Ventu, Alexa

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Alexa Ventu

Alexa Ventu is an NPC of LtCmdr Lily Ventu


  • Current Rank: None
  • Duty Post: Civilian
  • Current Vessel: None
  • Date Came Aboard: N/A
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 27, 2367
  • Place of Birth: Unknown (Borderland colony?)


  • Hair Color: Very dark brown
  • Eye Color: Very dark brown
  • Height: 5'4

Family History

  • Adoptive Mother: Matilda Tayler (b. 2325), Retired Freighter Captain / Currently employed by the Temporal Investigations Board in the 26th century following an accident on the Starship Victory
  • Adoptive Father: Jarin Ventu (b. 2320), Retired Federation News Network Reporter
  • Siblings: One, Lily - Currently a Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer aboard the Constitution
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none

Personal History

  • Alexa herself has few memories of the pre-adolescent period of her life. She does remember hopping many ships and visiting many different worlds in the Borderlands, but nearly always on her own, and certainly never with a family member. She does not remember her birth mother, father, or any siblings.
  • At age eleven, she encounters a kind young woman (the twenty-four-year-old Lily Ventu). The woman befriends the girl and convinces her to come with her, and Alexa eventually leaves with Lily.
A young Alexa.
  • Back on Earth, Lily convinces her parents to formally adopt Alexa. Alexa begins her life as a 'normal' child, but she has severe problems adjusting to her new life, and lasts only a week or so in a traditional school. She disappears for long periods of time, returns in the middle of the night, and refuses to say anything about where she went. She occupies herself at home with two main activities: the arts (she is a particularly adept dancer) and taking things apart. It wouldn't be fair to say she's an engineer, but it is a fact that everything she takes apart and then reassembles works better than it did when she started.
  • After Lily (then going by Aresee) graduates from Starfleet Academy, Alexa wants to join her on her ship, but the small Intrepid-class Victory, Aresee's first assignment, doesn't allow for family members. Instead, Alexa is enrolled in an arts program, which still remains the only 'school' she ever stayed at. When her two years there were up, she struck out to live with Aresee again, and this time, due to her new posting aboard the Constitution, she succeeded.