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USS Thor
Ben Garcia 2.png
Ben Garcia
Position Second Officer/HCO
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237105.11
Age 29
Birthplace Manchester, England
Writer ID G239102MR0
Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
Badge 2.png
25th Anniversary
Badge 1.png

Ben Garcia is currently serving as Second Officer/HCO on the USS Thor.


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 161 lbs.
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Average
  • Handedness: Left


Father: Thomas Garcia (Director - Commercial Operations)

Mother: Samantha Garcia (Property Manager)

Siblings: Rachel Garcia (Sister) Henry Garcia (Brother)

Background/Personality/Career History

Ben was a solid student - decent enough grades, a good circle of mates and he kept up semi-regular practice at the tennis club. Looking at Ben, you’d have thought he’d have gone down the University route, or (more likely) taken up a job at either of his parents’ companies, especially as Ben had spent most school holidays helping out his folks around the office. His mum managed properties and community developments for an inter-planetary company, and his dad was pretty high up in the logistics world. If asked, Ben would probably say his interest in HCO – especially the operations and communications side – came from the days he spent helping his folks out at work during the holidays; indeed, Ben’s favourite thing in those years was to try and find a work around or solution before his folks did. As a teenager, Ben began to take on mini-projects. One summer, Ben helped plan the logistics for delivering paints, light fittings and electricals to a portfolio of properties that were undergoing a renovation, developing Ben’s resource management and deployment skills. As part of this project, Ben got to pilot one of the shuttles (under supervision) and oversee the cargo exchange. In the penultimate summer before Ben graduated school, Ben even landed a fixed-term, paid internship through the company’s apprenticeship scheme (though Ben never felt he really earned it, what with his blatant family connections to the company). It was the experience of piloting a maintenance shuttle, in the last week of his internship, which opened Ben’s eyes to the art of navigation!

Graduating from college with a respectable transcript of As and Bs, and plenty of work experience, Ben applied for a full apprenticeship at his mother’s company (STG Communities and Property). It was during the first year of Ben’s apprenticeship that the ‘Lunar Lake’ community development (one of several complexes owned by STG Communities and Property) was struck by an environmental disaster – or ‘error’ as the company referred to it. A non-disclosure agreement (signed as part of Ben’s early release deal from his apprenticeship) meant Ben would never be allowed to discuss the specifics of the ‘error’ that terminated the ‘Lunar Lake’ community complex. During the emergency, Ben was assigned to shadow the Relief Task Force in charge of Aid, Relief and Repair (RT-ARR), and (as part of the apprenticeship) given responsibility for organising relief efforts for clothing and toiletries. Although it was not a priority category, it was a demanding task: Ben worked as part of a team of just three apprentices to source the specified relief items and plan their distribution – this meant sourcing a shuttle, a crew and planning the flight path. Although ‘Lunar Lake’ was a tragedy, Ben felt useful and needed during this time; he felt that he had made a difference to people. Finally, Ben acknowledged what he had sort of suspected, that the apprenticeship, the corporate life - the 9-5 - was not who he was, it never had been.

Ben had never thought about Star Fleet – it was for ‘Star Fleet’ families, Doctors, Scientists or Hot Shot Pilots. Fortunately, Ben’s best friend (Troy) had signed up for a Star Fleet recruitment event, and Ben, disillusioned with the apprenticeship, tagged along. Listening to the Lieutenant describe their experiences and the Star Fleet ideals that motivated him daily to discharge his duties inspired Ben. So, Troy and Ben attended a further recruitment event which aimed to explain more about the available duty posts and specialisms. On the night, by fluke, Ben heard an Ensign speak about their role as an HCO officer. As the Ensign spoke, Ben felt an affinity with the HCO role; the duty post folded together Ben’s passion for comms, operations management and even his more recent penchant for shuttle nav. More importantly, Ben felt Star Fleet was his next chapter, his chance to feed his passions and work towards something bigger and more important than himself than he ever had done before – or perhaps ever would.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239602.19 Graduated Starfleet Academy HCO Officer
Ensign 239602.20-239605.01 Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor HCO Officer
Lieutenant JG 239605.02-239609.18 Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor HCO Officer
Lieutenant 239609.19-239704.18 Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor Second Officer/Chief HCO
Lieutenant 239704.19-239706.07 USS Thor Second Officer/Chief HCO
Lieutenant Commander 239706.08-Present USS Thor Second Officer/ Chief HCO

