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All logs (personal and related to duty posts) created by officer Sky Blake.


LtCmdr (provisional)
Sky Blake

Strategic Operations, Stardate 239205.29

We were introduced to Marshal 'informant' Reuima Casko today - not that she's a very useful informant. At the time of this log, she's currently taken up residence in a Marshal safehouse on Shadow's Edge. I figured if we ever needed her assistance for anything, regardless of her rather hesitant and frustrating nature, I have her location on file.

A quick character judgement: She's painful to talk to. Even Cormac started losing it, and from what I'm told, that's not a thing that usually happens.

LtCmdr (provisional)
Sky Blake

Strategic Operations, Stardate 239206.22

Docked with the SS Hardy for a stock-up of supplies. Run by some nice people, and the exchange went smoothly. They've offered to be our regular suppliers whenever we're in their area, though no word from Carrero whether this will be the case.

LtCmdr (provisional)
Sky Blake

Strategic Operations, Stardate 239212.03

Kallo Ver got away. I'll file a report tomorrow. The details . . . sigh I was about to say the details weren't important, but they are important, so I'll list them for you.

We arrested Kallo. He confessed after some mild pressing. As far as criminals go, he's fairly civilized and knows when he's beaten and was happy to give others up for the sake of his own life in whatever hellhole the Marshals want to throw him into. That was all well and good. He remained with us til we could offload him back to Shadow's Edge.

I escorted him personally, had him cuffed. But the second I uncuffed him, Kallo made a break for it. It was my own damn fault. The man literally slipped right out of my hands and bolted for the nearest port before I could stop him. He jumped onto a vessel and got the hell out of Edge space. I followed him the best I could, but he made for the Shadows and I lost him.

I lost a confessed smuggler and supplier. I am angry. And if I get the chance to bring him back in, you can be damn well sure he won't slip out of my hands again.



Personal log, Stardate 239301.15

After nine months of service under a provisional rank, Carrero has reinstated me officially as a Lieutenant Commander.

Sky Blake

Strategic Operations, Stardate 239301.20

Commander Cormac was . . . assaulted today while we were investigation the death of Petty Officer Addison.

(short pause)

You know what? I'm not even sure 'assaulted' is the right word. He was . . . asphyxiated by a . . . sigh

A mirror was about five seconds from killing Cormac today. Doctor Shrmoa has a doctors report. I'm sure it'll be one hell of a read.

Looked into the apartment's previous tenants - two Klingons lived in it last, vacating when one Tucker Lee suddenly collapsed dead whilst fixing a sink in their bathroom, though the Marshals cleared them both of all charges. Like Seelie, they're swearing black and blue that the bathroom mirror was responsible. Marshals seemed convinced that the case was no longer worth their time and ended up ruling it death by natural causes - Elis and Shrmoa are under the impression that, despite no obvious link between Lee, Addison and Cormac, their human biology may be a target for the mirror. I've got Marshals looking into other incidents in the apartment, but they're being incredibly slow-going - likely something to do with how ridiculous this all sounds and reads on the books.

I'm trying to work out if it's worth explaining to the Marshals that the mirror may be responsible for Lee's a couple years back, given that the medical report matches Addison's. Since, you know, that case was left open-ended for them. They might have better luck tracking down it's maker then we would. Klingons haven't exactly responded favorably to Starfleet crew members looking into a . . . mirror.

(10 second pause)

Maybe I'll just explain the tech and leave out the actual mirror. That'll . . . yeah, that'll do it.



Personal Log, Stardate 239403.05

I don't typically keep logs of a personal kind - usually all my days work and notes can be found in reports to the captain or XO or the duty post logs. Being, however, that I am now the First Officer of this ship, Captain Rahman insists that perhaps I should keep a personal log or maybe a less detailed FO log for the ship's records. I still don't personally see the benefit, but either way, here I am.
Captain Carrero has finally been sent home after months in the custody of Shadow's Edge Marshals.

I heard from Syb - Faith is doing well. Ayden had to be taken to a doctor earlier in the month for another check-up. Despite his current condition, all is relatively okay. Doctors are pleased with how he is faring.

I got another request to join the search for Titus Vassily. Or, rather, I opened another request that I may have received months ago. I think it's safe to say that Starfleet Security and Intelligence reps finally understand the meaning of 'no'.

The new crew are doing well. Commander Moonsong has put in a request for additional counsellors - this is strange to me. Veritas had a total of two counsellors for two years, not even that I don't think, and I never heard any complaints. Maybe there were complaints and I just didn't hear about them. I have no idea.

