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Ayelet Kadosh
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Kadosh: "Hello, I'm Nurse Kadosh; welcome to sickbay. May I help you?"
Zeet: ::apprehensively:: "You're not going to kiss me, are you?"
–Ayelet Kadosh and Zeet Tidari's first meeting, SD 238803.07
Ayelet Kadosh

Ayelet Kadosh is a human nurse on Earth and a survivor of the Vaadwaur occupation of Deep Space 17 in 2387.

Ayelet was born on SD 235308.18 in Haifa, Earth. The only daughter of Ezra and Miriam Kadosh, she grew up with three brothers, two of whom later attended Starfleet Academy. Ayelet herself attended Tel Aviv University and worked as a nurse for several years before she joined the service at the age of 31 through Starfleet's Officer Candidate School program. She was assigned to DS17 in 2385.

During the Vaadwaur occupation of the station in 2387, Ayelet was a part of the Federation resistance led by Msafiri Bakari. Following the station's recapture by Starfleet, she briefly served as its acting chief medical officer. She went on to serve aboard the USS Independence-A until its destruction in the mirror universe in late 2388. Afterward, she returned to Earth, where she left Starfleet and took on a teaching position at the University Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Stats & Service Record


Full Name Ayelet Kadosh
Hebrew איילת קדוש
Pronunciation Eye-yell-at Ka-dohsh
Nickname Called "Doc" by her fellow DS17 survivors
Species Human
Date of Birth 235308.18
Age 45
Place of Birth Haifa, Earth
Gender Female


Bachelor of Arts in Nursing with a Minor in Psychology 2377, Tel Aviv University

Starfleet Career

Training Facility Starfleet Academy Officer Candidate School
Starbase 19 Annex, 2384-2385
Commissioned 2384
Resigned 238812.13
Final Rank Lieutenant JG
Final Assignment Nurse, USS Independence-A
Service Record
Deep Space 17, 2385 - 2387
  • Nurse, 2385 - 2387
    • Ensign
  • Acting Chief Medical Officer, 238709.19 - 238712.06
    • Lieutenant JG, promoted 238709.19
USS Independence-A, 2387 - 2388
  • Nurse, 238712.07 - 238811.16
    • Lieutenant JG


  • Height: 167 cm (5'6")
  • Weight: 64 kilos (141 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown/Almost Black
  • Eye Color: Brown


Ayelet is a confident woman who speaks with a slight Hebrew accent, though it becomes a bit more pronounced when she is excited. Despite the hardships she endured during the Vaadwaur occupation, she remains resilient and upbeat. She prides herself on her composure, dignity, and professionalism, and during the occupation, her fellow insurgents called her their shining light in those darkest of hours. Maintaining these traits are especially important to her because she had promised her friend Jennifer Brockton that she would always stay the strong person that Jennifer knew her as. Jennifer herself did not survive to see Starfleet's liberation of the station. Although Ayelet was promoted for her actions during the occupation, she does not like to discuss what happened.

Personal Life


  • Significant Other:
  • Zeet Tidari (Ayelet's husband): a Starfleet Marine medic and pilot
  • Children: None
  • Parents
  • Father: Ezra Kadosh (born 2321)
  • Mother: Miriam Kadosh (born 2324)
  • Siblings: 3 brothers
  • Tamir Kadosh (older brother, twin of Eitan, born 2351): A former Starfleet helmsman/pilot who now works as a helmsman for a starliner.
  • Eitan Kadosh (older brother, twin of Tamir, born 2351): A Starfleet Marine officer, his wife (along with Ayelet's niece and nephews) live on the Martian colonies.
When Ayelet was listed as MIA after the capture of DS17 by the Vaadwaur, Eitan's relationship with their mother was strained as she was upset that Ayelet had followed Tamir and Eitan's footsteps into the service.
  • Rafael "Rafi" Kadosh (younger brother, born 2359): A skilled guitarist, he tried to teach his sister how to play the drums. He remains on Earth as an assistant professor of literature.

