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This page details Blake's relationships with others.


Niarivi Vataix


Geoffrey Teller

On their first mission together into a mine of Havley's Hope, Blake finds herself amused she (as Veritas Chief of Security) seemed less concerned with everyone's safety the Geoffrey Teller, a new ensign who had recently joined the ship as an Engineer. She was displeased at Teller's immediate jump to his phaser at the first sign of trouble, but didn't ultimately inform him of this, assuming he would mellow the longer he spent in service.

Stranded on Limbo in 2396, Blake takes it upon herself to scout bushland areas for food and resources, but she is bitten by a snake on day 101 stranded. Teller follows the smoke of a fire she'd set, and finds Blake near-unconscious. He slaps her (an attempt to get a rise out of her) but she ultimately passes out before he rushes her to the crew's medical tent. When she comes-to, she sarcastically remarks to Cole Maxwell and Raissa Moonsong that she intends to push for Teller's demotion for the slap.

Blake meets Charlena Vanlith during a crew briefing, prompting her noting the young age of a portion of her crew that were now almost a decade younger herself -- Teller and Ukinix included, both being 25 years old at the time. That the crew was investigating a brutal murder caused her great concern for their young members' well-being. Regardless, Blake notes Captain Roshanara Rahman's decision to send both Blake and Teller to Oshovir Ch'chileth to ask hard questions about his involvement in Illanos' death as an "interesting choice", as the interaction "could spell some interesting comments from either party".

When Ch'chileth accuses both Vanlith and Teller of being corrupt, Blake physically places herself between the trio to protect them from the increasingly hysterical Andorian. They learn more from Ch'chileth and his treatment at the hands of Armin Illanos (who Ch'chileth facilitated the murder of), and Teller refers to the Andorian as a victim and informs him there was nothing to be afraid of... but Blake sees this as intrinsicly false, based on his actions in spite of maltreatment. She becomes frustrated when Teller crafts a cunning plan to catch Illanos' true murderer, halting Blake's potential arrest of Ch'chileth, but allows the plan to go ahead.

Blake joins Teller, Evan Delano, Ghant Xerix, Addison MacKenzie, G'var, and Wil Ukinix as they played a game of poker. Blake declines to play, but hangs around "to see Ukinix lose his shorts".

MacKenzie recruits Teller to Blake's medical case when it becomes apparent the Brekkazoid needs a new spinal cord, shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Commander. He attempts to help MacKenzie access Blake's medical records with his rank, but the files are still restricted. While they consider how to open those files, Teller helps create a field that will slow Blake's deterioration by thalaron radiation. Teller and MacKenzie inform Blake of their plan to treat her, and Blake gives them express permission to pursue her files. She's then isolated in Sickbay until further notice. She later allows Teller to extrapolate data from the Sky Blake hologram to assist in the creation of her new spine.

After Veritas is sucked into the Void, the ship loses contact with the Bridge. Teller is on Blake's list of potential acting-captains of the ship as Chief Engineer, but he was away aboard USS Diligent.

Teller is present when Rivi Vataix boards Veritas with Blake's son, Ayden. Teller is unfairly used as a bell-hop, but Blake leaves him at Rivi's mercy. Later, as Blake takes over the Executive Officer's position, Blake muses she should ask Teller to jury-rig her office door to be permanently open to allow for walk-ins.

Blake: So much has happened, in such a short amount of time too. I am honoured to have witnessed you go from our resident savvy, sea shanty engineer, to a well-respected and strong Commander. ::A shaky sigh:: And still so young, at that.

Teller: If I’ve grown, it’s only because I could stand on the shoulders of giants.  ::He cracked a grin, tears mixing with laughter.:: Besides, it was either that or get a step stool.

Blake: From one XO to another; if you are ever overwhelmed, or you need anything at all, even if its inconsequential: call. At any time.

Teller: I do, and thank you. For everything.

