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Cmdr. Lily Ventu
Commading Officer
Starbase 118 Operations

Lily's Life
Before Starfleet   ·   Early Career
Later Career

Parents Jarin & Matilda   ·   Sister Alexa
Husband Hayden   · Son Rhys
Notable Relationships
Medical Records   ·   Sim Archive
Working & Living Spaces

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Executive Officer's Office on the Tiger

See also Executive Officer's Office (Tiger)
  • Borrowing an idea from current USS Independence-A's counselor, Emmalyne Scott, Lily's main design feature employs a holo-cube that projects a holographic image on its walls. She currently has it display large windows on three walls, showing a space view of a planet and a bustling space station. When alone, however, she often changes the view so it shows a massive starscape on every surface but the floor (she suffers from vertigo with stars beneath her).
  • In terms of tangibles, Lily's office contains;
    • On her desk
      • A standard-issue computer monitor
      • A small plant that usually changes every week or so - Lily's no gardener, and she keeps killing whatever she replicates.
      • A family portrait, taken several years before, of the Ventus in Australia. Lily's about twenty-three in the picture.
      • A holo-image of her sister's ship, the Vajra.
    • Displayed about the room
      • Various other pictures, including
        • Lily and Nick on a Risan beach.
        • Lily with her family in her new ensign's uniform, shortly before being assigned to the USS Victory.
        • A young Lily (around eight) with her mother on the bridge of her mother's ship the day she retired.
        • Her father, Jarin, holding a four-year-old Lily up to access his terminal in the offices of the FNN.
        • Lily, Quinn, and Hayden on the DS17 promenade during their last layover on the Independence.
        • A (very staged) picture of Hayden on one knee, proposing to a seated Lily. She's laughing, and he's giving the camera a dirty look.
        • Lily, around twenty-seven, posing with her sister on their way out of the Borderlands.
        • A candid shot of Lily and Abby Roberts at a library tableduring Lily's freshman year.
        • A shot of Jarin, Matilda, and Alexa shortly before Matilda arrived on Victory - the last time her family was whole and together without her.
      • A small shelf of books, made up of whatever Lily's just finished or is going to read next, as well as a few psychological books (On Becoming a Counselor, Ode to Psyche, Jung's Dreams). A couple of cookbooks also find a home there.
      • A carved, wooden dolphin.
      • A large aloe plant flanks the desk. Surprisingly, it's survived several months in Lily's care and seems to be flourishing. She takes its survival over the smaller plants as a cosmic message to "go big."
      • Since Lily isn't the neatest person, the office usually has a few stray PADDs scattered over its desk, chairs, couch, etcetera.

Lily's Quarters on the Tiger

  • As the executive officer, Lily's granted some of the nicest and largest quarters the small vessel has to offer. However, they're made a bit smaller thanks to the king-size bed, as well as the room's (and bed's) provision of home for both Lily and Hayden.
    • In the room
      • Lily's largest claim to the room is a pair of large bookshelves, completely filling one wall in the living area and chock full of everything from psychological case files to self-bound Academy files to Pulitzer Prize-winners from the 1950s.
        • Hayden has his own (baby) bookshelf next to one of the larger ones. It's filled mostly with medical texts, though he tells Lily he doesn't see the point in replicating books when a PADD contains all the information and is more portable.
      • Another holocube is used to decorate the room, though in the case of her quarters, it's a homier, more Earthy feel. Currently, her quarters are meant to simulate a Victorian-type library, complete with fireplace and holographic candles. Three real armchairs complete the image, which she and Hayden both agreed upon.
      • Many more pictures of family and friends decorate the space, including the living area, sleeping area, and dining area.
      • The dining room furniture matches the current Victorian decor - it's bulky, wooden, and dark, with an elaborate candelabra sitting on top of the table. It's also been burned more than once, and Lily's decided that with one more burn, it'll be time to redecorate.