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Msafiri Bakari
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Msafiri Bakari

Msafiri Bakari is the 40-year-old adjutant to the Region & Starfleet Mission Commander for the Menthar Corridor & Astrofori One, Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno. He was previously Egan Manno's first officer aboard the USS Garuda. He was born on 236001.17 in Colony 1 of the Martian colonies. He attended Starfleet Academy in 2378 before receiving his first assignment to the USS Tempest in 2382 as a security officer. He was then assigned to Deep Space 17 in 2385 and became the highest ranking survivor of the Vaadwaur Occupation of 2387.

After DS17's recapture by Starfleet later that year through Operation Bright Star, he briefly served as the station's acting commanding officer. He then served as chief of security and second officer until his reassignment to Deep Space 10 in 2390 as a criminal investigator with Starfleet Security. Upon Nia Calderan's promotion to commander on SD 239112.11 and reassignment as a Federation Ambassador, Captain Egan Manno requested that Bakari take on the role of first officer of the USS Garuda. On SD 239204.13, both Egan Manno and Bakari were reassigned to Astrofori One.

Stats & Service Record


Full Name Msafiri Bakari
Pronunciation Mm-SAH-feer-Ree Buh-KAAR-Ree
Species Human
Date of Birth 236001.17
Age 40
Place of Birth Colony 1, Martian Colonies, Sol Sector
Gender Male
Supplementary Data File Medical Record

Starfleet Career

Serial Number: JQ - 415 - 599
Training Facility Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2378-2382
Major Security
Minor History
Supplementary Data File Academy Transcript
Commissioned 2382
Current Rank Commander
Current Assignment Astrofori One
Icons other.png
  • Adjutant to the Region & Starfleet Mission Commander, 239204.13 - Present
Previous Assignments
USS Tempest, 2382 - 2385
  • Security Officer, 2382 - 2385
    • Ensign
Deep Space 17, 2385 - 2390
  • Security Officer, 2385 - 238709.18
    • Lieutenant JG, promoted 2385
  • Chief of Security and Acting CO, 238709.19 - 238712.06
  • Chief of Security, 238712.07 - 238808.31
    • Lieutenant, promoted 238712.07
  • Chief of Security and Second Officer, 238809.01 - 239004.28
    • Lt. Commander, promoted 238809.01
Deep Space 10, 2390 - 2391
  • Criminal Investigator, 239004.29 - 239104.03
    • Lt. Commander
USS Garuda, 2391-2392
  • Command Advocate, 239104.04 - 239112.10
    • Lt. Commander
  • First Officer, 239112.11 - 239204.12
Menthar Corridor & Astrofori One, 2392 - Present
Icons other.png
  • Adjutant to the Region & Starfleet Mission Commander, 239204.13 - Present
    • Lt. Commander
    • Commander, promoted 239302

Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
  • Silver Star, 2391
In recognition of the crew of the USS Garuda's actions during the terrorist attack by the Maquis Reborn on Deep Space 10.
  • Distinguished Service Ribbon, 2392
In recognition of actions against the Kindred infestation in the arboretum of the USS Garuda.
  • Explorer's Ribbon, 2392
In recognition of the crew of the USS Garuda's survey of the Genesis Cloud and the discovery of the Kindred that resided within.
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, 2392
  • Prisoner of War Ribbon, 2392
After being captured on the Peppalexan homeworld.
  • First Contact Ribbon, 2392
In recognition of USS Garuda's first contact with the Peppalexans.
  • Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon, 2392
In recognition of USS Garuda's efforts to minimize the temporal damage caused by Peppalexa's reappearance and prevent its destruction by temporal fragments.
  • Prometheus Ribbon, 2392
In recognition of USS Garuda's participation in Phase 1 of the Prometheus Incident campaign.


Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
  • The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA), 2391


  • Height: 196 cm (6'5")
  • Weight: 107 kilos (235 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown


Bakari is a man who, after his time spent during the Vaadwaur Occupation, has little patience for being anything less than direct. He once told his friend Ayelet Kadosh that "patience is a virtue, and I harbor few of those these days." This directness can come off as aggressive, but he is fair in his treatment of others and fiercely protective of those under his command, especially his fellow Federation resistance comrades.

Personal Life

Friends and Notable Colleagues

USS Tempest

Vaadwaur-occupied Deep Space 17

See also: Members of the Federation Resistance during the Vaadwaur Occupation

KADOSH: What? No welcoming committee?

BAKARI: That's only for VIPs. You know? People that matter.

KADOSH: You're such a bastard.

BAKARI: Welcome home.