Eventually, Teller is reassigned as Executive Officer of Embassy of Duronis II alongside Addison MacKenzie. Blake attends their going-away party aboard a holograhpic recreation of an old Constitution class ship and poses for a holo with he and Roshanara Rahman. As Teller and MacKenzie boards their shuttle to leave, Blake admits that she doesn't want to let them go and that they are friends, family — but that she supports them both immensely. She shares tearful hugs goodbye, and the two leave for Duronis II.

Blake and Teller share a sense of right and wrong, with a dedication to their duty post giving the pair an excellent but abundantly similar work ethic, but they differ when one questions in what their separate moralities are grounded. Where Blake tries to remain true to the letter of the law of Starfleet and the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service, Teller bends his beliefs based on the actions of people, much to Blake's ongoing internal criticism.

Despite considering him young and a little inexperienced (at one point even noting him to be a "youngun"), Blake has a high respect for Geoffrey Teller and his capabilities as an officer and engineer. Blake sees Teller as holding a certain air of professionalism about him, despite of his easy-going nature. Often she finds herself hooked into his enthusiasm for his crew, and quietly supports his endeavours — a Brew Continuum mug can be found in Blake's office.

Wil Ukinix

Blake first meets the Terran Betazoid hybrid Wil Ukinix in the Veritas' Main Engineering, following their encounter with Jhalib Ekal. Blake eases tensions between Wil and Ekal when they cannot agree on which system to prioritise when the Temporal Integrity Commission threatens to sabotage the ship. Despite his being a relatively unknown entity, Blake tells Wil she vouches for Ekal, but asks him to tell her if he has objections to the time traveller being aboard.

During her first meeting with Rivi Vataix, Blake becomes privy to Betazed Noble House gossip when the Vataixes compare her relation to Aagan Eislas with the potential scandal of being related to the Ninth House of Betazed—and learns the family "Ukinix" was once the leading noble family of the House. Hoping Wil might have some insight regarding Betazoid noble politics, she calls and unintentionally becomes the first person to inform him of his connection to Betazoid royalty. Wil reveals he knew nothing about the connection, and jokes about needing a weekly "Betazoid royalty support group" to which Blake replies "If you intend to bring the alcohol, go right ahead."

The two attend a royalty event at the Vataix estate while Blake is stationed away from Veritas. Wil informs her that the crew misses her, and that she'd missed an interesting few months on the ship.

When Blake returns to Veritas following the murder of Armin Illanos, she is called to the surface of Ketar V where Wil (along with Kelrod and Roshanara Rahman) has been arrested for an "incident" in a public place. She berates him for his attempt at resisting arrest by the CCMS, and that he was lucky Marshals didn't add to his racket—though Wil calls the charge absurd. When they are released and return to the ship, he apologises for his role in their arrest and thanks Blake for her role in retrieving them. Blake reminds him that should he end up in trouble again, she would be there to assist. She later becomes slightly agitated when Oshovir Ch'chileth refers to Wil as a "corrupt" officer.

Ukinix: I feel like I need a night out. (Snapping fingers) Oh, reminds me, I thought of a joke! From the other day, about us being in a turbolift? “Three Betazoids walk into a turbolift. You think one of them would have sensed it.”

Blake: You realise out of the three of us, I can't sense anything, right? Your joke falls flat on it's face.

Ukinix: (Smiling) Ah, no it doesn’t! “You think *one* of them would have sensed it.” Just one is all that’s required. It’s like that song, “One out of three ain’t bad.

Wil accidentally interupts a rather serious conversation between Blake and Rairen Caide, inviting her to breakfast. She introduces him to the Ranger, and defends the man's cold tone during their conversation. She admits feeling guilty about Lukaik's death in Marshal custody, though Wil reassures her they all joined Starfleet to make things better, and that they all learn from their mistakes. They joke that he would would be a witness in the unlikely event she was ever brought to trial over the incident.

When Veritas is pulled into "the Void", Blake runs into Wil in Sickbay following a ship-wide loss of power. Alongside Nic del Vedova, they evacuate the crew to Cargo Bay 2 of the ship. Just as he attempts to leave, Wil zones out—a consequence of a telepathic conversation with Raissa Moonsong. Concerned for his well-being, Blake and del Vedova attempt to move a prone Wil to a safer area, but he recovers quickly—though keen eyes may note Blake was hesitant to release her supportive hold of him.

