Heavy Metal (Starbase 118)

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--Stardate: 238902.05--

Shortly after Captain Jaxx leaves for Earth and his new command, Commander Nicholotti tasks the crew with what she dubs as a 'quick run around the block' in the Victory to handle a quick, but routine survey of a nearby system where a Federation colony is being planned. The mission promises to be a quiet one, allowing Commander Nicholotti the time she needs to really adjust to her new role and the absence of those she had come to love, but things don't seem to want to give her time to grieve. On the contrary, things began to fall apart around them almost as soon as the ship leaves the safety of the spacedock doors.

Moments before jumping to warp, a high energy beam hits the station and the various ships surrounding it. Within seconds, the sector goes dark with only the Victory, on partial power due to having some of the sub-processors replaced, standing between the Starbase, any ships in the area that are now dead in the water, and a sensor ghost of multiple solid projectiles hurtling across the empty void of space heading directly towards them.

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