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Laudean Commendation.png
Laudean Commendation 239606.27
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor
The Laudean Commendation is awarded to Ben Garcia achievements in exploration with new lifeforms. He has shown his creativity in the lives of the Laudean people who work within the Embassy and report back to the Laudean government. His species expansion (including physiological, psychological, cultural, social and more), and his creativity inspires his fellow simmers. This award, although named for the Laudeans, is rare to be awarded to an Embassy crewmember. Thank you for bringing it home, Garcia.
Awards General 1Year.jpg
1-year Member 239706.28
USS Thor
The 1-year Member award is a length of service award given to those who have been members continuously for one year.
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg
Pilot's Sextant 239706.30
USS Thor
Presented by Aron Kells: “Wes, who plays Ben García, is in the tricky but rewarding position of playing both the Thor's second officer and another duty post on top of that, in his case that of HCO (helm, communication, and operations). Both roles are very much open to interpretation, each perhaps more so than any other duty posts, and together? Well, let's just say that there are lots of possibilities! But Wes has taken a wholly fresh approach to García's duty posts, playing from strength to strength depending upon what the situation calls for. Need an away team leader? He can do that. Need an audit of the senior staff's crew quarters? He can do that. But this award recognizes the strongest helm officer of the year, and so I want to particularly laud Wes for the way he tackles that particular challenge.

Helm is a notoriously difficult post to play well since helm's role in the story often boils down to pointing the ship and pressing the warp buttons. Wes, however, allows García to seamlessly meld his command experience with his piloting skills, as most recently evidenced by his recent turn as an away team commander and ace mission pilot for the Thor's first independent mission. However, I also have to draw attention to his excellent work in simming the Thor's final departure from Duronis II following the completion of the embassy's mission. Great work all around, Wes!”

Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239602.19
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239605.02
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor
Awarded to an individual who distinguishes him or herself by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg
Romulan Campaign Medal 239609.19
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor
Awarded to a person who participates in a conflict against the Romulans.
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg
Romulan Campaign Medal 239706.08
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor
For work and efforts to hinder the plans of the Tal Shiar to harvest protomatter.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239706.08
USS Thor
In recognition of efforts in the exploration of the lost Federation colony - Vel Maijan.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239706.08
USS Thor
In recognition of efforts in unexpected first contact with the native species of Vel Maijan, the Azcou.


SIM Archive

All Sims.

  • Current sims - Ben's complete archive (including all secondary characters).

Red Star (239605 - Present) - Mission Reports.

  • Mission Report 2 - Missing cruise ship Red Star found near Romulan border!
  • Mission Report 1 - The crew of the Embassy to investigate rumours near the Typhon Expanse!

Red Star (239605 - Present) - Notable Sims.

  • Basic duties - (239610.24 | Ben has his first meeting as Second Officer.)
  • Bring the curry - (239609.30 | Ben dares Quen and Lovar to a spice eating contest!)
  • Take your seats - (239609.20 | Ben is promoted to Lieutenant and Second Officer)
  • Style it out - (239609.15 | Ben gets ready for the Embassy Ball!)
  • Near home - (239609.04 | Returning from Romulan space the QSSD experiences a failure.)
  • Smooth flight (23609.16 | Ben takes the Thor into Romulan space and switches the Thor's transponder to a Romulan ID.)
  • Recall - (239605.28 | Shore leave is cancelled.)
  • The Fish - (239605.28 | Ben has a medical.)
  • Lunch - (239605.26 | Ben has lunch with D'an and Kerr.)
  • Rip Tide - (239605.24 | Shore leave and Ben is saved from a rip tide by D'an's grandson, Kerr.)
  • Do No Disturb - (239605.19 | It's shore leave; Ben rests in the Embassy's VIP Quarters and meets Laudean D'an.)

Renegade Android (239602 - 239605) - Mission Reports.

  • Mission Report 2 - Embassy staff enjoy shore leave after final disposition of renegade Android.
  • Mission Report 1 - Embassy crew attempts to secure escaped Android, leading to its own demise.

Renegade Android (239602 - 239605) - Notable Sims.

  • Pips and Beans - (239605.02 | Ben is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.) [Simmed 239605.03]
  • Team A Home - (239604.25 | Ben pilots the team home - end of mission!)
  • Foreboding - (239603.23 | Ben quotes Shakespeare!)
  • Team A on the move - (239603.17 | Ben pilots Admiral Turner's shuttle and meets Crewman Willets.)
  • We'll get her home - (239603.05 | A rogue android destroys a freighter ship, Garcia tows the Thunder home.)
  • Chocks Clear - (239602.21 | Ben takes the helm of USS Thor for the first time.)
  • Awaiting Assignment - (239602.20 | Just graduated, Ben awaits his first assignment.)

Ben's Backstory.

  • Behind every manoeuvre is a mind - (239303.03 | Ben recalls Professor O’Conner’s introductory lecture on the oversubscribed “Flight Counsel” course.) [Simmed 239603.09]
  • Adrenaline Blues - (239203.27 | Ben recalls another of his cadet mistakes.) [Simmed 239609.07]
  • He hadn't - (239203.09 | Ben recalls a mistake as a cadet.) [Simmed 239608.18]
  • Adrenaline Blues - (239202.11 | Ben recalls his shortcomings as a pilot.) [Simmed 239609.07]
  • A Spare Part - (239201.01 | Ben recalls the first day his academy class met their instructor - High Priest Tusak.) [Simmed 239604.14]

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