While rehabilitating from her spinal cord transplant, she attributes the procedure to Wil's "blunder" in discovering the Blake hologram. He later comes to her quarters to check in on her recovery. After briefly discussing the hologram, the conversation turns to Blake's relationship with her kids. She admits she doesn't recognise her two children as being "hers", but feels an obligation to provide them with a stable lifestyle—which she feels she can't give them, explaining their relocation to relatives. She fears others perceive this choice as "abandoning" her children, but Wil dissuades her concerns, telling her "not every situation is a one size fits all."

In a mistaken attempt to contact the alternate Blake, Wil interrupts an argument between Blake, Hannibal Parker, and Kelrod. Blake is momentarily relieved by the break in the tension, but is distraught upon having to clarify which Blake she is. Later, Blake and Wil survey the recently re-taken USS Newcastle. Blake catches the Human in front of the skantily-clad hologram once owned by Henley Marths; Jezebelle. An amused Blake teases him about the incident, and they move on to "claim" rum they find in Marths' stocks as Starfleet property. Wil brings up the communicator incident, leading Blake to retell her argument with Parker and that she is concerned Parker wants her to be the "old Blake". Afterward, Wil jokingly offers to make lunch in the atrocious galley of the Newcastle.

After greeting Antero Flynn and Emi as they board Veritas, Roshanara Rahman remarks they should consider getting a band together to welcome new crew members aboard, on account of their crew's hidden musical talents. Rahman points out how Charlena Vanlith is a singer—to which Blake remarks that "Wil Ukinix is our Chief Engineer. Everyone in Engineering knows how to sing."

At Rahman's request, Wil and Blake join their captain in getting official portrait photographs taken. Wil asks whether he's the "first bearded Wil in Starfleet", though Blake points out another "Will" and jokes Wil has been spelling his own name wrong. Wil is present when Blake makes a fuss about having the Colonial Coalition flag in her Starfleet portrait.

On an away mission seeking the missing Duncan Dunbar, Wil and Blake accidentally engage in first contact with a pre-warp civilisation. Unfortunately, they realise this too late and stumble through explanations for words like "asteroid" to species they're not permitted to explain it to.

Storlom: What is As-ter-royd and Fed-er-ray-shun?

Ukinix: ::To Storlorm:: Right. Um – well, “As-ter-oid”…

Blake: our name for a... 'world'.

Ukinix: Yeah. Kinda like, another word for “universe”. You know, ::arms out:: existence.

Blake: Except smaller, and... travelling...

Ukinix: Right! And it’s all around us. And “Federation”… ::beat:: It’s, uh…

Blake: Uh... it's a unity of people. From far and wide.

Ukinix: ::gesturing to rest of crew:: you know, us. All of us together.

Blake cares for Wil almost as if he were a younger brother (possibly influenced by their near-decade age difference). Coincidentally, they are both members of Betazed nobility, suggesting they are (very) distant relatives, and the two connected over their odd relations to Betazoid noble houses. On duty, Blake finds Wil's chirpy and occasionally clumsy attitude on the job particularly refreshing, his positive demeanour leaving an ongoing impact on the all-work-no-play Brekkazoid and often inadvertently lightens her demeanour when she quips back at his jokes. Because of this, Blake quickly comes to Wil's defence with very little thought—sometimes requiring strategic thinking to get them out of a situation Wil's abrupt actions may have gotten them into. She often encourages Wil to "be careful," and often worries his merry work ethic may one day prove his downfall.

The two are contrasting representations of Betazoid hybrids. While Blake shies away from her heritage, Wil encourages her to have an open mind about it. His willingness to engage in telepathic conversation with other Betazoids leaves her slightly unsettled and concerned for his well-being.

