.05 - 238103.18
    • Victory must face Tholians and a vampiric species to protect the galaxy.
  • Episode 10: Stardate 238104.26 - 238106.08
    • Plague sweeps a planet and the Victory is their only hope.
Victory Times Two
  • Episode 11: Stardate 238106.10 - 238108.16
    • The crew of the Victory must face their own evil duplicates.
  • Episode 12: Stardate 238112.05 - 238202.09
    • Godlike entities appear and must be contained before they destroy the galaxy.
  • Episode 13: Stardate 238202.12 - 238205.02
    • A planet is on the verge of civil war and Federation citizens need evacuated.
Battle of Truth
  • Episode 14: Stardate 238205.24 - 238209.13
    • Secrets, spies, and mimics face the Victory and the Columbia.

Season 2

  • Episode 15: Stardate 238209.14 - 238212.20
    • A Death under mysterious circumstances leads to an investigation.
  • Episode 16: Stardate 238301.20 - 238305.10
    • The Victory investigates Romulan Activity.
World of Malfunctions
  • Episode 017: Stardate 238305.28 - 238308.10
    • The Victory begins to experience strange malfunctions that threaten the crew's life.
Diplomacy of Knives
  • Episode 18: Stardate 238310.15 - 238401.28
    • A Cardassian and Bajoran on the same ship is never a good idea.