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Cmdr. Lily Ventu
Commading Officer
Starbase 118 Operations

Lily's Life
Before Starfleet   ·   Early Career
Later Career

Parents Jarin & Matilda   ·   Sister Alexa
Husband Hayden   · Son Rhys
Notable Relationships
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The following is a summarized, annotated list of the people Lily's met over her life and career whom she considers to have had a lasting effect on her.

Met Pre-Starfleet

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Met at the Academy

Nick Parks

An NPC who has been simmed on the USS Constitution-B, USS Triumphant, and USS Independence-A.
Lily and Nick had a romantic relationship that lasted for nearly two and a half years during their freshman, sophomore, and junior years at the Academy. The 'ship ended abruptly due to Lily's withdrawal, and the next time they would see each other would be on the Constitution, many years later. Although initially opposed to beginning another relationship, they eventually gave in. This 'ship, however, would only last for four months before they were given different assignments following the decommissioning of the Triumphant in September 2384. Since then, their relationship has cooled somewhat.

Abby Roberts

An NPC who serves as an epistolary function at various times.
Captain Roberts acted as Lily's mentor during her Academy days, and the two have kept in touch ever sense Lily rejoined the Fleet.

Met on the Victory

Robin Phoenix

A player character currently simming aboard the Ronin.

Julia Harden

A player character who is currently the CMO of Starbase 118.

Sameth Koveski

An NPC who has been simmed on the Victory.
Sam served on the Victory with Lily. As he fancied himself a bit of ladies' man, he tried to get the stubborn counselor to fall for him. Their relationship, while initially physical, changed into more of a friendship as time went on. When the Victory was decommissioned, they went their separate ways.

Aurelie Trenet

An NPC who has been simmed on the Victory and Triumphant.
Aurelie is a time-traveling special agent that Lily has come to consider a friend after Aurelie helped her out of several sticky situations, including one in which she was trapped and awaiting death in her own subconscious.

Ryan Devin

An NPC who has been simmed on the Victory.
Lily and Ryan worked together on the Victory, forming the entirety of the ship's counseling department. She grew to view him as a bit of a little brother figure, and watched out for him accordingly.

Met on the Constitution

Daydan Taboo

A player character who currently commands the Eagle.

Emirry MacGowan

A player character who is currently the CMO of the Eagle.

Met on the Triumphant

Quinn Reynolds

A player character and the current Intelligence Officer aboard Starbase 118.
Since she transferred with Quinn from the Triumphant to the Independence, Lily has come to view Quinn as a closer friend. After the incident on TE-IV wherein Lily actually visited Quinn's dreams, their relationship has intensified. The difficulty of balancing friendship and their professional relationship is sometimes trying for both, however, as Lily attempts to break through Quinn's tough exterior and Quinn tries to repel the incursion.

More recently, Quinn and Lily have restarted their professional relationship. They're both assigned to Starbase 118, and as Lily is no longer Quinn's counselor, she's able to pursue a relationship based around friendship instead of psychotherapy. Quinn was the only person Lily called for while she was in labor, and she named Quinn her baby's godmother in between contractions.


An NPC and current engineer in the Independence-A's engine room.
Lily has only known Merina for a short while, but in that while, she's begun to act like her mentor, leading her through her assimilation process back into Starfleet.

Galvin Prox

A player character, currently on a leave of absence.

Rhys Bejain

A player character who has been retired OOC, but resides on Bajor IC.

Met on the Independence

Hayden Reynolds

An NPC who has been simmed aboard the Independence-A and Tiger.
The initial relationship between Lily and Hayden was somewhat awkward, as Lily had recently broken off with Nick Parks, one of Hayden's oldest friends. However, the two moved quickly past it and ended up engaged in late January 2385. However, when neither could settle to a true wedding date, and after Lily had suspicions about Hayden's relationships with his colleagues Elizabeth Hathaway and T'Ren, they agreed (amicably) that an engagement sufficed for explaining their relationship, and not to rush the wedding.

Sidney Riley

A player character and current commanding officer of the Tiger.

Dr. Vojana Satscher

A player character and current chief medical officer of the Tiger.
Dr. Satscher worked closely with Hayden in the sickbays of the Independence and the Tiger, although she never spent any real time with Lily. However, when Hayden was reassigned to the Antares, Vojana was the only one of Lily's friends and crewmates who approached her and insisted she chase after them. In some ways, one could say that she's responsible for Lily's marriage! After the wedding, Lily grew to view the doctor as a friend, right up until the point when she transferred off the Tiger.

Met on the Tiger

Par Salen

A player character and current counselor aboard the Tiger.
The Tiger's first and only counselor while Lily was aboard was Par Salen, a young man who was assigned directly out of the Academy. Lily took a mentor-mentee view of their relationship, especially when they both attended the University of Betazed conference in 2385. She left the young counselor in good company when she left, knowing that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Met on Starbase 118

Kiarna Taiven

A player character and current engineering officer aboard Starbase 118.
Taiven was one of the first people Lily met aboard the starbase, excluding those like Quinn and Walter Brunsig, who she already knew. During the first crisis, the two worked together, and while it didn't exactly form a lasting friendship, they did at least learn each other's names. Then, following Lily's premature birthing and subsequent discharge from the base's medical facilities, Taiven was the first one Lily encountered. The young woman's wry appraisals and intelligent observations marked her immediately as someone for Lily to actively seek out a friendship with.