Zhou Tai-Sheng

Zhou Tai-Sheng approaches Blake in an Ornaran bar in 2392 to recruit her as the Veritas strategic operations officer, having put pieces of conflicting reports and compiling everything surrounding Blake's status at the time together to find her in Bintac. Her academy record, final medical reports, and the occasional mention in another officer's log, coupled with her time spent on Ornara previously, were the slithers that made up her file. Unfamiliar with Ornara, Blake 'rescues' him from potentially poor choices of cuisine, and instead brings him back to her small apartment to discuss her duties aboard the Veritas where they remain for the night. When Brekka refuses Veritas entry into the Delos system to pick them up, they are forced to find other means of returning to the Starfleet vessel. She ultimately joins the crew on a provisional basis, much to the concern of a few members of the ship's senior staff.    Her first few days aboard Veritas included a handful of challenges adjusting to Starfleet life and protocol of which Zhou had to help her adjust to. The chain of command, general orders, use of certain equipment and transport systems, reading and understanding Starfleet charts, and learning how to use consoles—even though she exhibits a basic understanding of this already through muscle memory and small amounts of recall, Zhou ran her through it, anyway.

Frustrated with their new contact Reuima Casko after she dupes the crew on an operation, Blake contacts the Meridian marshal through subspace and angrily confronts her about her bad information, much to Zhou's amusement.

In late 2392, Blake's sonic shower is victim to a power surge caused by raiders the Veritas had tractored. Because of a lack of resources available to replicate new parts, Blake instead made use of Zhou's shower until the Veritas docked with another vessel willing to trade for parts they needed.

It’s mentioned Zhou encouraged Blake to take a position aboard the USS Syracuse to assist with the Orion Syndicate investigations, claiming that "it'll be fun!" and "it's just the Menthar Corridor". He rejoins her when Veritas has shore leave outside of the Shoals for the first time in months and buys her a drink on Astrofori One to celebrate her one-year anniversary since re-joining Starfleet. Among other topics (such as Blake having a holographic persona), Zhou suggests that they remain for the Khitomer Centennial and assist with the USS Venture. Blake acts as the old vessel's XO during this period.

Facing the Doomsday Machine, Blake expresses to Zhou her concern about being trapped in the 2200s and having to avoid impacting the timeline. He encourages her to keep focus on the task at hand. In the mission's aftermath, Zhou sends Blake home to the Delos system on a few months leave to spend time with her children.

When she returns to Cakapunnual, she's asked by Brandon Cormac to head to the main colony on Shadow's Edge on orders from Rosa Carrero. Blake protests, claiming Zhou should inform Carrero that Blake wasn't a marine. Cormac's response indicates that the bridge crew are at least partially aware of Blake and Zhou's ongoing casual relationship, with Carrero supposedly labeling Zhou as Blake's "boy-toy".

Blake acts as the Veritas XO when Carrero passes, and attempts to calm Zhou when he becomes infuriated by Starfleet's new transfer orders for the Veritas. En route to Star Station Esperance, they discuss the ship's priorities, and prepare Carrero's funeral service. Blake stands by as Zhou is transferred from the Veritas to Esperance.

The recruitment of Evan Delano becomes a hot topic between the two, with Blake expressing to Mei'konda her frustration with Federation Security hiding an agent within the Reya-Laialara and not informing Carrero or Zhou of his presence in the area. Zhou attempts to question her about Delano when he learns the man joined the Veritas crew, but Blake vouches for the half-Vulcan, and questions the motives behind Zhou's casual interrogation.

In 2394, Zhou accompanies Blake's son, Ayden Blake, to the Veritas and remains aboard during the the Astraeus incident. With the USS Astraeus towed back to Star Station Esperance, Blake and Zhou arrest Victor Yeager, the vessel's commanding officer.

Tasnim Shandres delivers Blake a message sent by Zhou, where he offers her the XO's position aboard the USS Montreal—and she immediately accepts. They reunite in late 2395 when Montreal meets with the Veritas at Havley's Hope, though Zhou was injured when his newly assigned vessel was attacked by Tholians. Though she expresses frustration that Zhou chose not to remain aboard the Bridge of the Montreal, she is genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of her friend. However, her concern is overshadowed by further frustration when Zhou asks her to bring Roshanara Rahman and Evan Delano to Sickbay, confirming Zhou is no longer in command of the vessel—and thus her transfer to serve him is void. Later, when he arrives in a hover chair to assist her with anti-sabotage efforts, she merely questions whether he is meant to be out of Sickbay, though drops the matter entirely and relying on his expertise of the Veritas.

