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StarBase 118 Ops


StarBase 118 is located at the crossroads of the United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, and Klingon Empire (see map).

Following the destruction of Romulus by a supernova, the Romulan Empire remains in turmoil. The Klingon Empire, although allied with the Federation for many years, still remains quite unpredictable. StarBase 118's long range scanners delve deep into Romulan and Klingon space, acting as an early warning system to the Federation colonies and searching for any threat -- no matter how small. With many new threats to Federation security emerging daily, and on many fronts and in many guises, the crew of StarBase 118 Operations must remain constantly vigilant.

Yet this is but one aspect of the starbase's role, and as one of the largest installations in this and surrounding sectors, she acts as a commercial trading port, with many vendors trading their goods and wares from these three major powers for distribution to other planets and colonies far and wide. Onboard, the saga of StarBase 118 continues daily, as thousands upon thousands of people live, work and play out their lives within the massive structure.


A prestigious posting in the Trinity Sector, StarBase 118 Ops has been commanded by eighteen respected Commanding Officers including Fleet Admiral Wolf himself. Since 2392 StarBase 118 has been commanded by Commodore Sal Taybrim. In late 2394 the base launched Captain Theo Whittaker as commanding officer of the USS Columbia as part of the Andaris Task Force. Since 239801.26 Lt. Commander Alora DeVeau has served as station's First Officer.

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