The Omega Paradox (Veritas)/Security After Action Report

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Submitted by Chief of Security LtCmdr Sky Blake.

After conflict with the Borg took place within our 'home' time period of 2395, steps were taken to prevent Borg drones from infiltrating the USS Veritas. This included, but was not limited to, the frequent on-foot security sweeps of each deck by all personnel of the department, and utlizing internal sensor logs to determine the security status.


A small number of personnel were unable to complete their duties due to their personal response to the threat of the Borg, resulting in some teams being short-handed. Where fully operating security teams succeeded and found no trace of Borg presence, teams of three or four, or in one case I would be notified of after the fact, a team of two, failed to notice identifying factors of Borg infiltration.

These smaller teams were not fully prepared by the Chief of Security when their colleagues were medically forced to drop out of assignments, and were under-equipped in having no first-hand experience with the Borg or their methods of boarding vessels.

Efficiency of response was also hindered by slow communication between operating departments aboard the ship. A Borg drone was initially located on deck 7 by non-security personnel, whom were slow to alert Security to its presence. In contrast, the discovery of Borg technology on deck 11 by security personnel resulted in the swift evacuation of the entire deck, completed in just under eight minutes.

However, while several Borg drones slipped past these ill-prepared defenses, not a single member of the crew were seriously injured or affected by Borg nanoprobes.

Steps taken

  • The chief of security was ill prepared for the improbability of the Borg arrival within the Shoals. Steps have been taken so that this is unlikely to occur in future.
  • Psychological and medical evaluations have been recommended for certain personnel whom have been temporarily suspended from duty for their personal wellbeing.
  • Training exercises are being put in place for all security personnel, including but not limited to scenarios involving the Borg.
  • Procedure in the event of potential Borg infiltration is now in place.


It must be reiterated to officers or crewmen that when they encounter intruders, they must immediately inform security personnel.


Despite no one predicting the Borg arrival within the Shoals, the performance by security personnel whom failed to locate several Borg drones despite ongoing security sweeps is simply unacceptable and a reflection of false leadership by the Chief of Security. Not giving personnel well-constructed and specific orders left the environment feeling too casual despite the threat of the Borg, causing some personnel to not take the situation seriously.

Though it was a serious blow to the reputation of the Veritas security department, it provides a learning curve for all personnel, as well as the tools to significantly improve their response in future.