Blake's relationship with Zhou borders on "friendship" and "casual sex". The two work well professionally, but off duty, they are near inseparable—sometimes to a point of fault on Blake's part. Blake is attached to Zhou and the sense of safety he provides and finds it difficult to operate without him on Veritas. Though he is flippant by nature, Blake considers Zhou to be a voice of reason, as he has stepped in occasionally to talk some sense into an inexperienced Blake when Veritas faces complex scenarios during their early days. They swap roles in this aspect in the aftermath of Carrero's passing, and have since shed the "mentor/mentee" relationship, standing on equal ground on most matters following Zhou's reassignment to Star Station Esperance.

Because of Blake's easy-going nature regarding flirtation and comfort in her own skin, no topic (or action) appears off limits between them. They often tease each other over various things, sometimes to the point of immaturity. Their relationship is also incredibly physical, the two comfortable with casual and intimate contact—though this sometimes extends to scrapes and bruises. It's this part of her relationship that occasionally her serious physical injury, as continued use of her electrical capabilities began to burn her arms from the inside (though it's unclear if she ever made him aware of this).

Despite her attachment to Zhou, the two aren’t interested in a committed relationship with each other. Blake prefers her friendship with Zhou over pursuing anything romantic with him.

Cormac & Elis

Brandon Cormac and Elis Nacubaq were the special operations and chief tactical officers aboard the Veritas in 2393, both of whom Blake still shares contact with.

“Twenty one years in this gig,” Cormac huffed, breaking out of his stillness and rubbing at his forehead. “As soon as I get back to Esperance, I'm calling this Starfleet thing quits. Marshals, Starfleet, Federation verses Colonial Coalition nonsense . . . I'm might hitch a ride Risa and live there.”
“Cormac . . .”
“I'm being serious, Blake.” He said. “I can't help but wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life. We put up with crap like this from left, right and centre and get nothing back to show for it. Carrero dies and we're strewn in eight different directions, separated and blamed with barely any time to tell our families we're being reassigned. Then here, being attacked by pirates, spending over a week waiting for a rescue that never comes because neither side can decide whether its their problem.” He shook his head. “I'm forty years old. I want to settle down, Stratop, start a family. I could have died on that station.”
“But you didn't,” She pointed out.

After rescuing him from Outpost 3, Blake and Cormac travel back to Star Station Esperance.

When Sky joins the Veritas in 2392, Brandon Cormac expresses his immense frustration at her lack of training and liability to the crew to Zhou Tai-Sheng in Blake's company. She explains to him that, as a Brekkian citizen, she understands how the Brekkian drug trade works and can provide valuable assistance. Much to his Bajoran friend Elis Nacubaq's distaste, he continues to place pressure onto Blake, convinced that she fails to feel anger or remorse in the face of her fellow Brekkians crimes, how no one onboard seems to know anything about her background, not shows any kind of empathy - though she disputes this, stating to him that if she ever became emotional over such trivial things, it would be detrimental to her capability as the ship's strategic ops officer.

They grow into a friendship quickly after resolving their dispute, and Cormac takes to filling in the gaps of her understanding of Starfleet operations inside and outside the Shoals. She finds out about Cormac's relationship with Elis when she accidentally walks into Cormac's office during a heated moment between the two officers - unfazed, however, she simply hands Cormac the PADD she'd needed to deliver to him and walks out of the office. Five months later, however, the two men break off their relationship, but remain close friends.

Cormac (and by extension, Elis) learns of Blake's casual relationship with their XO through Carrero whilst Blake is operating in Cakapunnual, told to tell her to "stop hiding behind [your] boy toy" if Blake refers back for Zhou's involvement.

When Elis and Cormac are transferred away, Blake beings to grow uncomfortable with her sudden lack of "safety net".

