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Major Dade Adarnis - "Collective"

((Borg Cube VI, Delta Quadrant ))

:: Boots slammed into the metal decking and Dade's hand gripped the phaser rifle tightly. Up ahead, Malachy legged it to the large archway, his rifle hanging on by the carabiner and that only. Hearts were drumming loudly and the sound of vacuum steps, the very loud thunder of death coming their way. Dade ran as fast as he could; they had to get off the Cube and they had to get off now.::

:: Lights were dim and the two Marines could barely see in front of their faces. Their lights had extinguished a few hours earlier and now was a race for their lives as the threat of assimilation came ever closer. As they ran through the archway, a forcefield initiated, sealing them from going back. Dade stopped, although he couldn't fathom why. He looked back, big mistake. Borg drones walking through the forcefield like cutting through butter with a chainsaw.::

Malachy: Come on, you bastard! MOVE!

:: He grabbed Dade's collar and dragged him on, running past regenerators filled with Borg. One by one they disconnected themselves and the menacing voice of the collective came booming all around them.::

Cube: We are the Borg; you are outnumbered. Surrender.

:: They continued, fatigue starting to set in. Dade gripped the rifle tighter in his hands. They couldn't mount an attack; two against a whole Cube was suicide at best, eternal service to the collective at worst. Their rendezvous point was coming up and if to highlight the point further the tactical display system initiated, bringing the monocle over Dade's right eye and labelling the point in bright red.::

Cube: We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours.

:: A couple of plasma grenades rolled down the metal corridor and into the pathway of the Borg, clunking against their feet. Dade's chest heaved as he ducked down behind the side of the doorway, Malachy on the other side. The explosion told them that the grenades had gone off. The continuing footsteps said they hadn't been effective. Malachy hit his chest hard.::

Malachy: =/\= Team A to Base! We need emergency beam out! =/\=

:: The comm. crackled in reply. He tried again. Dade looked around the corner and fired the phaser, two well aimed shots into the chests of pursuing drones. The phaser rifled clicked in response and he dropped it to the floor. Closing his eyes, he drew his reserve phaser from the holster strapped to his thigh. His eyes flew open and he aimed.::

Malachy: =/\= Team A to Base! Read us, goddamnit! =/\=

:: Crackle.::

:: Dade's heart sank. He was going to die on a Borg Cube. He was going to die by being assimilated. He swallowed.::

:: He was going to die.::