SIM:Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "Party Like It's...2382?"

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Lieutenant Aresee Ventu - "Party Like It's...2382?"

238305.16 (May 16, 2006)

(( Gosport Gallery ))

PHOENIX: Counselor Ventu... although many things did go wrong during and after the Celipentha mission, mainly because of your mother ::small wink and smile.:: you have proven to be a balanced counselor and worthy crewmember of this ship. I know for a fact most crewmembers feel safe and comfortable talking to you, something which is not easy to manage... I can know. It is a great pleasure to promote you to the rank of full Lieutenant, effective immediately. Congratulations Lieutenant Ventu. ::shaking hand after pinning the new pip on her collar.::

VENTU: Thank you...Captain.

AVATAR: Counselor Ventu, you have the honor of contiunuing the tradition of a long line of outstanding Victory counselors. I am sure by now you know that Captain Phoenix once held that position on this ship and she is as great of a judge of character as anyone. Congratulations.

VENTU: I'll try to live up to that line, Captain. Thank you.

:: Aresee made her way back to her seat as Ben received his promotion, followed by many others. Though still stuck in the moment of surprise - who would promote a silly girl like Aresee Ventu? - she still managed to clap hard for all of her friends.

Too soon, the ceremony was over, and Aresee found herself wandering, chardonnay in hand, the words of the captains still echoing back to her.

Of course, though formal, it *was* still a party... ::

BROOKS: Congratulations counselor. ::Nodding to the pip.:: It suits you.

:: Aresee looked down at her collar; both of her hard-earned gold pips winked back. ::

VENTU: Thanks, En...Lieutenant. Yours does too.

BROOKS: Thanks

VENTU: I haven't had time to really meet you, or any of the other new ensigns...and now it looks like you'll *all* be lieutenants before I have the chance! ::laughing:: But door is always open if you need someone to talk to. Well, given that I'm the counselor, my door *has* to always be open, but you know what I mean...

BROOKS: ::Laughing:: I'm sure you wish it could be locked when some crewmembers come to see you.

VENTU: So what's that you're drinking, Tyler?

BROOKS: Cognac, but it's the replicated synthehol stuff so it tastes more like bulkhead cleaner than proper brandy. Amazingly I'd forgotten how bad it was....

Lieutenant Aresee Ventu
U.S.S. Victory