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All cadets are required to participate in a set of Core Courses that introduce them to a variety of subjects. It is important to StarFleet that their officers be well educated, and through this set of courses each cadet is ensured a basic set of skills.

List of Core Courses

  • Administration
    • ADMIN101: Starfleet Operations
    • ADMIN110: Chain of Command and General Protocol
  • Diplomacy
    • DIPL101: General
  • Engineering
    • ENG221: LCARS Programming 1
    • ENG231: Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces
    • ENG232: Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks
    • ENG233: Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems
  • History
    • HIST101: Birth of the Federation
  • Language
    • LANG101: Federation Standard
    • LANG1_0: (Major Species)
      • Level 100: Elementary
  • Law
    • LAW101: Federation, General
  • Mathematics
    • MATH101: Concepts
  • Medicine
    • MED101: First Aid and Field Medicine
  • Physics
    • PHYS101: Concepts
  • Piloting
    • PILOT101: Runabouts and Shuttles
  • Survival
    • SURV101: Starship Emergencies
    • SURV110: Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training
  • Tactics
    • TAC101: Combat, Unarmed
    • TAC110: Combat, Small Weapons
  • Xenobiology
    • BIO101: Concepts
  • Xenology
    • XEN101: General

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