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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code HWLT
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Hawlathia
Encountered 2398
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level TBD
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The Hawlat are a previously nomadic Delta Quadrant species who have found a home in the solar nebula system that hosts Amity Outpost.

Species Information

The Hawlat are a nomadic race (referring to themselves as "pilgrims"), originally from the planet Hawlathia[1], whose religious commitment to following a species of space born creatures has led them to travel the stars[2]. They follow their 'Angels' in search of a 'Supreme Pasture' - a place which would sustain the Angels and the Hawlat for a longer period of time and allow them to recover their dwindling population[1].

Currently, a contingent of Hawlat have found refuge on Amity Outpost, having escaped persecution on many other worlds[3].

Their religious order contains at least three ranks. In order from most-to-least power, they are Luminary, Acolyte, and Pilgrim[4]. Not all Hawlat share an equal degree of religious devotion, and some may question the wisdom of their religious traditions[4].

The species is humanoid but shares a mild superficial resemblance to earth bovines[2]. They have broad flat noses and are largely covered in a short coarse fur[4].

Hawlat Angels

The Hawlat follow a transient space born species whom they call "Angels[3]" (scientific name: Stellaesirenia amicus[5]) They consider the creatures to be their spiritual guides who lead them through space "from pasture to pasture[4]." They are very protective of the creatures and are deeply disturbed by any perceived irreverence or disruption towards their Angels.

The Angels are colloquially referred to by benamite miners (and some Starfleet personnel) as "Space Cows"[6] and "Mo-Mo's"[7], due to their similarities to earth manatees - though the Hawlat may find this term offensive. They have demonstrated an interest in 'hitching rides' on spacefaring vessels but otherwise appear docile[8].

The creatures consume gasses and plasmas, such as those found in the stellar nebula near Amity Outpost[9], which they use in the formation of their carapace. A byproduct of this is that they are hard to detect amongst the gasses they are consuming. The Angels also appear to be attracted to Starfleet Vessels and Mining Equipment due to their vibrational frequencies, emitted radiation, and/or vented plasmas[10].

The Angels produce a purple drinkable substance, referred to as "Angel's Milk," which may have hallucinatory effects on some species. Angels Milk is used in some rituals, including The Ritual of Trust by the Hawlat[11].


The Hawlat are a nomadic species that wandered on space following the creatures they call Angels, after a period of what they call, dark past, these Angels were seen as a sign of good fortune and thus they began building ships to follow them into what was believed to be a path for a better future. That led them through space to different systems along the Delta quadrant, finding other species, some peaceful, others, not so much, suffering loss of ships and pilgrims along the way. Despite that, they managed to follow these Angels waiting for a signal to tell them that their journey has ended to settle somewhere where they'll have a brighter and peaceful future.