Friends and Notable Colleagues

Early Life

  • Nadira: One of Ayelet's childhood friends, Nadira is a few years senior of Ayelet. Having grown up with three brothers, Ayelet viewed Nadira as the older sister she never had.
  • Rhin Coterel: An ex-boyfriend from Ayelet's pre-Starfleet days, Coterel is a nice man, but he's almost too nice. Their relationship ended when Ayelet joined Starfleet in 2384. After their break up, he dated several other women and was promoted to chief architect at his firm, but when Ayelet returned to Earth in late 2388, he revealed that he still had feelings for her and had become more "exciting" since she last knew him. While he may not have won over Ayelet herself just yet, her mother Miriam supports the two of them rekindling their relationship.

Deep Space 17

See also: Federation Resistance on DS17

  • Msafiri Bakari: A human security officer and the highest ranking survivor of the DS17 occupation.
Though Msafiri would consider himself strongly protective of the other survivors, Ayelet often worries about him in the way that an older sister might worry about a younger and troubled sibling. Ayelet hadn't known Msafiri, a low ranking security officer, before the Vaadwaur Occupation, but she soon saw how protective he had become over the survivors who remained on the station. For a lieutenant junior grade like Msafiri to become the senior officer on the station meant that he had witnessed many of his superior officers--his teachers, mentors, and friends--killed or worse. He promised those whom he saved that they would not be abandoned, but towards the end of the occupation, he confided to Ayelet one night that he felt Starfleet had abandoned them all to face death alone.
After Operation Bright Star and the liberation of DS17, she and Msafiri remained close friends. While the other DS17 survivors slowly became reacquainted with how things worked again in an ordered Starfleet, Ayelet noticed that Msafiri seemed increasingly agitated as that sense of order was rebuilt on the station. That agitation had been building up especially after word had quickly spread throughout the station that the senior staff of the docked USS Independence-A was to take over most of the station's leadership positions temporarily.
  • Radi Rais: A human marine who was captured by the Vaadwaur.
Radi and Ayelet met during the Second Battle of Eratis and the fall of Deep Space 17 to the Vaadwaur. Radi had been critically wounded during the battle and was being treated by Ayelet and a few other medical personnel who refused to abandon their posts and evacuate with the other medical personnel. The Vaadwaur soon stormed the medical wing and killed the doctors and staff, leaving only Ayelet and a medic. Radi and Ayelet began to form a bond over their mutual imprisonment. That bond didn't last, unfortunately, once the Vaadwaur subjected Radi to their brainwashing. He emerged as a loyal soldier of the Vaadwaur Occupation Force.
  • Jennifer Brockton: A human marine who became part of the insurgency during the Vaadwaur occupation.
They had met once previously, but it was only in the dark times of the occupation that the two became good friends. Jennifer confided in Ayelet that she didn’t believe Radi, the man she had loved, could be saved. Sadly, Radi killed Jennifer later during the occupation and eventually himself after he was liberated from the Vaadwaur. For her self-sacrifice to save the rest of the insurgency, Jennifer was nominated for the Medal of Honor by Msafiri.
  • Sian Douglas: A human marine who also became part of the insurgency during the Vaadwaur occupation.
After DS17's liberation through Operation Bright Star, Douglas was promoted to Lance Corporal, although she lost one of her legs and now relies on a prosthetic, though she doesn't let it slow her down.

USS Independence-A

See also: Independence-A Medical Department

Ayelet's initial reaction to meeting Sergeant Zeet was an allergic one, literally. Though she was quite embarrassed by that introduction, she was able to get to know the friendly Caitian after she had an unhappy reunion with an old friend from the station. With the assistance of medication to control her allergies, she worked frequently with the marine, whom she dubbed "Sir Zeet, the Barefooted Knight," for his (sometimes) knightly behavior. The two developed a vibrant—and somewhat flirtatious—professional and personal relationship aboard the Independence, and the two wed in 2393.
  • Rick Rawden: A human engineer who worked his way from enlisted to ensign.
Together with Zeet and Gypsy Hawker, he was inducted into the "Royal Court of the Officers" by Ayelet during a night of revelry. She dubbed him "Master Rawden, Sorcerer of Gadgets and Tinkertots."
  • Gypsy Hawker: Rawden's girlfriend and sister of the late FTU pirate Avro 'Oddball' Hawker.
She was dubbed "Lady Hawker, Countess of Men and Wine." In late 2388, she became engaged to Rawden in Paris.

