Twentieth House of Betazed

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Twentieth House of Betazed

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The Twentieth House of Betazed is one of the ancient noble houses on Betazed. The House was created in the honour of Beaxa Polgonz, a Betazoid whom went out of her way to leave Betazed during the early days of space travel and create and maintain the first Betazoid colony and it's inhabitants - the matter of her status as a descendant of the Goddess Karawati (and all Beaxa's descendants by extension) is a minor technicality that many modern Betazoids choose to overlook in favour of her Beaxa's commitment to progress. The House is often consulted regarding the establishment of new colonies by the Betazoid government.

Considerably younger than the other Houses, the Twentieth House is not held in such a high regard as compared to it's fellow Houses - in fact, it's status as 'nobility' is often called into question. As one of the smallest to date, more members were married or inducted into the House, rather than be born of it. Few of it's members saw the Dominion war in it's full scale, as the House tends to move around visiting Betazoid colonies within Federation space.


The Twentieth House of Betazed was created to accommodate the induction of Beaxa Polgonz into the Betazed Hierarchy, following her contributions and support with exploration and space travel, establishing and maintaining the first Betazoid colony outside of the Betazed system as well as it's inhabitants.

The Polgonz family has continued the tradition of maintaining Betazoid colonies far from their home system, though it has not been without it's politics. The family has continued to struggle finding and maintaining an overall house "mother", with few daughters willing or able to take the reins. The Betazoid media continues to insist on labeling the house as "cursed" with sons.

To make matters more complicated, Westreek, the youngest daughter of Pagtr Polgonz, married and signed a contract with Ferengi Toerez Meizner, detailing the Meizner name being legally required of no less than seven generations of Westreek's descendants, despite not being related to Toerez. Though Westreek and Toerez divorced, the Meizner-Polgonz line have yet to find legal grounds strong enough to break the contract, freeing their names.

The Eislas family were inducted into the house following Ebbin Eislas's birth to Passab Aia De Polgonz. This marks the first instance of Polgonz in-laws officially joining the Twentieth House, with Paree, Adun, and Loatram Eislas given honorary titles of lady and lords when an accident claimed the lives of Obi Polgonz-Eni, her husband Amaadrus Vuler, and their two sons.

In 2391, Albion Meizner-Polgonz bestowed the title of head of house to his granddaughter, Seri ma'Soar Meizner-Polgonz, deliberately passing over first in line, Doyoxo Polgonz. Publicly, it was cited that both Doyoxo and Neeli had refused the title, though insiders suggest this was due to an argument between Albion and Naminarci's daughters.

Today, Seri Meizner-Polgonz works closely with her cousins Aagan and Caslo Eislas to maintain the Twentieth House's interstellar standing by supporting colonies on the outskirts of Federation space.

Known members

  • Polgonz family
    • Beaxa Polgonz
      m. Caool Marex
      • Citi Polgonz
        m. Eeva Eni
        • Obi Polgonz-Eni (deceased)
          m. Amaadrus Vuler
          • Onlud Vuler (deceased)
          • Amros Vuler (deceased)
      • Pagtr Polgonz (deceased)
        m. Galeqenes En Jr.
        • Mebaia Arbundi Polgonz
          m. Caer Vaitax
          • Igamel Maal Polgonz (deceased)
            d. Sabben De
            m. Lilal Hax
            • Passab Aia De (Eislas) (deceased)
              d. Paree Eislas
            • Naminarci Tuuyl Polgonz (deceased)
              m. Seraal
              • Doyoxo Polgonz
                • Kyla Numaones (illegitimate; deceased)
              • Rivisi'ma Polgonz (deceased)
                m. Sosdol Gei
                • Idrustix Doyoxo Polgonz
              • Neeli Polgonz
        • Westreek Kestra Polgonz (deceased)
          d. Toerez Meizner
          • Alex Meizner-Polgonz (deceased)
            so. Namen Arkea
            • Serez Meizner-Polgonz (deceased)
              wid. Tomas Williams
              • Alissa Meizner-Polgonz (deceased)
            • Albion Meizner-Polgonz
              • Ankon Meizner-Polgonz (deceased)
                so. Elowe Maeenao
              • Teiena Meizner-Polgonz
                m. Pularan BrGreeve
              • Veiel Meizner-Polgonz
              • Narek Meizner-Polgonz
  • Eislas family
    • Paree Eislas (deceased)
      d. Passab Aia De
    • Adun Eislas
      so. Eires Damid
      • Nittus Damid
        m. Lewda Seici
        • Endah Seici
    • Loatram Eislas
      • Volo Eislas

Polgonz family tree

Tree key:

  • Italicized family members are deceased.
  • Bolded family members are daughters or appointed sons of house.
  • Past heads of house
  • Current head of house
Beaxa Polgonz
Caool Marex
Eeva Eni
Citi Polgonz
Pagtr Polgonz
Galeqenes En Jr.
Obi Polgonz-Eni
Amaadrus Vuler
Mebaia Arbundi Polgonz
Caer Vaitax
Westreek Kestra Polgonz
Onlud Vuler
Amros Vuler
Igamel Maal Polgonz
Alex Meizner-Polgonz
Passab Aia De (Eislas)
Naminarci Tuuyl Polgonz
Serez Meizner-Polgonz
Albion Meizner-Polgonz
Doyoxo Polgonz
Sosdol Gei
Rivisi'ma PolgonzNeeli Polgonz
Alissa Meizner-Polgonz
Ankon Meizner-PolgonzTeiena Meizner-PolgonzVeiel Meizner-PolgonzNarek Meizner-Polgonz
Kyla Numaones
Idrustix Doyoxo Polgonz
Seri ma'Soar (Meizner) Polgonz