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After a long period of relative inactivity, Deep Space 17 was reactivated in 2381. The crew of the USS Wallace were permanently assigned to DS17 as a joint assignment for the first two years.

In late 2383, the starbase was nearly destroyed by an invasion fleet launched by the Gorn Confederacy and took massive damage to its external and internal structure. The crew of the late USS Independence took up residence at the station between ship assignments until the end of 2383, beginning of 2384 to help aid in the repair of the station, along with help from both the crews of the USS Triumphant and USS Ursa Major.

Since then a permanent crew has slowly been assigned to the station and have taken over the repairs and operation of it. That crew numbers about 5,000.

Previous Personnel Assigned

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A human security officer who was the highest ranking survivor of the Vaadwaur Occupation. Briefly served as Acting CO before assuming duties as Chief of Security and later Second Officer.
A Rodulan operations officer assigned to DS17 after the Vaadwaur Occupation to help in the station's rebuilding.
A human engineering officer who grew up on Andoria.
A Betazoid marine who was captured and exploited by the Vaadwaur.
A human marine later awarded the Medal of Honor for her actions and sacrifice during the Vaadwaur Occupation.
A human marine.
A human nurse who later served briefly as Acting Chief Medical Officer.