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USS 'Oumuamua
Ensign Ulasso.png
Position Helm, Comm, and Ops Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Saurian
Gender Male
DOB 238504.19
Age 16
Birthplace Lyaksti'kton (Alpha Sauria IV)
Writer ID T239902U11
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg

Pilot's Sextant
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal
Silver Star
Genesis Award

Writing Challenge Runner Up
Badge 1.png
Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
Badge 1.png
Oumuamua banner ulasso.png

Ensign Ulasso is an officer of the Federation Starfleet currently serving as a helm, communications, and operations officer aboard the USS Oumuamua.


  • Height: 6 feet, 8 inches
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Yellow


Parents: Zezgee, 40 (Father); Shuoassomom, 45 (Mother)
Siblings: Ulaini (deceased)
Spouse: None
Children: None

Personal History

Ulasso was born to parents Zezgee and Shuoassomom on Stardate 238504.19 and grew up on Lyaksti'kton, (Alpha Sauria IV). Ulasso was born into the Warrior Caste, and planned on staying on Alpha Sauria IV his entire life to serve the Saurian Empire until the death of his younger sister, Ulaini. He followed her dreams and joined StarFleet. Ulasso was a born pilot, as the first time he took the controls he was a natural. This led him to pursue a career in HCO. Ulasso attended Starfleet Academy, majoring in Helm/Navigation.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2395 - 2399 Starfleet Academy
Ensign 239902 - 239905 USS Thor
Helm, Comm, and Ops Officer
Ensign 239906 - 239906 USS Oumuamua
Helm, Comm, and Ops Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239906 - Present USS Oumuamua
Helm, Comm, and Ops Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Genesis Award 2399
USS 'Oumuamua
Awarded to officers who show conspicuous effort in notably improving their simming skills.
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg
Pilot's Sextant 2399
USS 'Oumuamua
Awarded to Helm officers who have proven themselves to be the best of the best, dedicating themselves to improving their specialization. From finding a safe route home to flying an emergency atmospheric landing, pilots who have earned this award know the importance of staying focused on their task at hand and placing their ability to make spectacular maneuvers at the service of their ship and its mission.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2399
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Silver Star 2399
USS 'Oumuamua
Awarded for gallantry & heroism during the crash of the USS Thor as well as in a skirmish with a UDP Battlecruiser.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 2399
USS 'Oumuamua
Awarded for actions against the pirate threat, Shok

NPC Listing   ·   USS Oumuamua Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commodore Ossa.png
Commanding Ofc.
Ossa V'Airu
Etan iljor commander.png
Executive Ofc.
Etan Iljor
Katsim Peri LCDR.png
Chief Sci. Ofc.
Katsim Peri
Science Ofc.
Alexander Brodie
Toz LtJG.png
Medical Officer
Avander Promontory LCDR xo.png
Intel. Officer
Avander Promontory
Josh Herrick.png
Act. Chf. Eng. Ofc.
Josh Herrick
Toxin Arlill LT.png
Act. Chf. Ops. Ofc.
Toxin Arlill
Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png
H/C/O Officer
Lhandon Nilsen
Aine Sherlock LCDR FO.png
Sec. Officer
Aine Sherlock
Wes Greaves LtCol.png
Marine Det. Cdr.
Wes Greaves
Arturo Maxwell 2nd Lt.png
Marine Ofc.
Arturo Maxwell
USS 'Oumuamua-logo.png
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