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Crew of the USS Artemis-A


Chief Petty Officer Shaw Ral

Ral Shaw is a Boatswain & Quartermaster with Starfleet Operations, stationed on the USS Artemis-A.


  • Height: 1.65 m (5' 5")
  • Hair: Raven Black, Long and straight
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Posture: Straight, profesional, cold and brutally honest.
  • Voice: Her strong bajoran accent makes her sounds a little scary. Especially if she reprimands her subordinates or expresses her opinion (and Holy Prophets, she's strongly opinionated).
  • Remarks: She has scars on her back and neck. She does not speaks about their origin, but probably they are related to her time in Resistance and Maquis.


ENTJ-A / The Commander
Strengths Weaknesses
  • She is forceful, charismatic and quite scary with her leadership
  • In her honesty she shares unplesant true
  • Paying careful attention to the details
  • Organized and adaptable
  • Strong Sense of Duty
  • She steamroll you if you stay in her way
  • Ruthless when situation demands (by her opinion)
  • Judgmental
  • Poor Handling of Emotions
  • Stubborn and Dominant


On Bajor

Rel Shaw was born on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation around stardate 235008. Following the documentation trail from Bajoran Militia, Shaw's parents – a members of Resistance - was killed three year later and Shaw was passed after that from one sympathizer's or resistance family to another. She joined and was active in resistance from her age of eight, until end of the occupation in 2369.

Her Early Career in Bajor Militia

After the occupation ended and the Bajoran militia was established, Shaw was commissioned as an officer of the Militia Corps of Engineers. Although she had no formal education or training, her commission cited her talent for technology and commitment to the Bajoran Resistance as reasons.

Shaw was assigned to Bajor and led a joint Militia-Federation team responsible for modernizing the planet's power grid network until 2070, when she was marked as AWOL and, after some time, as a deserter.


At stardate 207009.13, she joined Maquis, where she got a reputation as a capable, ruthless opponent to the Cardassia military, as she excelled in bomb-making and guerrilla warfare. She was captured in 2372 by the USS Coral Sea security team after her cell bombed a Cardassian dilithium freighter, Galdar, near DS9. She was sentenced to five years in a labor camp three months later and transferred to Tantalus Penal Colony.

Entry to Starfleet & Dominion War

A year later, she was handpicked and provisionally pardoned as part of the Redemption program for the former Maquis, who were willing to bolster the Starfleet ranks following the battle of Ajilon Prime backslash and as the Starfleet casualties—still not fully regenerated from the Federation-Klingon War—skyrocketed during the early phases of the Dominion War and got worse every day. She completed her enlisted training in the Starfleet Technical Services Academy at Mars and was assigned as a Security / Engineer enlisted to Task Force 17.

TF 17 should be garrison troops, holding the second line to release a “proper” Starfleet personnel to fight the Dominion - but quickly found themselves in the frontlines trenches, plugging holes in the Federation frontlines and as replacements for casualties in other planetary defense battalions as the one on AR-558.

Early years in Starfleet after the War





Marik & Nela
Unknown parents
Shaw's parent was killed during the occupation when Shaw was three years old. She keeps their picture pinned on the wall of her bunk.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
2nd LT 236907-237004 Bajor Militia Powerline Engineer
DS9style-blank black.png
Maquis 237004-237202 Badlands Maquis Fighter
DS9style-blank black.png
Prisoner 237205-230306 Tantalus Penal Colony Prisoner
DS9style-recruit gold.png
Recruit 237306-237312 Starfleet Academy
DS9style-crew3 gold.png
CR3 237401-237408 Task Force 17 Security Breacher
DS9style-crew2 gold.png
CR2 237408-237610 Task Force 17 Security Breacher
DS9style-crew1 gold.png
CR1 237610-237711 Deep Space 9 Weapons Technican
DS9style-crew1 gold.png
CR1 237711-238004 Deep Space 9 D.P. Security Officer
DS9style-po3 gold.png
PO3 238004-238206 SB 7 Master-at-Arms
DS9style-po2 gold.png
PO2 238206-238402 SB 7 Engineering Shift Supervisor
DS9style-crew3 black.png
CR3 238402-238403 SB 1 Court Martial
DS9style-crew3 black.png
CR3 238403-238510 Utopia Planitia Fleetyards Site Maintenance (Disciplinary Duty)
DS9style-po3 gold.png
PO1 238510-238605 USS Saratoga-C Systems & Maintenance Engineer
LWDstyle-po2 gold.png
PO2 238605-238807 USS Saratoga-C Systems & Maintenance Engineer
LWDstyle-po2 gold.png
PO2 238605-238807 USS Saratoga-C Damage Control Engineer
LWDstyle-po1 gold.png
PO3 238807-239103 USS Saratoga-C Damage Control Supervisor
LWDstyle-po2 silver.png
PO2 239103 SB 17 Disciplinary reduction in rank
LWDstyle-po2 gold.png
PO2 239103-239111 SB 17 Shipyard Maintenance Worker
LWDstyle-po2 gold.png
PO2 239112-239401 USS New Sydney Head of Shuttle Spaceframe & Structure Maintenance Group
LWDstyle-po1 gold.png
PO3 239401-239805 USS New Sydney Spacecraft Inspector
PICstyle-po1 gold.png
PO3 239805-239811 Starfleet Academy
CPO Indoctrination Course
PICstyle-cpo gold.png
CPO 239811-240101.12 StarBase 118
Chief of Deck Operations
PICstyle-cpo gold.png
CPO 240101.13-Present USS Artemis-A
Boatswain / Quartermaster

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