Deep Space 17

Ensign Ayelet Kadosh, 2385
Deep Space 17

Ayelet was assigned to Deep Space 17's medical department in 2385. Upon arrival, she was greeted by Gunnery Sergeant Radi Rais and Staff Sergeant Jennifer Brockton. The first two years of her life aboard the station were mostly routine, although she did live through the Grendellai and Ixvapyan bombings in 2386.

Vaadwaur Occupation

On SD 238706.08, DS17 was attacked by the Vaadwaur in the Second Battle of Eratis. While most of the station's medical personnel had evacuated before the heavy fighting, Ayelet and a few other medical staff stayed behind to treat the wounded during the battle. By SD 238706.16, Starfleet forces were in retreat, and the station had fallen to enemy hands. The medical wing Ayelet was working in was quickly overwhelmed by Vaadwaur, and the other doctors and nurses were slaughtered. Ayelet and a few others were kept alive to take care of the remaining captured Federation personnel. The Vaadwaur Occupation had begun.

One of the patients Ayelet took care of was Radi Rais. During the early days of the occupation, the two bonded over their mutual imprisonment, but Radi was then taken away to be subjected to the chemical brainwashing developed by the Vaadwaur scientist Marari and employed sadistically by the Vaadwaur leader Sedrin. Radi soon emerged as a loyal soldier for his captors.

On SD 238707.29, Ayelet was rescued by Msafiri Bakari. Msafiri took her back to his holdout where she was reunited with Jennifer Brockton. Msafiri, Jennifer, and a handful of Federation personnel who had evaded capture had been conducting an insurgency against the Vaadwaur since the occupation began. Week by week, the Federation resistance did their best to stall the Vaadwaur's progress to regain complete control of the station, but they were outnumbered and outmatched. Ultimately, many of the insurgents, including Jennifer, did not survive to see Starfleet retake the station on SD 238709.19 after Operation Bright Star.


Following the recapture of DS17, Ayelet was promoted from ensign to lieutenant junior grade on SD 238709.19 in recognition of her service to her fellow officers during the station's occupation. As acting chief medical officer of DS17, she worked with Independence CMO Doctor Tenzin Zhou to handle medical duties on the station, which included providing medical care during a violent protest held in response to the remaining Vaadwaur on the station.

Before the Independence departed DS17 ahead of schedule to address an emergency around SD 238711, Ayelet requested a temporary transfer to the ship's medical department to get away from DS17 and the associated bad memories. Her request was subsequently approved by both Captain Sidney Riley and Doctor Zhou.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Uninvited Guests" - SD 238711.02 (Ayelet prevents her friend Msafiri Bakari from hurting an innocent tube grub mascot.)
  • "Prizes of the Vaadwaur" - SD 238711.27 (During a violent protest on the station's promenade, Ayelet has a flashback to the Vaadwaur Occcupation.)
  • "Escape" - SD 238712.07 (Ayelet decides she needs to get away from DS17, if only for a little while.)

USS Independence-A

A Pirate's Life

Ayelet didn't have much time to enjoy her new home as she was soon abducted along with two other medical staff by the Free Trade Union while the Independence was stalled by spatial distortions while en route to the Wheeler Colony to investigate drug trafficking. After being transferred from one pirate ship to another, Ayelet managed to escape, along with Captain Riley and other captured crew members, thanks to the assistance (and subsequent ultimate sacrifice) of FTU pirate Avro 'Oddball' Hawker.

