SIM:Adarnis - Radical Beginnings, Part One

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JP Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea/2nd Lt. Dade Adarnis - Radical Beginnings, Part 1

((USS Challenger))

::Parties were great; great for picking up women, playing darts, drinking games and good food but parties were especially good at escaping from. Dade made his way back up to the Challenger and after packing some moderate goods into a rucksack, not leaving behind a few `would be good' weapons, he made a makeshift home on the Fearless.::

::His big black boots kicked themselves up onto the console of the Fearless and the can of lager fizzed as it opened. Wonderful; a perfect start to his shore leave away from the Challenger and hopefully full of perilous adventures. The photograph of his destination was in the form of a holo-image on the dashboard of the cockpit; the caves on cha'Rihan. Of course it would take him a while to get there so a pit stop was Starbase 118 to get transport not registered to a Starfleet Diplomat geezer. Heath could be so inconsiderate of other's needs sometimes.::

::But that lager tasted good. The ship released itself from the Challenger's shuttlebay and was off like a shot into the distance, warping out of the way of everything and into the night's sky.::

((Starbase 118 Ops – Commercial District))

::Once the yacht was docked safely at the shipping port, Dade had a couple of more hours to kick back in one of the many bars and wait for one of the black market merchants to appear. Usually Ferengi, or Ferengi knew them or knew someone who was… you get the idea. Sat in a bar, Dade was finishing off or rather polishing off his third pint of something fruity but delightfully alcoholic. Exactly what he needed.::

:: After the disturbing evening in Archives with Tomal last night, and then the long, grueling day of overseeing renovations to the Historical and Archeological Archives Department today, T'Lea sought out her favorite refuge on base. It was far away from all the Starfleet types, far away from uniforms, regulations, codes, restrictions, and the flowery smells wafting off the upper decks that entertained the average civilian. Down in the bowels of the station is where she liked to play and relax. Down in what was known as the Dungeon, where only the shady characters lived and breathed. It was one of the safest places for criminals and like-minded folk to hang out, have a drink, and make deal.::

:: Mundok's bar.::

:: Security wasn't as tight down here, and the only rule Mundok had was – nobody dies in his bar. Of course, a few poor slobs had died three feet outside the bar's door step, but that wasn't his problem.::

:: Strolling in and wearing her civvies, T'Lea had her nose down in a data padd, checking over the new security systems that were scheduled to be installed in her department. The way she had the place wired-up would make Archives the second most secure spot on the entire station, and that's the way it needed to be to protect the priceless artifacts, ancient texts, and delicate sarcophagi entrusted to her. Okay, okay, maybe she really didn't care about all that stuff, but it was the perfect excuse to build an impenetrable fortress that would house her precious Icionian Artifact – at least until she figured out what it was, and how she could use it to blackmail the proper people for the location of her mother. Like Tomal had said, it was the key. He was right, though she cursed his name for being so.::

:: Luckily her new title as Historical and Archeological Specialist gave T'Lea the perfect pass to pursue her personal endeavor without suspicion, and without notice.::

:: Plopping herself down at the bar, T'Lea tucked the long hem of her black leather coat underneath, as she sat. Immediately a tall glass of Romulan Ale hit the counter in front of her, and she took a sip without looking up from her data padd. Mundok smiled at her. She was a regular, and she was one of the few patrons that he actually liked. Yeah, she was Starfleet, but she knew that that wasn't really who she was deep down inside -- and besides, she always paid her tab on time. He absolutely love that!::

:: Giving the woman her privacy, Mundok cruised on down to the other end of the bar where a man in a hat was just finishing his third glass of Andorian Harvest.::

Mundok: Another?

Dade: Belt it.

