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Vaadwaur Assault Force
Adjutant-Warbringer Marari

"Mmm. Oh don't be like that, Marine Captain. My name is Adjutant-Warbringer Marari, but you may call me
Adjutant. I understand how simplistic your Terran brains are- a trait exemplified in the Starfleet Marines- and I
wouldn't want your disgusting, filthy head to explode like an over-gorged targ. My demands... such as they are... are
simple enough even for you to understand. You can hear them now, or wait until your master comes down to hold
your leash.

-- Adjutant-Warbringer Marari to Marine Captain Somers, USS Independence, August 2387.


·Alleran Tan (USS Independence-A)·
·Radi Rais (Deceased)·


·T'tala (USS Independence-A)·
·Danilo Pitik (On Leave)·
·Mikali sh'Shar (USS Independence-A)·
·Marlee Tan (Deceased)·
·Gan Huang (On Leave)·
·Kharev (On Leave)·
·Alice May (Deceased)·
·Radi Rais (Changeling) (Missing)·

Peripheral Characters

·Jennifer Brockton (Deceased)·
·Mister Cuddleson (Ash MacKenna's Quarters, SB118)·
·Marari (Deceased ... but it didn't stick)·



·Radi Rais·
·The Order of Starfleet Merit and
Achievement Second Class(TOSMA II)·

·Alleran Tan·
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