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Deep Space 17 is a large station, with many facilities. It has 397 decks and space for a maximum crew of 5,700. It usually has a crew of about 5,000, but the station currently has a skeleton crew after Starfleet recaptured it in Operation Bright Star.

DS17 can hold a maximum of about 6,000 civilians but usually has about 4,000 civilians. Below is a list of just some of the notable locations on the Station.

Decks 1 to 230 are the commercial, living quarters and operations decks. Decks 231 to 397 are cargo bays, docking bays, engineering, power, weapons, shuttle bays and ship repair facilities.

Communications and Deep Space Sensors (decks 1 to 5)

Besides the controls and access to the electronics that control all the communications and deep space sensors this area also houses an emergency back up power system. This system is strong enough to operate the top 15 decks of the station. Their is also an emergency back up life support system that can do the same.

Operations (decks 6 to 15)

Day to day operations of the station are overseen by the highest ranking officer on the station, although these duties are to be turned over to the senior staff of the USS Tiger-A while the ship is docked for repairs.

Operations Centre (Ops)

The command centre of the station.

Observation Room

There is at least one observation room, situated on Deck 9.

Security Office

The office of the Chief of Security is located on Deck 7.


The station Sickbay is located on Deck 12.

Habitats (decks 16 to 221)

The station has room for a maximum of 5,700 crew and 6,000 civilians. It usually has a crew of 5,000 and about 4,000 civilians.

Officers Quarters (decks 16 to 40)

Due to the type of duty on a space station all officers have their own quarters with enough space for family members in case they have families.

  • Decks 16 to 30 are for senior officers with quarters for 20 officers per deck
  • Decks 31 to 40 are for junior officers with quarters for 40 officers per deck.
  • There is a gymnasium on deck 35.

Lt Commander Salak of the USS Tiger retained his quarters from his service as CEO of the facility. These quarters are an example of those of a member of the Stations Senior staff.

Lt JG Ayelet Kadosh and Lt JG Msafiri Bakari's quarters are on Decks 35 and 37 respectively.

Diplomatic Quarters (decks 41 and 42)

These two decks only have 10 quarters per deck. However these quarters have multiple rooms. This would allow a diplomat to have some of his staff close to him if he wanted.

Satelk once had rooms on deck 41.

Crew Quarters (decks 43 to 119)

Due to the type of duty on a space station all crew have their own quarters. Crewmen with familes can have then live in their quarters as well.

  • Decks 43 to 67 are for senior crewmen with quarters for 40 crewmen per deck.
  • Decks 68 to 119 are for junior crewmen with quarters for 80 crewmen per deck.

Conference Rooms (decks 120 to 121)

Deck 120 has 5 conference rooms and deck 121 has 10 conference rooms.

Civilian Quarters (decks 122 to 221)

The larger civilian quarters are on decks 122 to 172 and each deck holds 40 living spaces.

The smaller civilian quarters are on decks 173 to 221 and each deck holds 80 living spaces.

Commercial Sector (decks 222 to 230)

While most decks on the station are 1 level all 3 of the promenade levels are in actuality double levels. This means that some stores may have 2 levels once you enter or that some shops may be on top of other shops.

Their is a middle deck that in places allows people to walk around the second level of each promenade but it does not block in most cases one's ability to enjoy the wide open space that has been created by having the ceiling 20 plus feet above as you walk around.

This also allows the holodecks to be full size.


There are at least three Holodecks and a number of Holosuites in the vicinity of the Promenades. All three of the holodecks are the standard size found on most stations, with an interior of 20' high, 60' wide and 60' long.

Most of the holosuites are the standard size of 10' tall, 20' wide and 20' long. A few of them are of the deluxe size being 10' tall, 30' wide by 40' long.

Welcome Inn

Unknown which Promenade, found on Indy list

First Promenade (decks 225 and 226)

The First Promenade was once full of shops, entertainment and food, making the station one of the best attractions in its area. Since the end of the Vaadwaur occupation, these venues are slowly reopening, although the station is nowhere near as vibrant as it once was.

More listings to come as contracts clear.

Twilight's Edge

A popular spot for food, drink and entertainment among Deep Space 17 personnel, civilians and visitors. Since it is on the outer edge of the station it has taken advantage of the windows and its second level to create a truly unique setting. With its flowing walkways, creative staircases and open concept layout the view can be enjoyed by all. Added to that is the excellent use of plants, aquariums and other decorative devices to seperate some areas for that private touch. Considered by many to be the best club in the sector. This club was owned by Danann. His staff included Evila (a Bolian waitress), Hector (a waiter), and Ione (mysterious waitress)... oh, and can't forget The assistant chef, whose name is not known but the title says it all!

The Symphony

A shop on DS 17 specializing in musical instruments; sales, rentals, supplies and repair. Occasionally, one might be able to find antique sheet music among the shops wares. The shop was owned and managed by Grace Tibideaux. She had one employee a Ferengi named Tek.

The Old Curiosity Shop

A shop on DS 17 specializing in the sale of antiques.

