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Four Letter Code TRVN
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Crovi III
Encountered 2399
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N+
List of Named Trenvonn

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The Trenvonn are an isolationist, non-aggressive species that are committed to achieving a higher consciousness through scientific means.

Species Information

The Trenvonn are not space explorers - instead they explore and try to expand their own consciousness and experience of reality. Their ultimate cultural goal is “consciousness ascension”, also known as “the ascension”.

Home System

Crovi is a binary star system deep in the Barossa Nebula. The system is home to multiple habitable planets, that are in relatively close proximity to each other.


Trenvonn are a flightless bird-like species, similar in appearance to Earth's Cassowaries.

Short, max height 152cm (5ft). The females of the species tend to be taller than the males with the average female height (with head crest included) reach closer to 5ft. Females also tend to have larger head crests than the males.

People from Crovi have different shades of purple features, depending on which part of the Crovi system they're from.

Not capable of telepathy or empathy (but aspire to be as part of their goal of "consciousness ascension").


The Trenvonn have a technocratic system of government, i.e. "a form of government in which the decision-maker or makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge"[1].

Culture and Society

The Trenvonn keep to themselves and are isolationists. They rarely travel beyond their home system, even though they are a warp capable species.

Their societal goal is to ascend to a higher intelligence/consciousness ("the ascension"), most people work towards this goal. Their entire economy/government is geared towards this goal. Many, many experiments of all types are carried out.

They believe a higher existence is possible through scientific means.

Ranking System

People within Trenvonn society are given a title based on their scientific experience and capability:

  • Grand Expert
  • Scientist I
  • Scientist II
  • Scientist III
  • Fellow I
  • Fellow II

A painted marking on a person's beak denotes their title.


Trenvonn Science Scout
Trenvonn Expeditionary Cruiser

The Trenvonn have an advanced medical science capability.

Known Trenvonn Vessels:

Little is currently known about Trenvonn Vessels.

Upon initial scans during the Federation's first contact, it is known that they are capable of Warp travel at lower speeds than achieved by other Warp capable civilizations.

The armaments aboard the vessel encountered appear to be evenly matched to that of the Federation.

The two vessels encounter by the USS Kitty Hawk were identified as a 'Science Scout' and an 'Expeditionary Cruiser'.

The Science Scout has very little in the form of offensive armaments, relying primarily on it's stealthy design, and the unknown material that covers the vessels surface. This material appears to minimize the vessels sensor profile, while also making it more visible to the market eye given it's reflective 'Chrome' finish.

The Expeditionary Cruiser appears to be the more 'offensive' oriented vessel so far encountered. Roughly the size of the Star drive section of a Galaxy Class Starship, and boasting a nearly undetectable cloaking device and the onboard armaments capable of matching against some of the Federation's more advanced Battlecruisers(I.E. Akira-class).


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