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Starfleet Academy


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Cadet Housing

Life at Starfleet Academy on Earth is a tough four years of hard work and commitment. Private quarters where cadets can study, socialize, and relax help to ensure success. Cadets normally live on campus in simple quarters for the duration of their tenure at the Academy. Cadet accommodation is not strictly necessary in the age of transporters, but it is favored because it helps cadets to establish their independence.

Housing may vary from campus to campus, but generally first year cadets share a room with at least one other cadet. After their first year, most cadets are transferred into their own quarters.

Typical Living Accommodations

Cadet quarters are designed to be comfortable but simple so as to encourage study. In keeping with this philosophy the room’s central piece of furniture is a large curved desk, fitted with a computer terminal. At the San Francisco campus, the housing for cadets is situated close to the main quad, among the facility’s beautiful landscaped grounds. Many other campuses also keep cadet housing near gathering areas for the comfort of the cadets.

Starfleet regulations require that the bed be made with a mitered corner. A cadet will be put on report by a dorm officer if this is not done properly. Dorm officers act as chaperons for the cadets, by ensuring order and that all the cadets are safe and working diligently while in their living atmosphere.

The rooms themselves are arranged as follows: The wall to the right of the bed houses a small storage closet and further among the wall there is a replicator unit that provides food and other basic needs. Along the left-hand wall, opposite the bed, there is an L-shaped sofa and coffee table. The couch is not a separate piece of furniture, but is formed by portions of the wall molded to create a seating area, with cushions added for comfort. Near to the sofa section there is a door to the bathroom. Inside are facilities similar to those the cadet will find on a starship, including a sonic shower.

Data graciously provided by Star Trek Magazine.

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