:: Mundok quickly popped the cork on a bottle and filled the man's glass as requested. Down at the other end of the bar, T'Lea's ears perked up. That voice. That annoying, smug, arrogant, and yet somehow arousing voice. She recognized it instantly. Lifting her head, for the first time since she'd arrived, T'Lea's eyes swiftly scanned the row of creepy characters seated at the bar. Her line of sight landed on a hat. A familiar hat. One that she would never admit that she bought with her own money, and for a guy.::

:: Dade.::

:: Tucking her data padd in the inside pocket of her coat, the Romu-Vulc got up and with one drink in her hand she approached him from a blind side. Tapping his shoulder and as he turned, she let loose her fist, which connected with his jaw, all-the-while careful not to spill a drop of her expensive beverage.::

T'Lea: Now that that's out of the way, what the hell are you doing here?

::Mundok was giving her a look, a warning look – no fighting in his bar! She ignored him and took the empty seat that had instantly cleared out at the sight of her sucker punch. Why did she hit him? Because she'd missed the last time she threw a bottle at him.::

::The fist had connected at such a lightning fast speed that the old wound, the break that'd plagued him before when he'd first run into the Challenger crew gave him more pain than the knuckles. He pressed his palm into it and pushed it back into place, rocking it back and forth a few times before shaking the sense back into his head.::

Adarnis: I don't have to bleedin' imagine what that was for. I'm guessin' you don't appreciate the taste of your own medicine then.

:: She sneered.::

::He knocked the rest of the Andorian Harvester back down the hatch.:: Adarnis: A 'good to see you' would've been a helluva lot nicer but no, you go the full hog. No half measures for you, aye?

T'Lea: Just returning the favor. ::blunt:: Why are you here?

:: She was sure it was because of her. Everything in the universe revolved around her.::

::He shrugged, picking up the Stetson that'd been knocked clean off his head.:: Adarnis: 'Cause I like this place. Sticky carpeting, stops people running around. Good beer that's cheap and nasty, hell it's not fit for consumption for it suits the appetite. ::he sat back down at the seat he'd been pushed from:: Anyway, I abided by your note. 'Don't bother looking me up' so I didn't. You're not the one I'm looking for this time. 'Tis a shame, I know.

:: Liar. Admittedly, she found his accent and lyrical speech confusing sometimes, but she could always spot a good phony. She leaned her elbow on the counter and took a nice long swig of her ale, buying time to size him up. Too bad she found him attractive and stimulating, (in an animalistic, primal sort of way), otherwise it would have been a lot easier just to give him the finger and walk away.::

T'Lea: Great. At least I know you DO obey me sometimes. ::Pause. Checking his reaction, None. Something was on his mind and it wasn't HER. Taking another sip:: All right. So, I'm not your target audience, then who is? ::gesturing to the crowded open tables:: Because down here in the Dungeon there are only three types of people, Mr. Adarnis – those looking to get laid in the holosuites upstairs, those looking for a place to hide from base security, and those looking to make an illegal trade or two. ::giving him a good hard scrutinizing stare like a cop:: What are you guilty of?

Adarnis: If you're playing the good 'Fleet Officer clear off. ::he ordered another:: Want one? As a thank you for the hat.

T'Lea: What hat.

:: She declined the offer and any knowledge of a hat, waving off Mundok from her glass.::

Mundok: T'Lea, your Ferengi is back from the Beta Quadrant. If you keep him waiting much longer he'll have you mentally undressed and likely doing a lot more than just sitting here.

:: She glanced toward the back of the bar. In a dark corner was a small creature with a big head and even bigger ears. The guy was all hands, but they had made a deal – an even trade: the Hairpin of Cheshlan, for the Guardian Key of Tullain – too be added to the Guardian Armor collection. Her line of work wasn't exactly black and white – there were a lot of shades of gray, and many times when black-marketeering was necessary to get the goods. The job suited her well.::

:: Getting up from her stool, T'Lea glanced at Dade out of the corner of her eye. Stubborn jerk. The curiosity was killing her. If he wasn't here for her, then WHAT WAS HE HERE FOR!? As she left without a word to Dade, the Rum-Vulc conjured up a small item wrapped in cloth from an inside coat pocket, and then made her way over to the runt Ferengi.::

:: Mundok cleared her glass and wiped down the counter, not looking at the man she left behind.::

Mundok: You're a lucky mutt.

::Dade looked up at the barman.:: Adarnis: You call that reunion lucky?

