T'Pen Island

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((Personal Shuttlecraft))

T'Pen sat behind the controls of the shuttlecraft, weaving her way throught traffic control at the base camp and what would eventually be called Capitol City. Making her way out into the unknown, she scanned the surface area as she went, loging every item, tree, hill, pond, valley, etc that the shuttle came in contact with. She had her mind on a little island off one of the main continents, that she wanted to personally explore. When she found the right coordinates, she set the autopilot and sat back for the ride. It wasn't an easy thing to find an oasis in the midst of struggle and strife. But it appeared that's exactly what she had found.

The planet was ripe and ready for the Dark and their gifts. T'Pen just hoped that they were ready for the responsibilities that came with such power, especially in this part of the universe.

When the shuttle began its decent into the area near the island, she changed over to manual and guided the shuttle craft in to the northern most inlet on the island bank.

The shuttle touched down on a clear white sandy beach. With walking stick in hand, T'Pen exited the shuttle and looked around and the waves, the sand and the unknow which lay before her.

T'Pen: I'm home.