Bakari greets Ayelet Kadosh when her ship, the USS Independence-A, docks at DS17.
"The Many Causes of Tears" - SD 238803.07
Kadosh met Bakari during the Vaadwaur Occupation. Then an ensign, she had stayed with a wing of medical staff to care for the station during the attack while most of the remaining medical personnel had evacuated. She was one of only two medical staff members who survived the initial capture of Deep Space 17 by the Vaadwaur. Mistreated and forced to serve the Vaadwaur by taking care of the Federation prisoners with barely any supplies, Kadosh eventually broke free and was taken in by Bakari's resistance group.
After Operation Bright Star and the liberation of DS17 on 238709.11, she and Bakari remained close friends. She briefly served as the station's acting chief medical officer during its reconstruction and then went on to serve aboard the USS Independence-A until its destruction in the mirror universe in late 2388. Afterward, she returned to Earth, where she left Starfleet and took on a teaching position at the university hospital in Tel Aviv.
Though Bakari would consider himself strongly protective of the other survivors, Kadosh often worried about him in the aftermath of the Occupation in the way that an older sister might worry about a younger and troubled sibling. Their friendship was severely strained at one point when the Independence's engineering staff suspected that a saboteur among DS17's staff had been causing damage to the ship. Fortunately, the two made up, and she remains perhaps the only person who does not feel intimidated by him to call him out on his behavior. Indeed, by the time she had left Starfleet, it seemed her influence had done much to soften Bakari's temperament.
  • Jennifer Brockton: A human marine who became part of the insurgency during the Vaadwaur occupation.
Stationed to the marine detachment of DS17 since 2382, Brockton became Bakari's second in command during the Occupation following the death of his fellow Starfleet security officer Ensign Levo on SD 238707.24. She served with distinction during her time in the insurgency, and together, they freed additional Federation prisoners and stalled the Vaadwaur's plans to repurpose the station.
Unfortunately, Brockton's partner and former fellow marine Radi Rais was being used by the Vaadwaur to hunt down the insurgency. Rais eventually found the insurgent's hideout on SD 238709.01 and killed Brockton, who had stayed behind with another marine to allow for the others to escape. For her self-sacrifice, Brockton was nominated for the Medal of Honor by Bakari and was subsequently awarded the Federation's highest decoration on SD 238812.13.
  • Sian Douglas: A human marine who also became part of the insurgency during the Vaadwaur occupation.
After DS17's liberation through Operation Bright Star, Douglas was promoted to Lance Corporal, although she lost one of her legs and now relies on a prosthetic, though she doesn't let it slow her down.
Rais had been a former marine squad leader on DS17 before his capture during the Second Battle of Eratis in which DS17 fell to the Vaadwaur. The Vaadwaur subsequently subjected Rais to intense chemical brainwashing, and he emerged as a loyal soldier who was used as another weapon of the Vaadwaur Occupation Force with his telepathic abilities to hunt down and kill his former comrades, including his partner Jennifer Brockton. Following his liberation after Operation Bright Star, he had difficulty adjusting back to the daily routine of duty. He eventually checked himself into a pyschiatric hospital shortly before he died on SD 238807.14 of mysterious circumstances.

Post-Occupation Deep Space 17

BAKARI: What I meant, T, is that the Zakdorn are known for being particularly proud—actually downright arrogant. And you’re not exactly the most…

CORE: Easiest person to get along with at first?

BAKARI: Hmmmph, that’s an understatement. In fact, I never told you this, T, but it wasn’t until the third round of drinks at Molly Malone's that I decided you weren’t such an @$%#&%$ after all.

CORE: Really? You came to that conclusion by the third round? I’m hurt.

Bakari offers some advice to Core as the latter heads off to Deep Space 6 and the USS Vigilant-A.
"Ship and Shirt" - SD 239104.13
Core came to DS17 after nearly a year spent on medical leave following an engineering accident aboard the USS Pioneer in 2387. A bit stubborn and set in his ways, he was greatly affected by the loss of his telepathic abilities following the accident, and he was slow to open up to his new colleagues when he returned to active duty. Indeed, he and Bakari initially butted heads a few times, but eventually the two became good friends by 2389, appreciating each other's perseverance and work ethic following their respective personal turmoils.
Sanchez had been assigned to DS17 before the Vaadwaur Occupation but managed to escape the station before it fell to the Vaadwaur. Following Operation Bright Star, Sanchez returned to DS17, now tasked with repairing and rebuilding the station. Bakari held Sanchez and her fellow DS17 engineers in high regard--so much so that he was offended by the accusations by some officers of the USS Independence-A who alleged that foul play on the part of DS17 had been the underlying cause of various issues that ship faced while out in the Ithassa Region. Sanchez and Tristam Core's frequent bickering was a staple of DS17 staff meetings, with Bakari often having to step in and break things up. Thus, Bakari was just as surprised as everyone else when the two began a brief relationship in 2390.

