Tayler-Ventu, Matilda

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Matilda Tayler-Ventu

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Temporal Agent
  • Rank: Classified
  • Race: Terran
  • Spouse: Jarin Ventu (married 32 years)
  • Family: See below

Matilda Tayler-Ventu is an NPC of LtCmdr Lily Ventu


  • Current Rank: Classified
  • Duty Post: Temporal Agent
  • Current Vessel: Classified
  • Date Assigned: 2383 / 2567 (depending on perspective)
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: October 27, 2325
  • Place of Birth: London, Earth


  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5'7

Family History

  • Mother: Abby Miller - Engineering Consultant
  • Father: Jack Tayler - Trader (Federation Shipping Lanes only)
  • Siblings: none
  • Spouse: Jarin Ventu (2350 - present)
  • Children: Aresee Lily Ventu (b. 2352), Alexa Paiva Ventu (b. 2367, adopted)

Personal & Professional History

  • Coming soon

IC Sims Involving Matilda

  • 238301.20 - After booking passage on the S.S. Circe's Blessing, Matilda arrives unexpectedly on the Victory. She learns there's a party going on, and immediately makes her presence known to the senior staff at the party.
  • 238301.21 - Matilda first meets Captain Phoenix, and manages, in their first five minutes together, to insult the ship and its procedures no less than four times.
  • 238301.22 - Phoenix informs Matilda that she is not authorized to be aboard whilsts the Victory engages in a potentially dangerous mission. Matilda shrugs the 'advice' off.
  • 238301.25 - After becoming thouroughly drunk at the party, Matilda wanders down to Transporter Room Two and encounters LtJG Koveski, whose duty shift is about to end. He tells her that her transport is about to move out of transporter range, and when she expresses the wish to stay a little longer, he tells her that his replacement will be there in a minute or two. Matilda wanders off to her guest quarters instead and falls asleep.
  • 238301.29 - While Matilda sleeps off her alcohol, Aresee discovers her mother has not left the ship.
  • 238302.22 - After being stuck on the Victory while the senior staff infiltrates the Romulan station, Matilda becomes bored and decides to follow them. After commandeering a shuttle, she sets a course for the Romulan station. When she arrives, she receives outright permission from the Romulans aboard the station to dock.
  • 238302.27 - After docking, Matilda contacts Aresee through the shuttle's comm system. Aresee tells her to stay locked in the shuttle, and when she reports to the situation to Alpha Team Leader LtCmdr Harden, Harden decides that Matilda will have to fend for herself. Aresee decides to go find her mother on her own.
  • 238302.28 - When Romulan Colonel Radiak comes calling, Matilda is able to trick him into a situation that will give her the upper hand, and she stuns him. She leaves the shuttle, after securing it with a bioprint lock.
  • 238303.01 - Matilda finds herself lost aboard the station, trying to find any of the Victory personnel. After dispatching a couple of Romulans, she's found by Phoenix and Ensign Benjamin.
  • 238303.15 - Acting as a catspaw for the Conspirators, Matilda unknowingly triggers a matter-antimatter bomb aboard the station.
  • 238303.23 - After escaping from the station with Team Alpha, Matilda and Aresee begin arguing in their escape shuttle about Matilda's involvement. Halfway through the argument, Matilda falls unconscious, and Aresee discovers some kind of device implanted in her neck.
  • 238303.27 - Commanders Harden and Diamond do what they can for Matilda on the shuttle.
  • 238304.05 - After the device is removed and Matilda healed, she stills slips into some kind of dream state and recovers the device from the science lab, where it is being studied. She brings it to the Gosport Galley, where the polycarbonate buckyball has just phased through the hull. She enters the buckyball, which is revealed by the holoimage inside to be a Romulan Phase Pod, developed by the Romulan Alliance some centuries in the future. She is also told that history records her disappearance on this day, and that she is being recruited to assist with temporal investigations, beginning with an inquiry into the circumstances involving her control by the device that was in her neck.
  • 238304.27 - Matilda, in temporary command of the Timeship Genesis, decloaks in front of the Victory. Matilda informs Captain Phoenix that she will need to delete certain information from their computers, which Lieutenant Gamma Twelve from the Genesis attends to.
  • 238305.03 - Matilda says her temporary goodbye to Aresee, and reveals that they will meet again in the future.
  • 238310.28 - Aresee receives a surprise message from Matilda, warning her about the upcoming mission:

I'm technically breaking protocol by sending you this message, but... If you'd seen the number of ways this situation could possibly fragment, and you were in my position... well... ::pause:: Aresee, I'm giving you a warning: This situation is not what it seems. Don't take it at face value; don't trust anyone. I know for a fact that you were attacked on your way to Starbase 118. That's only the latest in a string of odd coincidences surrounding your ship and this mission. Don't let your guard down. Take this to the captain if you need to convince her to use extra caution, but just remember that I cannot tell you anything more. I can't cause the timeline to shift. ::pause:: I wish I could. When I see what's ahead for you...I wish I could. ::pause:: Do what you need to do, Aresee. Good luck. ::pause:: I love you.

  • 238401.31 - Aurelie reports from the Victory to her immediate superior, Matilda Tayler-Ventu. She hears Aurelie's report, and orders her to complete the mission and preserve the timeline, but not to compromise her position.