Naminae Vataix

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Naminae Vataix

Mother Perennial Naminae Vataix is the matriarch of the Eleventh House of Betazed. She is the widow of Basnun Obroid, who died during the 2388 attack on Ohmallera.

She is the mother of Rivi Vataix and Edoben Vataix. Edoben died in 2375 at the hands of the occupying Jem'Hadar troops.


Naminae's sister was Lylita Vataix (aka Lila Cole), through which Naminae became the aunt of Sky Blake. Lylita was a scientist and served as an ambassador to Brekka.

Lylita gave up the Vataix family name following disputes with the family, whom last saw her when she left for the Delos system in 2360. She later was recorded to have died in 2394 on stardate 239410.12.

Upon learning of her sister's death, Naminae instructed her daughter Rivi to reach out to Blake so that the Eleventh House could reconnect with their lost cousin in the hopes of rebuilding the family after the losses sustained during the Dominion War and the attack on Ohmallera in 2388.

Betazed Tigress

Naminae has earned a formidable reputation over the course of her life as a shrewd dealmaker. She is a firm follower of Betazed's most traditional teachings, which includes embracing blunt honesty or as the Betazoids refer to it, “naked truth”—candidness to a degree many other species find rude. Those who know her, such as Mavenni Siyel, considered Naminae's daughter Rivi to be a "lightweight,” although Rivi’s recent work as a Federation ambassador has begun to change that perception.

Naminae decided to pay her daughter a visit sometime in 2400.

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