Salak's Quarters (DS17)

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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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Deck 21. Despite first arriving at DS17 in 2381, Salak has always prefered to reside on board the USS Wallace. Due to this preference, the quarters assigned to him on Deep Space 17 went unused until his quarters on Wallace were bombed by Crewman Henderson in mid-2382.

At the time Salak was initially forced to take up residence, the room was very sparsely decorated, with little more than a bed for furbishment. However, Salak returned from a trip to Andoria with replacement furnishings for both his station quarters and thier counterpart upon Wallace.

Salak's quarters are in the same corridor as those of Station technician Henry Tulane

Living Area

Dominated by a wall of windows which look out into space, the main living area is dimly lit. Lighting comes from wall lights, which have been tinted violet, and from candles. There is a rug near the doorway which is coloured similarly to the wall lighting

The main doors are opposite the windows, and are situated next to a relatively large wall mounted monitor, which is used for communications with family on Andoria and for work regarding the Wallace. Salak also has a second monitor on his desk, next to a charcoal portrait of himself sketched by Jankev Kolari