The Kos'karii are the largest and strongest pirate faction (also considered terrorists as of 2394) in the Shoals. They are led by the Klingon pirate king known as Jilor.

The Shoals
No starships >2,000,000 metric tons Maximum speed limit of warp 5 Quantum slipstream inoperable

full travel advisory

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Surviving crewmembers of ships attacked by the Kos'karii that demonstrate particular skill are given a chance to join them. Those that refuse are generally put out into space.


"Know that our numbers are greater than you believe. We will fight for freedom. We will fight for our advancement. And we will destroy anything that stands in our way. To our enemies: you may think yourself safe from our reach. Know that many others have made that mistake. Prepare yourselves."
Jilor, pirate king of the Kos'karii

It's possible that the Kos'karii's activities extend way back to 2370, as it's suggested they may be responsible for at least three Starfleet vessels that have been lost in the Shoals - or more specifically, the Shadows, where major Kos'karii bases tend to be located.[1]

Despite the launching of Operation Safe Harbor, the Kos'karii were not at all phased by the presence of Starfleet vessels in the Shoals, continuing to prey upon unsuspecting civilian ships along major trade routes when many other pirate factions were forced to withdraw farther off the beaten path to survive. Prior to 2393, the USS Veritas encountered what was suspected to be a Kos'karii vessel. However, the Starfleet ship had been attacked so quickly that they were unable to ascertain for certain whether it had been the Kos'karii, effectively blinded when sensors were targetted. There was supposedly no proper communication during the encounter, nor were the crew sure of what provoked them.[2]

When torpedoes are stolen from the Seheik Settlement, a newly re-established crew of the Veritas pull together to discovery the Kos'karii possibly being behind the attacks. Briefly summed up, Jilor - the leader - is described as having come to the Shoals with a single ship and his family, but by 2393, accumulated a fleet of vessels with the "intent on 'fixing' the Shoals".[3] 45 days later, Jilor confirms this sentiment by issuing a Shoals-wide broadcast, claiming responsibility for a series of raids and attacks that occurred during that period upon the freighter Falcon and Shadow's Edge (the latter of which cost Starfleet captain Rosa Carrero her life). In a declaration of war, he publically assumes "leadership of a growing movement that says that the people of the Shoals will no longer be forgotten as the rest of the galaxy passes us by", and expresses anger at the Federation and Klingon Empire's continued usage of Shoals dilithium and benamite yet lack support for the region.[4]

Jilor claims responsibility for an attack on Antor II that used a Starfleet tricobolt device, destroying the Jade's Dragon Casino in the city of New Macau, and a secondary explosion that resulted in casualties of many of the city's first responders. He states in another public address that "so long as the Federation and their Coalition lapdogs continue to claim dominion over what is no longer theirs, the war will continue.[5] At this point, the Kos'karii are not considered pirates, but active terrorists - and the capture of Jilor specifically became top priority for Starfleet installations in the Shoals.[6] A small group of Kos'karii vessels would attempt to attack the Veritas, but all would be disabled and impounded by both the Starfleet crew and Colonial Coalition Marshals.[7]

The USS Astraeus becomes banked after a failed slipstream drive attempt in the Shoals, drawing the attention of Jilor and his fleet. With the intention to pick the Galaxy class starship clean of it's technology and weaponry, the Kos'karii arrive on the scene first and begin their assault upon the vessel.[8] When they inevitably engage the Veritas (also attending the Astraeus), Jilor's daughter introduces him to Dociuba, who is associated with a Starfleet Admiral and managed to obtain the Veritas prefix codes. Jilor re-engages the Veritas and successfully lowers their shields, but the vessel's ablative armor proves to be it's saving grace, and the Veritas disables the Mas-to-Gal.[9] Upon the capture of the pirate king and his crew by Acting Captain Mei'konda, Jilor agrees to give the Veritas information regarding what remained of the Kos'karii, including half a dozen bases, strongholds, and key members of the group and other pirate factions located throughout the Shoals. In exchange, he requested leniency for his family.[10]

Fleet and Tech

The Mas-to-Gal, flagship of the Kos'karii

The flagship of Jilor's fleet is the Mas-to-Gal (translated to Throne Seeker), a Qin heavy raptor. The rest of Jilor's fleet is a mishmash of various other ships and tech. Some of it is barely spaceworthy, but each ship is well-armed and in possession of a cloaking device.

Of particular note, Jilor recently gained access to (stole) several dozen photon torpedoes salvaged from the wreck of an old Klingon ship found in the Shadows.

The fleet has also developed a technique they call the "soliton lattice," which can be deployed by a network of cloaked ships surrounding a vessel at warp. When properly used, the lattice will destabilize warp fields, forcing a captured ship to drop out of warp.

Name Meaning

In Klingon mythology, kos'karii are pale, serpent-like creatures that roam the waters crossed by the Barge of the Dead on its way to Gre'thor. Similar to the sirens of Earth mythology, the kos'karii used the voices of friends and loved ones to draw dishonored souls to their peril.

Known Members

  • Jilor, pirate king and leader of the Kos'karii, captain of the Mas-to-Gal
  • Ekruss, Jilor's daughter
  • Sov, a klingon female found seriously injured aboard the freighter Falcon - she gives the Veritas crew valuable information that allows them to track Kos'karii vessels for a period.[11]


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