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Previous Ships Named Victory


HMS VICTORY was once the oldest commissioned warship on the planet Earth and for hundreds of years was manned by Officers and Ratings of the British Royal Navy. She was the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and Commander in Chief Naval Home Command and lied in No 2 Dry Dock at Portsmouth Naval Base, Portsmouth. England, Earth.Victory was designed by Thomas Slade, the Senior Surveyor of the Navy. Her keel was laid down in Chatham on 23 July 1759 and she was launched on 7 May 1765 but was not commissioned until 1778. This long period of weathering meant that the hull timbers were well seasoned, which is probably the main reason why she has survived so long. Once commissioned she became the most successful First Rate ship ever built. Her excellent sailing qualities made her a very popular choice for use by Admirals as their flagship. Admirals Keppel, Kemperfelt, Howe and Jervis all used her prior to Admiral Lord Nelson when he was Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet. Even after the Battle of Trafalgar she continued her active career and was involved in two Baltic campaigns under Admiral Saumarez. Her active career completed on 7 November 1812 when she was then moored in Portsmouth Harbour off Gosport for 110 years fulfilling a number of roles. By 1921 the ship was in a poor state of repair, it was at this point that the Government supported by the Society for Nautical Research agreed that HMS VICTORY should be saved and to be a lasting reminder to the Nation of Admiral Lord Nelson, The Battle of Trafalgar, and the Royal Navy's supremacy in the days of sail. She was moved into her present dock on 12 January 1922 and since then has been undergoing restoration by the Royal Navy with assistance from the Society for Nautical Research, to return the ship to her Trafalgar design and condition. More ships called Victory

Federation Constellation-class starship, registry number NCC-9754. Commanded by then Captain Zimbata up until her decommissioning in 2376. Such Starfleet legends as Admiral Zimbata, Commander LaForge, and Commander Susanna Leijten were spawn on this ship. In 2362, a Victory away team was sent to the surface of Tarchannen III to investigate the disappearance of 49 Federation personnel. It was not realized at the time that all five members of that away team including LaForge and Leijten were infected with an alien DNA strand that would compel them to return to Tarchannen III five years later. The Constellation class Victory fought during the Dominion War. During a battle in 2374, she reported one crewmember KIA, two others MIA and 1 crewmember WIA. The ship and her crew were decorated heavily following that battle, but the ship was decommissioned not long after due to her extreme age and battle damage.

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