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Starfleet Academy


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Academy Campuses

Most non-Starfleet individuals make the mistake of assuming that Starfleet Academy has only one campus: Earth’s San Francisco Campus near Starfleet Command. This is a widely held misconception on the part of the general population of the Federation, mostly due to how well publicized the Academy on Earth is. The Academy, however, is actually a university with many campuses and graduate schools, and the Academy offers multiple programs that award bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees.

Satellite Campuses

It would be impractical for all students who desire to be trained as Starfleet officers to travel to Earth, considering the enormous size of the Federation. Thus, many Starbases, and member worlds have satellite campuses that range from small (on bases), to very large (like Betazed’s).

Besides Starfleet Academy's main campus in San Francisco, Earth, other branch campuses exist across the Federation.

The Academy’s main campus is located in San Francisco on Earth, and there are several other facilities in the Terran system – the Academy flight range is near Saturn, and there is also a branch of the Academy in Marseille, France.

Distance Learning

The Academy uses a method of distance learning, which ensures the maximum efficiency of classes being taught. Most classrooms are outfitted with holographic projection equipment, which allows professors to teach classes to dozens, if not hundreds of students (or more) within the Academy system, all at the same time. This is useful for both high and low level courses.

In low level courses, where a larger number of students per class is acceptable, one professor can teach dozens of students over vast distances in the Academy system. In high level courses, a problem often encountered in small collegiate systems involves too few students requesting to be taught a given course per semester. If the number of students is too small, it is inefficient to allot a professor to the class.

Often, classes need to be taught on rotating schedules, with some high level classes being taught once per year, or once every other year. However, in the holographic distance learning system, because so many professors and so many students are linked through the system, high level courses can be taught as often as necessary to fulfill the needs of those being taught.

Data graciously provided by Star Trek Magazine.

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