Elis is doing well. As is Zhou. No word from Cormac, but given he's out literally in the middle of nowhere here in the Shoals, I don't expect to hear from him for another month or so.

Sky Blake

First Officer's Log, Stardate 239403.10

Dealt with a minor incident today involving two Veritas Bridge officers. Upon returning to Veritas last night, I was pulled aside by an Esperance bar manager asking why members of one of the Starfleet crews were picking fights in his establishment, and I told him I'd follow it up. He gave the descriptions of one Carter Greyson and an officer I hadn't yet met (a new transfer, I'd find out from Mei'konda later). Lieutenant JGs Greyson and Kaansi Desan got called into my office that morning where I gave them a warning and explained the complexities of our relationship with the people of the Shoals - and more specifically, Esperance, before taking them to Rahman. I'm disappointed that a transferee got into a scuffle on his first day, and that Greyson of all people was involved, but I'm confident it won't happen again. I plan to keep an eye on them for a while regardless.


Personal Log, Stardate 239405.27

I'm stepping down as First Officer of the USS Veritas. I got an offer from the Starfleet Rangers - with Cormac's retirement, they'd like another Ranger in the Shoals to report back be a liaison between the Rangers and the Starfleet operations within the Shoals. I'm told there's two other Rangers out, but one's on Ketar and the other is on Hadley, so the likelihood we'll run into each other is slim.

Still waiting on a Federation official to get back to me about Faith's living in Federation space. Given that she's a kid, I didn't expect much resistance to her being here - she was born on a Federation starship for Noree's sake. But because I intend to bring her into Coalition territory, I'm getting consistent push-back. I'm honestly half tempted to ask Rahman if she knows someone that can pull strings because this is getting frustrating now.


Personal Log, Stardate 239406.28

I have a lot of personal freedom as a ranger - which is to be expected. But I didn't expect this freedom to become so open that I would be so actively bored.

I've been stationed back in Shadows Edge space - after picking up Cormac, I got set up in Edira City, and given a desk as my main "base of operations", if you will, at a local outpost of marshals. This is where I'll be if I'm not running around Edge space. Primarily, I'm there to relay information between Starfleet (though who exactly from Starfleet, I've not been told) and the Colonial Marshals, but so far, neither party have been interested in communicating with each other. Maybe I'm here in the event that such behaviour changes? It hasn't so far.

Benjim Ranjoes is the local station's chief - she's a bit of a character. A dangerous one, maybe, but I'd rather not underestimate her and be burned by one of her rash decisions. I've asked for a dossier on her, but I get the feeling that I'm going to have to compile one myself using Marshal records, purely and utterly because Starfleet don't know who Ranjoes is.

The amount of spare time I have on my hands has given me the ability to chase after unfinished business. I can start with the felicium crisis here.


Personal Log, Stardate 239409.21

Here are some notes:

Ranjoes is a well-meaning pain in the behind and she was surprisingly genuine when she expressed her disappointment in my leaving Edira City.

The subspace communications problem is still annoying.

Federation immigration services are still denying Faith permanent residence in Federation space, despite me being a Starfleet officer, despite her brother being a Federation citizen, despite her current guardians being Federation citizens, and despite the fact that she's nothing more then child. But they'll allow Ayden, no problem - of course. If I get another refusal, I may have to ask Rahman for a favour - maybe a Starfleet captain can shake the necessary people, I don't know. If they could explain what is causing this nonsense, maybe I'd be able to work around it, but so far, radio silence.

I'm returning to Veritas. I made good progress against the felicium trade here - Cormac can finish up. Hopefully Veritas can keep an eye out for two suspects that fled Edge space, but it's a long shot.


Sky Blake

Regional support log, Stardate 239503.07

Following the arrest of Commander Victor Yeager, the two suspects from the Pinator Bay attack on Shadow's Edge fled the Lucian system. I've been asked by the marshals to go after them, and the rangers believe it's in our best interests as well. Both are pirates, and I'm not sure why I'm getting involved in a pirates-attacking-pirates situation, but I'm currently crossing the Alpha quadrant just to chase after them. I should be back long before repairs on the Veritas are complete.


