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Idrustix (specifically Idrustix II) is a candidate world identified as a colony by the Twentieth House of Betazed.

It is located approximately 0.586 light years from Amity, and takes approximately 24 hours to travel to the Idrustix system at Warp 5[1].

The system’s star is approximately 2.2 billion years old. Starfleet computers detected that the star, like many others, are prone to large Coronial Mass Ejections (CME) on an infrequent basis – in the case of Idustrix, a probability of once every twenty thousand Earth years. However, a correlative analysis of Starfleet long range sensor data and the telemetry from the survey team from the Twentieth House indicated there may have been several very large CME events in the last two-hundred years - large enough to cause a major disturbance to the colony planet’s magnetosphere, potentially putting the colony at risk[2]

The planet has faint red-purple aurora across the planet’s poles[3].

The planet is known as Skraall by the Trenvonn.

Native Bacteria and Treatment

The planet contains a sentient bacteria named Geobacter lucia (or "Lucia" for short). The bacteria operate in a purely symbiotic relationship with life upon the planet. Their hosts provide shelter for the bacteria while they protect their hosts from the radiation that bombards the planet.

Lucia infects most humanoids (without copper-based blood). The bacteria gives them a natural shielding to the planet's slightly higher (but still harmful) levels of radiation. But without treatment, they also get strong influenza like symptoms as their immune systems tries to fight the bacteria. Additionally, in people with psionic abilities (such as Betazoids) it has hallucinogenic effects and causes delirium[4].

Ikaia Wong has developed an innoculation for the bacteria. It makes the host's bodies much more hospitable to the bacteria, and accounts the body's immune system fighting it. An innoculated Betazoid population should be able to live on Idrustix[5].

Species with copper-based blood (such as J'naii, Romulans and Vulcans) do not seem to be affected by the Lucia bacteria. People with those blood types must have doses of Lectrazine-hyronalyn to cater for the planet's higher radiation levels.

Due to a Klingon's higher muscle mass and immune system, the bacteria is broken down quickly in Klingon people[6]. They also require doses of Lectrazine-hyronalyn.

Proposed Colony

The Twentieth House of Betazed originally surveyed the planet and chose it as a strong candidate for colonization by the government of Betazed.

After perceived failures of the Twentieth House by the Sixth and Second Houses of Betazed, the Betazoid Government, led by mediator Tani Lekasa, brokered a deal to allow all three houses set up their own colony sites on the planet.

Twentieth House of Betazed Colony Site

The colony site on the planet chosen by the surveyors is situated near a forest with several belts of trees. Beyond the forest is rocky terrain, and a day's hike through it allows a person to get glimpses of the ocean. The weather is warm and can get up to 31 degrees Celsius, and moderately humid at sub-tropical levels.

The only life forms detected were myriad bacterial spectrum, fungal spores, plant life, and insects. Ant-like insects with bold yellow stripe patterns on their bellies live in rust-red barked trees[7]. Groups of the red-barked trees may be home to an underground hive of the ant-like insects, and they do appear to have some sort of venom, although it is not strong[8].

Second House of Betazed Colony Site

The proposed Second House colony site is at an inland river basin.

Sixth House of Betazed Colony Site

The proposed Sixth House colony site is on "Island Four", the largest of a chain of islands in the “Mid-Islands Region”.