Molly Malone's Irish Pub

Here in this small pub, grossly over done in green, you can taste authentic Irish cuisine. Do not forget to ask to sample the exceptional Irish Coffee, Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, Newcastle and Bass, Blackthorn Cider, Irish Whiskey, and Scotch available. They also serve fish and chips, corned beef, T-bone steaks, fish tacos, and Irish pancakes along with other favorites.

A Bit of Terra

A café specializing in coffee, bagels, donuts and other kinds of breakfast or casual cuisine.

Botanic Bay

A small shop that sells flora for decorating, gifts, and landscaping. It was started by and is currently run by a Caldonian named Plesortay.


The arboretum is a natural retreat near Twilight's Edge. It is still under construction, but it boasts several natural habitats of Federation species, including a small Bolian water garden and a Vulcan desert feature. Each section is environmentally controlled, making the Bolian water garden section humid and the Vulcan desert feature dry and uncomfortably hot for most species. Only 19.7376 percent of the plants designated as Vulcan actually occur naturally any longer on Vulcan. The rest are replications created from extinct plants based on preserved DNA. The Vulcan section also includes a stone bench (like many found on Vulcan) to allow visitors to sit down if they so choose. The arboretum was severely damaged recently in the Gorn war. Restoration is currently underway.

The Vinyl Frontier

Clothes shop

Creatures from Beyond

Pet shop run by Stanley Droken.

Subway Sam's

This sit-down cafe specializes in sandwiches and soups from across the galaxy. Mostly catering to a lunch crowd, available beverages include water, varieties of fruit juices, and other soft drinks.

Pax Suraki

This eatery serves traditional vegitarian cuisine from the planet Vulcan, as well as a small variety of meats from the same culture for those not of the vegitarian bent.

Second Promenade (decks 227 and 228)

The Second Promenade is full of shops, entertainment and food. It along with the first level of the promanade makes the station one of the best attractions in its area.

Saint Theresa of Calcutta Catholic Church

Located on deck 227, St. Theresa's is but one of many religious centers on the station, including a Bajoran temple, a Vulcan monastery, a Hindu shrine, and countless others from worlds all over the Federation. (Some have called the outlet of the Ferengi House of Commerce a religious establishment, but its application for tax-exempt status was firmly denied.) St. Theresa's is deceptively large, and can hold as many as 200 occupants during mass and is also equipped with an office for the Chaplain, Father Patrick Walsh, and a confessional.

Third Promenade (decks 229 and 230)

This area was greatly damaged and has been slowly repaired and converted into a third level for the promenade. Unlike the other 2 levels, this level of the promenade has only about 25% full time occupancy. Another 25 to 50% is transient. Also while the other 2 levels are bright, clean and fully functional parts of the 3rd level are still under conversion and repair.


This holodeck is the recently converted and repaired one. The entrance is in the finished section of the third promenade.

Black Jendorvak

This is a bar, tavern were the rougher element go to hang out. Owned and Operated by an Orion named Pravik it has almost been closed down a few times due to fights and brawls. However it has been allowed to stay open as it tends to keep the rougher more violent element and visiting Klingons away from the other bars and establishments. It has been posted off limits to Star Fleet personnel as just the sight of the uniform tends to be seen as a challenge by the bar's normal patrons. It usually employs a number of bouncers, big tough violent goons able to handle most others in a fight and a number of sexy scantily clad dancer, waitresses.

The name Black Jendorvak comes from a predator type sea animal. There is a life size replica of one above the entrance to the tavern.

Vulcan Science Academy (deck 231)

Both Tarin and Savek worked here. Sarkel worked in the Academy Library.

Nature Level (deck 232)

This is a triple level deck in size but is counted as 1 deck. It was built as part of the repair and conversion of the station. Star Fleet Medical had advised that crew serving long term on a station might benefit from an area of normal plant life. This entire level has plants, flowers, bushes and trees.

While the station has a Arboretum on the First Promenade it's small size makes it a nice place for visitors to the station to relax. This nature level is only for station personnel. It also doubles as a research station into the native plant life in this sector. Also any plants from any where on the station may be transfered down here for care if they are not doing so well. Station personnel can also get plants for their quarters or offices and so can star fleet personnel on board ships as well.

Professor Cintarvis runs the facility.

Station Services (decks 234 and 235)

Deck 234 has the hospital and special containment areas for medical needs. It also holds the offices for Station services. Anyone wanting to arrange for quarters or commercial space would go here.

  • Lt JG Ayelet Kadosh is serving as acting chief medical officer, although medical services for the station will be supplemented by the USS Independence-A during reconstruction.

Deck 235 has the security office which also has the brig and armory within it's section. Their are also special containment areas for property.

Life support systems (decks 236 to 239)

Besides the main life support system, their are also 2 back up systems. The stations water purification and reclimation facilities.

Main Engineering

Power Systems

Docking Ring

Docking Ports

Docking Bays

Deep Space 17 has a large number of docking bays for shuttles and other auxillary craft. Docking Bay 3 suffered structural damange when a Gorn troop transport ship became lodged in the Hull during the 2383 Gorn Conflict, though it has since been removed.