Sky Blake

Acting Captain's log, stardate 239708.15

Captain Rahman and Lieutenant Commander Ukinix have departed Veritas for an urgent matter on Betazed. In the meantime, Rahman has placed me in command. We're still on our way to Havley, and so far — touch wood — everything has been proceeding smoothly. It's... strange, having only myself to report to, with no back-up to boot, but it's not the first time I've commanded Veritas in Rahman's absence.

I just can't help but feel someone more "Starfleet-positive" would be better suited.

Reports (pre-2394)

Incident: Arrest of felicium smugglers (A)

Date Filed: 239206.12

Officers: (Veritas)

Report: After repeated attempts to get information from Marshal informant Reuima Casko about the whereabouts of the first suspects of a felicium drug operation within the Shoals, Veritas officers were successful in locating the first in a long line. On the way to Shadow's Edge, however, the Veritas came across a drug running ship that matched one of Casko's descriptions - though it put up a fight, it was promptly disabled.

A crew of five were arrested, and a large amount of felicium confiscated and destroyed. Their vessel has since been impounded by the CCMS. A good day for Operation Safe Harbor.

Incident: Arrest of Kallo Ver

Date Filed: 239212.04

Officers: LtCmdr Sky Blake

Report: Kallo Ver (Valtese male, approximately 5'2) was arrested by LtCmdr Blake and charged for smuggling illegal narcotic, karasone, in colonial space. Ver was arrested on stardate 239211.28 and was in Veritas custody for three days, in transit for handover to Colonial Marshals.

However, on stardate 239212.01, Ver broke free of his hand restraints in the Edira City Marshals' office and evaded further attempts at arrest, fleeing in a stolen vessel. Last known heading was into the Shadows, with Starfleet and Marshal officers unable to pursue.

ADDENDUM: As of 239405.17, Kallo Ver is back in Veritas custody.

Incident: Death of Petty Officer Tiana Addison (Natural Causes Homocide Accidental)

Date Filed: 239301.22

Officers: LtCmdr Sky Blake, LtCmdr Brandon Cormac, Lt Shrmoa Eys-icamo, LtJG Elis Nacubaq, Ens Adalind Sierra

Report: Petty Officer Addison was found deceased (asphyxiation) in her Meridian apartment only three days into her leave of absence. One suspect, Mr Karton Seelie, was arrested at the scene by Meridian Marshals*, hands covered with trace amounts of Addison's blood, and also possessed an electro-point (illegal in Meridian space).

Mr Seelie claimed innocence during interrogation - further analysis of crime scene data coincides with his story. However, Seelie went on to state his belief that Addison's bathroom mirror was involved in her death. He was kept in the Veritas Sick Bay for a psychological evaluation before continuing questioning.

Upon looking into previous tenants of Addison's apartment, details of a prior incident arose from Marshal liaisons, involving the death of one Tucker Lee (cause of death, asphyxiation). Cha'kon and Vektok, the then-tenants, were interviewed as suspects in Addison's death - also swearing innocence, claiming death was caused by the bathroom mirror.

Further investigation was completed. Mr Seelie was charged with possession of illegal weaponry, Cha'kon and Vektok released. Analysis of the bathroom mirror shows hidden Klingon bio-electrical emitter targeting human victims. Though its Klingon origin is clear, Klingon officials claim to know nothing of its existence. There are no further suspects, no motive, and no evidence to indicate that it is targeting specific victims. It's possible the mirror was placed there years prior to Addison's death and continued to take victims after it's intended target. At present, it's assumed there have been three victims (Lee, Addison, and LtCmdr Cormac (Cormac having been 'attacked' during the investigation)), though Marshals intend to go back through their files and check if others died mysteriously in the apartment.

The mirror has since been dismantled, pending further investigation, and is currently in many pieces in a stasis container in the Veritas storage locker. All data pertaining to it have been forwarded to Marshals.

*Upon identifying Addison, Colonial Marshals quite gladly handed the case to Starfleet Security.

Reports (post 2394)

Charge sheet
  • Date: 239502.25
  • Charging officer(s): Lieutenant Commander Skyleena Blake (Starfleet Ranger), Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng (commanding officer, Star Station Esperance Starfleet Support Annex)
  • Name of accused: Victor Yeager
  • Charges
  • Further information:
    • Victor Yeager was arrested and placed into the custody of the Starfleet support staff aboard Esperance once the Astraeus was brought safely to dock.
    • Due to the nature of the violation, the CCMS demanded a presence in the proceedings on the behalf of the Colonial Coalition.

After Action Report: Borg infiltration of the USS Veritas, stardate 239508.11.