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Cmdr. Lily Ventu
Commading Officer
Starbase 118 Operations

Lily's Life
Before Starfleet   ·   Early Career
Later Career

Parents Jarin & Matilda   ·   Sister Alexa
Husband Hayden   · Son Rhys
Notable Relationships
Medical Records   ·   Sim Archive
Working & Living Spaces

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Ventu's Sims

Cadet Aresee Ventu

Cadet Aresee Ventu: Her Way / Captured
In which Cadet Ventu goes off on her own and discovers cloaked ships, Cardassians, and trouble.

Ensign Aresee Ventu

Ensign Aresee Ventu: Crossroads
In which Ensign Ventu leaves Starbase 118 for the USS Victory.

Ensign Aresee Ventu: Don't Eat Me!
In which it turns out that Aresee doesn't really care too much for Gorn.

Ensign Aresee Ventu - The Lost
In which Ensign Ventu attempts to rescue a couple of Tanugan kids and gets kidnapped for her trouble.

Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu

Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "I'd like to thank..."
In which Ensign Ventu receives her first promotion.

Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "The Matriarch"
In which Aresee's mother makes a surprise visit.

Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "The Daughter"
In which Matilda interrupts a covert mission on a Romulan station.

Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "Mummy Dearest"
In which a depressed and duty-relieved LtJG Ventu talks with her missing mother for the first time.

Lieutenant Aresee Ventu

Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "Party Like It's...2382?"
In which Lieutenant Ventu receives another promotion.

Lieutenant Aresee Ventu - "Poltergeist"
In which a malfunctioning Victory sings to its counselor and offers cake and advice.

Lt. Aresee Ventu & Capt. Robin Phoenix - "Counseling"
A joint post in which Lt. Ventu receives her toughest case to date.

Lieutenant Aresee Ventu - "Specter"
In which a mission begins and Lt. Ventu is rendered invisible by a mysterious stranger.

Lt. Commander Aresee / Lily Ventu

Victory Counselor

Lt. Commander Aresee Ventu - "The Festivities"
In which Lt. Commander Ventu receives her first command-level promotion and chats up a new officer.

USS Constitution-B Second Officer

Triumphant Executive Officer

USS Independence CMO & Counselor

Tiger Executive Officer