Mundok: She pulled her punch. She doesn't do that for anyone.

::Suddenly he didn't want to feel her full force. Who was he kidding, of course he did. Every single inch of her full force. But, he just lifted an amused eyebrow up to Mundok and looked over at the Ferengi she was meeting with. A Ferengi that wasn't making any secret of eyeing T'Lea up like the third racking of pork in a Butcher's.::

Adarnis: I think I'll have some Gree worms and Eelwasser, with another pint of this stuff.

Mundok: You got something in mind, soldier?

::Dade winked.:: Adarnis: Nowt but the usual.

::When they got handed over, Dade walked over to the table where T'Lea was making her trade and put the order down on the metal table. The Ferengi, someone T'Lea knew was exactly the kind of guy he was looking for and someone who probably knew the next black market transport out to Romulus.::

Adarnis: Evening, couldn't help over hearing you conducting trade in a public establishment without offering to include me.

:: The Romu-Vulc eyebrow lifted and her eyes carried over to see her tall headache standing there as he placed a bowl of disgusting worms down and an even more vile smelling juice.::

T'Lea: Well, I didn't know you were going to bring snacks.

::The Ferengi seemed to be at a loss for words and looked at T'Lea as to whether this guy was part of the security on the Starbase. Not that it would've mattered. Whipping out his pistol would be enough to silence anyone in the place; especially with his heavies waiting outside the door.::

Ferengi: You want something, hu-mon? I'm trying to have a little private time with my lady friend here and you're interrupting what could later become something a bit more. Quickly state what you would like and leave; I trust it has nothing to do with Security... ::already reaching for a concealed weapon::

::Dade lit up one of the cigarettes from his pocket and sat down.:: Adarnis: Oh no, I'm just looking for a transport off this swirling death trap and onto good old Romulan soil; I hear the real thing is out in deep space with transports coming to and fro quite often. I'm not the kind to cut you a bad deal for it either.

::The Ferengi lifted his head slightly.:: Ferengi: I might know something. What's it worth to you?

:: Romulan soil? Romulus? Now, why would he want to go there, thought T'Lea. She covered her initial surprise by leaning back in her chair, and draping her arm over the backrest. The casual move gave the illusion of being indifferent when really she was brimming with interest. Dade now had her full attention.::

Adarnis: For the information or the transport? 10 strips for the information and a further 200 bars for the transport, to be paid after transportation has been given.

::The Ferengi shivered, involuntarily up his spine. Dade noticed the reaction, wondering if T'Lea did.:: Ferengi: And what, hu-mon makes me think you are sincere about this journey?

::The Marine stubbed out the finished butt in the ashtray and smiled.:: Adarnis: I wouldn't be offering 200 bars of Latinum if I didn't think I could pay up.

:: The Romu-Vulc held her peace. She was going to vouch for the man, but somehow she had the feeling that wasn't the Ferengi's issue, and besides, she was curious as to just how badly Dade wanted this trip to happen. The answer to `why' would come later.::

::The Ferengi looked at Dade and frowned, narrowing his eyes.:: Ferengi: 300.

Adarnis: Done.

::He was in no mood to haggle down to a suitable price and he wasn't arsed about the price he would have to pay at the end of it only if he was sat on that transport going there as quickly as possible.::

Ferengi: Then it will be arranged. There is a transport leaving from dock 4 in the morning; I will ensure you have a place on board. I will be there to collect my payment. Now, please leave.

::Now he only had to find somewhere to spend the night. Dade looked across the table at T'Lea and stood up.:: Adarnis: Then I'll leave you too it. Enjoy your evening.

:: T'Lea watched him leave, enjoying the view from behind, but also keenly aware that the man was concentrating a hell of a lot of energy, and money to get to Romulus. She turned to the Ferengi.::

T'Lea: I want in. Same transport, same time, same deal. 300.

:: The Ferengi smiled. He was making a killing today!::

:: After her conversation with Tomal last night, getting off the station for a while would be a breath of fresh air. She'd log it as a working shore leave. Lt. Sanys could handle the upgrades to Archives.::