Raytas Sector

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Raytas Sector
Raytas Sector

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The Raytas Sector is a section of space located in the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajoran Wormhole. It is mostly unexplored due to the Dominion War and later lack of funding to continue exploration. It is located a few weeks at slipstream speed away from the wormhole entrance and is considered as far as the Federation explored before the outbreak of hostilities.

Federation Presence

The Federation presence in this sector is minimal with only the USS Athena and two support ships presently based at the Danubae station Dreamstar.


Located roughly 39 hours away slipstream speeds from the wormhole, the Raytas Sector is bordered galactic north by the Tsarellian Sector, galactic east by the Sigarran Sector, galactic south by the Kzarx Sector, and galactic west by the Ellianirai Sector. Located ~41.8k light years on a direct radial from the galactic core, it's newest major power are the Dominion and Confederation, both currently engaged in a series of conflicts.


Known Locations