Elis contacts Blake as she returns to the Shoals (following a trip to Duronis II), panicked that Cormac had failed to send a coms check on schedule, and asks Blake to check on Outpost 3. She arrives to an utterly destroyed outpost, left barely space-worthy following an attack by Klingons. Cormac, alive after ten days and severely injured, is the sole-survivor aboard the outpost. Cormac decides to quit Starfleet as she takes him back to Shadow's Edge, and becomes a Colonial Coalition Marshals Service marshal. Though they'd been separated for almost two years, he tells Blake he intends to ask Elis to take him back.

Unable to follow two marshals outside of Shadow's Edge space, Blake chooses to take a night off to spend in a bar in Cakapunnual. Cormac seeks her out when she becomes unreachable to the Shadow's Edge Starfleet intelligence officer to deliver more information about the marshals, and suggests she return to the Veritas. She hesitates, stating that the ship no longer feels like home without them, to which Cormac simply responds that if she doesn't like the transfers, she should quit now. Blake refuses and returns to the Veritas the following week. However, she leaves her personal small craft for Cormac's use.


Rairen Caide

Blake meets Caide in 2394 at the Embassy of Duronis II, where Caide is briefly attached as a Ranger liaison.

When the USS Astraeus breaches into the Shoals and surpasses the maximum warp speed (becoming 'banked' in the process), he contacts the nearest Blake and demands a full report regarding the incident. It's stated that he yells for what might have been a "good half-hour", and gives her his blessing to arrest and subsequently had Victor Yeager to the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service for joint criminal charges.

In 2396, Blake accompanies Caide, now the Shoals division's new managing officer, to assist with the search for Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim, who had gone missing the year before. He requests to stop by smaller settlements to check in with them and learn about the area in general. They arrive in Bupirninyirring and are greeted by settlement manager Keyri Largew, who explains that the water reclamators Tristam Core designed the year before have been having ongoing maintenance problems, and fears foul play—Caide offers to take a look at them. The next day, the two are assisting with menial tasks and learning about the settlement when Caide is involved in a minor accident with Pierce Macnamara's horse and carriage. The following evening, Blake locates the water reclamator saboteur, a colonist who wishes to move the minor settlement away from the Tholian border, and takes them to Largew.

Unable to treat Caide on Kidman, the two Rangers leave the area for the nearest outpost with medical supplies. They begin a tour down the Tholian border once Caide is healed and cleared for duty, and after four months, end up in the Roxburgh sector with no lead on Kehive's location. Blake receives a request to return to the Veritas following the death of another Starfleet officer on Ketar V, and she leaves Caide to continue the search in the system to re-join her crew. Later, Caide finds out about the in-custody death of the Romulan Lukaik, which only occurred because Blake breeched standard protocol. He berates her for it.

Removed from the rest of the crew following the discovery of active thalaron radiation in her spinal cord, Blake feels confused about her condition and relays to Caide that she doesn't totally understand what is happening to her. As she breaks down behind the isolation field, Caide reassures her she will be alright. He leaves once more, and gives her reports to go over while MacKenzie and del Vedova determine how best to treat her.

In early 2397, Caide assists her putting on her collar pips when she immobilizes her right arm (due to persistent 'zapping'). She teases him when he struggles somewhat with the magnets. He takes the teasing in stride, though expresses apprehension about her being on active duty. As the conversation continues, Blake asks him if they ever intend to "address" their affection for one another, and just as he leaves, Caide assures her they will when she asks him "out for drinks".


Blake supposedly met Sabor following his transfer to the USS Mercury in 2389, where he was assigned to her as the ship's armory officer. He makes such an impression through his dedication to his job that Blake asks for his transfer to the Embassy of Duronis II, and again when she is moved to the USS Avandar. Here, they begin a romantic relationship.

Sabor undergoes pon farr aboard the Avandar, resulting in the conception of their son - as he is a half-Vulcan child, Blake's pregnancy underwent complications.

The two become engaged in late 2390 - this, as well as the increasingly dangerous lifestyle of her job aboard the USS Vigilant, is what presumably causes Sky's decision to leave Starfleet. Sabor takes a leave of absence, and they leave Zakdorn to return to Sky's home in the Delos system, officially marrying.