USS Mercury and USS Garuda

Traveling as fellow passengers aboard the transport vessel, Ivanova and Bakari quickly caught each other's eyes, but fortunately/unfortunately, they discovered they were going to be future departmental colleagues aboard the Mercury, which promptly brought their evening to a close.
Bakari met Maravosh when most of the Garuda’s crew were transported by the Kubarey to a remote island continent on Rho Aurigae IV during a botched first contact mission. He appreciated the spirited woman's help in keeping the peace when tensions began to flare between some of the officers after the merging of the Mercury and Garuda crews.
A former officer of fleet administration and before that an engineer and starship designer, Egan Manno seemed just as bewildered as Bakari as to how a possible murder could have occurred aboard the Mercury. Nonetheless, the pragmatic captain has supported Bakari's investigation and after his continued assignment to the case was in question following the disappearance of the Mercury itself, she assigned him as her command advocate, both to continue his work and to also keep her appraised of the situation among her own crew as well as that beyond the Garuda. Thus, he serves now as a liaison between the command staff and the crew and between Starfleet and the Garuda.
Well, Bakari always did have a thing for nurses...

Early Life and Career

Msafiri Bakari was born on 236001.17 in Colony 1 of the Martian colonies. He attended Starfleet Academy in 2378 before receiving his first assignment to the USS Tempest in 2382 as a security officer. He was then assigned to Deep Space 17 in 2385.

Deep Space 17

Deep Space 17

Bakari was still a low ranking security officer when the Vaadwaur captured the station in 2387. After the attack and occupation of the station, then-Lieutenant Junior Grade Bakari became the senior officer on the station, a "promotion" that involved witnessing many of his superior officers--his teachers, mentors, and friends--killed or worse. Along with a handful of other surviving Federation personnel, Bakari hid and planned an insurgency. Week by week, they did their best to stall the Vaadwaur's progress, but they were outnumbered and outmatched.

Among those whom he saved was Ayelet Kadosh, a nurse who would become a close friend of his. He promised the survivors that they would not be abandoned, but two months into the occupation, he confided to Kadosh one night that he felt Starfleet had abandoned them all to face death alone.

Post-Vaadwaur Occupation

They don't understand what we've been through. They don't belong here, and they certainly don't deserve to become our new senior staff.

Bakari speaking to Ayelet Kadosh, regarding the crew of the USS Independence-A, SD 238711.02

After Starfleet retook Deep Space 17 through Operation Bright Star, Bakari was named acting station commanding officer, and most of the DS17 survivors slowly became reacquainted with how things worked again in an ordered Starfleet. Kadosh noticed, however, that Bakari seemed increasingly agitated as that sense of order was rebuilt on the station. That agitation had been building up especially after word had quickly spread throughout the station that the senior staff of the docked USS Independence-A was to take over most of the station's leadership positions.

Msafiri Bakari

Bakari briefly clashed with Marine Captain Alexandria Somers and her marines from the Independence on SD 238711.18 as the two faced a civilian demonstration against the presence of the remaining Vaadwaur on the station. The crowd on the station's promenade were quickly swept into a riot that required a response from the combined efforts of station security and the Independence marines. During this situation, Bakari took note of the attention Somers paid to his concerns regarding the use of an aggressive stance towards the protesters, most of whom, like Bakari and his security staff, were survivors from the Vaadwaur occupation.

Shortly afterwards, a promotion and commendations for Bakari were finally approved after Starfleet had finished the processing of personnel records from Operation Bright Star. He was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant in recognition of his actions during the Vaadwaur occupation and subsequent leadership of the station's crew in the aftermath. Although offered the chance to become part of the station's command staff as DS17's second officer, Bakari initially declined, choosing to remain among his Starfleet security brethren as the station's chief of security.

On 238809.01, nearly one year after the end of the Vaadwaur Occuption, Bakari was again offered the position of second officer with a promotion to lieutenant commander. He accepted with the condition that he remain chief of security.

In late 2388, months after Bakari had sent in the nominations, he and the surviving Federation resistance members were invited to attend a ceremony in Paris, Earth, where the Federation President was to award the late Staff Sergeant Jennifer Brockton and Corporal Tashaun James with the Medal of Honor.

Notable SIMs

Menthar Corridor

In 2390, Bakari was reassigned to the USS Mercury and Deep Space 10 as part of Starfleet Security's Criminal Investigative Division.

Notable SIM

  • "Reinvention" - SD 239004.29 (Bakari moves on to a new role and a new home.)

Donning the Red Collar

During the evacuation of the Mercury’s lower sensor module in late 2390, Professor J. Cowens went missing and presumed dead based on biosignal recordings. Bakari was subsequently tasked with investigating the professor's disappearance/death. The investigation was complicated by both the Kubarey attack on the USS Garuda, Mercury’s replacement, and by the disappearance of the Mercury itself when its tow was caught in an ion storm on the way back to Federation territory. To allow him to remain aboard the Garuda and continue his investigation, Captain Cassandra Egan Manno subsequently assigned Bakari as her command advocate on SD 239104.04, which meant Bakari finally had to put on the dreaded red shirt he had been avoiding for so long in the aftermath of the Vaadwaur Occupation and Operation Bright Star.

Upon Nia Calderan's promotion to commander on SD 239112.11 and reassignment as a Federation Ambassador, Captain Egan Manno requested that Bakari take on the role of first officer of the USS Garuda.

On SD 239204.13, both Egan Manno and Bakari were reassigned to Astrofori One.

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