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Cmdr. Lily Ventu
Commading Officer
Starbase 118 Operations

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Medical History

Medical History
Stardate Vessel Attending Physician Assisting Personnel Cause for Admittance Treatment
238208.29 USS Victory Dr. Julia Harden, UFP SF Lt. N/A Routine physical Routine physical
238209.15 USS Victory Dr. Julia Harden, UFP SF Lt. Nurse Angelina Petucci, UFP SF PO1C Psychological shock, brought on by incorrect doses of her usual meds 5cc's amitriptyline, bed rest
238212 - 238301.15 USS Victory Dr. Julia Harden, UFP SF Lt. Sickbay staff Unknown. Memories of complete injuries have been suppressed. Medical stasis fields, rest, counseling
238304.10 USS Victory Dr. Julia Harden, UFP SF Lt. Cmdr.  * Nurse Angelina Petucci, UFP SF PO1C
 * Dr. Joanne Manor, UFP ST LtJG.
Syncopol event, fainting, debilitating depression, shock Light sedation, rest
238407.20 USS Triumphant NP Kael Tam, UFP SF CPO Sickbay Staff Severe phaser burns, shock Unknown (unconscious astral projection, courtesy of Aurelie Trenet

  • Lily has struggled with her condition, a neurochemical imbalance, since she was very young. Only in recent years has the condition lessened in its severity, thanks to new treatments and medicines. In her time in Starfleet, the condition has only hit severely two times:
    • In her first weeks as an ensign aboard the Victory, she suffered extreme separation anxiety and nervousness, which the imbalance reflected back tenfold. She collapsed on the bridge, and was treated by Lieutenant Doctor Julia Harden in the Victory sickbay.
    • Onboard the Constitution, following the discovery of her Lieutenant Commander Nick Parks's secret project, Lily overreacted and her chemical imbalance increased her feelings of hurt and jealousy over an assumed second lover. This time, she came out of it on her own, after being grounded in reality by Counselor Emirry MacGowan.

Noted Injuries & Incapacitations

  • Lily's only true injury of note occurred after her first mission onboard the Victory. Ensign Ventu had been taken hostage in a dispute with some Tanugan extremists, and when she was recovered, the full extent of her physical and mental injuries were unknown, even to her. It is likely that she was tortured, but the memories were blocked out. She was placed in a slow-healing stasis pod for three weeks following the incident.


  • Other than her neurochemical imbalance (see above), Lily has no psychological problems of note.
  • On several tests, Lily has been noted as ambitious and headstrong, with a tendency to go against rules, for good or ill. One striking example occurred in a mission the Victory crew had aboard a secret Romulan base. Her team leader, Commander Harden, ordered Lily to stay with the group, but Lily went against orders and left the group in order to rescue her mother. While her actions were not condemned following the mission, they are worthy of note.

Psychic Experiences

  • Lily has no measurable telepathic or empathic abilities. However, she has been privy to several psychic occurrences brought on by others, including a trip into Lieutenant Quinn Reynolds's dreams and a astral projection visit from Aurelie Trenet, both in 2384.