After Ayden is born, Sky's mentality and physical condition worsens considerably, unable to differentiate dream from reality. Unable to leave Brekka with a newborn, Blake decides to seek treatment on her homeworld. Blake undergoes surgery to "kill" her telepathic lobe, and remains in a coma for a week - during this time, Sabor reads about Frilativ Brekkian culture, and names their son "Ayden" (meaning strength during times of hardship).

Blake awakens from surgery totally unaware of the last ten years, and with no other option, decides to accompany Sabor and their two children home - if only to stay for a few days to get back on her feet. Shocked and uncomfortable with how much Sabor knows about her, she almost leaves just two days into her stay, but is convinced to stay on the promise that they will both be more open and communication their concerns with each other. Sabor recounts how they met aboard the USS Mercury and the important steps of their relationship leading up to Ayden's birth and their wedding.

Their relationship reaffirms quickly over the next month, and the two grow close enough that Blake allows Sabor's casual use of their bond telepathically, and both are once again comfortable to embrace. At some point, he also teaches her meditation and accompanying breathing exercises.

She admits to him that, though she is 'feeling better', she is still confused, feeling that she must relearn everything about herself not just historically and mentally, but physically as well - and that this was a strange sensation - to which he replies that he cannot claim to understand that feeling, but that he could try. Blake continues to ask Sabor questions about him and his culture, attempting to piece together as much information about her previous life as possible - but she also asks about tougher subjects, such as his understanding of logic. When he chooses to conclude the conversation, unable to answer one of her questions, Blake jokes that she feels "suppressed" - to which he replies that, if he were ever to "suppress" her, she'd know.

Having so far refused Sabor's attempts to leave her home on Brekka, Blake suffers a seizure that forces the two to return to a medical facility in Lornae. Blake is cleared to leave after a night under medical observation, but the two get caught in the cross-fire of Brekkian military forces firing on an extremist group attempting to destroy an Ornaran embassy. Sabor, attempting to assist civilians to safety, is fatally wounded by military personnel. To the discomfort for all who ask, Blake can remember in vivid detail exactly how it felt as he passed away.

In late 2393, told to finally take her first leave of absence from her service in Starfleet, Blake returns to the Delos system to relocate her children and Sabor's ashes.

Though deceased, Sabor still affects Blake's personality and psyche, as Blake once held access to his experience as a Starfleet armory officer - potentially why she was able to return to active Starfleet duty so easily. She can recall perfectly "rants" about potential weapons and uses, and such things influence her choices of defense when operating in the Shoals. However, there are some things Blake believes Sabor wouldn't consider despite his capabilities as an armory officer, such as Crewman Rotha's use of a phaser to create a forcefield.

Blake doesn't discuss Sabor often with others, though inadvertently refers to him often - with no knowledge of him, however, these references go unnoticed by her fellow crew. When arresting Commander Victor Yeager (commanding officer of the USS Astraeus, Blake compares the final actions of Sabor to the non-action of Yeager. It is Sabor's maturity that allows her to conclude her encounter with Yeager calmly. Somewhat similarly, when faced with the visually threatening aliens discovered underground on Havley's Hope, Blake exhibits a non-hostile attitude before and after encountering them, despite the unease of her fellow crewmates. She even goes so far as to be curious about the four-eyed aliens eye care when underground.

Blake has a brief conversation with a young man on a turbolift in mid-2395, notable in how the strangers eyes are remarkably similar to Sabor's.

Stranded on a small moon called Limbo for 101 days, Blake is bitten by a snake whilst out scouting. Affected by venom and with no means of communication with the crew, she starts hallucinating, seeing and talking to Sabor. She admits to him that she is still affected by his choice that led to his death - to save others from danger, which cost him his own life. Alone and with no crew nearby to simple stumble upon her should she fall unconscious, "Sabor" suggests using her stun weapon with her flashlight, which will hopefully make enough noise or cause a fire to attract attention. Though she initially rebuts this suggestion, she realizes she has very few other useful ideas. With his encouragement, she successfully sets a fire, though passes out before anyone locates her.