When the Independence returned to DS17 thereafter, Ayelet was introduced to Zeet Tidari, a marine medic and pilot, on SD 238803.07. She also reunited with her fellow Vaadwaur occupation survivor Msafiri Bakari, but Msafiri's animosity towards the Independence crew, stemming from the latter's accusations of sabotage by someone on DS17, created new friction between Msafiri and Ayelet, which they eventually overcame.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Up, up, and away!" - SD 238802.24 (Well, that's one way to get out of a messy situation.)
  • "Oh, eww. ... ewww...!" - SD 238803.07 (In this SIM by Zeet Tidari, the Caitian medic/pilot meets the human nurse.)
  • "The Many Causes of Tears" - SD 238803.07 (What begins as a warm reunion between close friends turns sour.)
  • "Crossing Paths" - SD 238803.08 (While one friendship goes through a trying time, another is born in the corridors of the Independence.)

Bilire VI

Lt.JG Ayelet Kadosh and Sergeant Zeet Tidari approach the flooded arboretum on Bilire VI, Stardate 238805.24

During the Independence's next mission to Bilire VI to assist a Romulan refugee colony, Ayelet found herself and other Starfleet away team members the target of mistrust by the colonists as the settlement experienced an unknown plague known only as the Wrath. These tensions later erupted into a riot at the colony's hospital, but the away team was quickly beamed away before anyone was hurt.

Scarlet Brotherhood

While the Independence was docked at DS17, Ayelet sponsored her friend Zeet in a shepherd's pie eating contest held by the Molly Malone's Irish pub. Shore leave, however, was cut short when Starfleet ordered the Independence to track down thieves who stole an artifact from the Bajoran Central Archives. As the ship headed for the Aurona Sector, agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood sabotaged the ship's warp engines, attempted to assassinate Captain Riley, and briefly captured main sickbay. Eventually, it was discovered that these particular Brotherhood agents were actually from the Mirror Universe.

Ultimately, the Independence itself was destroyed during the mission, but most of the crew survived the journey back to the prime universe, including Ayelet with the help of her mirror counterpart.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Today Is A Good Day To Pie..." - SD 238808.11 (In this SIM by Zeet Tidari, Msafiri steps in and saves Kadosh's Caitian friend from a demise by pies.)
  • "Burnout" - SD 238808.25 (After the engineers save the day, everything finally falls apart for Ayelet.)
  • "The Stars Aligned" - SD 238809.28 (In the Mirror Universe, a woman also named Ayelet finds her way to the Independence.)
  • "Brutality" - SD 238809.30 (Though Msafiri is often said to have been the one to brutally kill a Vaadwaur guard when he rescued Ayelet, we discover that's not quite accurate.)
  • "Above Us, Only Sky" - SD 238811.10 (The evacuation of the Independence doesn't go as planned.)


While many of the Independence crew were transferred to the newly commissioned USS Tiger-A, Ayelet returned to DS17 as an unassigned officer. She was invited along with her fellow Federation resistance members to attend a ceremony in Paris, Earth, where the Federation President was to award the late Staff Sergeant Brockton and Corporal James with the Medal of Honor.

While on Earth, she visited her family and friends in Haifa and received a request from her former professor Dr. Mahmoud Siddiqui to teach at the university hospital in Tel Aviv. After the Medal of Honor ceremony on SD 238812.13, Ayelet remained on Earth, having decided to leave Starfleet. To her surprise, Zeet subsequently chose to seek an assignment on Earth Spacedock so that the two could remain close to one another.

In late 2391, Ayelet excitedly told her friend Msafiri that she and Zeet were engaged to be married, although the two had yet to set a date for the wedding. Zeet and Ayelet subsequently were married in 2393.

Additional Information

Ayelet Kadosh is a retired PNPC created by the writer for Tenzin Zhou/Charles Sampi.

Authors Note

Ayelet eventually become my primary PNPC for much of 2011 and one of my favorite characters to sim. Ironically, she was meant to be only a minor side character for a mission-specific PNPC, namely Msafiri Bakari. However, as often shown in simming, the best laid plans had best be flexible.

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