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USS Veritas
Position Stellar Cartographer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 234128.09
Age 55
Birthplace ShirKahr, Vulcan

Solak is a Vulcan Stellar Cartographer aboard the USS Veritas.


Solak was born and raised in ShirKahr on Vulcan. Even as a child, Solak was interested in the very essence of existence, so much so that he spent his youth at the Vulcan Science Academy, studying philosophy. His studies led him to becoming interested in the science of prediction, and soon after he discovered an interest in science in general. He eventually became interested in exploration – and to him, Starfleet became a logical career path to apply his lifetime of studies in a practical environment.

Even by Vulcan standards, Solak can be considered too “icy” by his colleagues – especially in stressful situations.