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The Starfleet Marines assigned to the USS Victory belong to the Charlie Company of the Starfleet Marine Corps' 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment nicknamed "Shadows". The Squad is primarily assigned to hazard duties, its secondary role is to bolster security on board the USS Victory. Certain members of the team have been added incase Starfleet or the Federation need them on Top Secret Orders that require their skills. The Security Department is responsible for the protection of the interior of the USS Victory and its occupants.

The Victory’s marine unit is 2 squads of 12 men and women, including a minimum of 2 officers and 2 team leader, the unit also has its own flight crew who are also SFMC trained pilots. The entire unit will generally come under the command of the Chief Marine Officer and the Captain of the starship it is assigned to, the units may receive specific orders from Starfleet Intelligence or SFMC Headquarters this will follow the change of command. However because flexibility is the watchword, units can have any number of men and women but the officers are generally the only ones placed in lone assignments. The NCO’s are mainly always in units.

Missions Types

Hostage Rescue
Boarding Action

Typical Missions include, but are not limited to:

  • Hostage Rescue
  • Search & Rescue
  • Starship Boarding Actions [in hostile territory e.g. without a Starship for backup]
  • Pre-assault sabotage [disturbing enemy communications, supplies, shields]
  • Guerrilla actions
  • Reconnaissance
  • Insertions/Extractions
  • Military support for Starfleet Intelligence missions if required
  • Generally the very practical side of covert operations
  • War

Marine Staff

Chief of Marine's Office

The Chief Marine Officer is the marine in charge of overseeing all other marines on board the USS Victory, and reports directly to the captain. The marine admin officer is responsible for any incoming or out-going messages relevant to the marines and takes care of the general administrative duties. The doctor is responsible for the general well being and health of the marines and can also help out in sickbay when needed. The Doctor can support marine squads on deployment. The armory officer is responsible for all marines weapons and armor, makes sure they are maintained and stored properly and securely. The marine security officers guard the marine complex and prevent unauthorized access and when required will assist ship security.


Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) are a militarization version of Security that uses brand new Marine equipment and tactics. This includes the use of armoured personnel uniforms, assault phasers, pulses rifles, grenades, grenade launchers and sniper rifles.


The SAR team is comprised of a leader, a search specialist, two medics, an engineer, weapon specalist to defend the team, comms expert and search dog. They are usually deployed for search and rescue operations, including hostile situations involving hostages. When not deployed on a mission they can be found training in the marine complex. When the ship is facing an emergency and they have no other assigned mission they can be found supporting departments on the ship.

A unique feature of the Marine team's is that it is also the secondary job of it's member and can be called upon at any time to act as the team instead of serving in the department they are usually assigned.

Location and Facilities

Deck 13 Marine Section

The USS Victory’s Hazard Team “Shadows” are based on Deck 13 & is mainly shared with Science & Engineering departments.

At the top of the Marine section you will find the CO’s office the corridor to the right of the door leads the Marine mess, the mess is open to other crew members as well as the marines.

To the left of the CO’s office is a corridor that leads to Marine Personnel quarters, 2 Locker rooms, Briefing room, Gym & Armour with lead through to training holodeck. List of gear stored in the Armour and Locker room here On this corridor the Personnel quarters are numbered odd 1,3,5 & 7, The corridor next to this houses Personnel quarters 2,4,6 & 8.