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Major Heath West is currently the Ambassador, serving on the USS Thunder attached to Embassy on Duronis II.

Embassy Duronis II


Heath West

Service Ribbons & Awards

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  • Full Name: Heath Garner West
  • Race: Kerelian
  • Date of Birth: 235308.25
  • Place of Birth: Actya Bay, Kerelia
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: None


  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Hair Colour: Blonde/Brown
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Light
  • Birthmarks, Scars: There is a blinking red light underneath the skin of his right forearm, which Starfleet Medical have assumed is a Borg modulation since it requires regenerating once a month.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications:
  • Build: Tall, Athletic
  • Carriage: Walks tall, as a Marine.
  • Poses: Crosses his arms often.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Anything light; Multi-Pocket Cargo Pants with a loose fitting shirt.
  • Shoes: Black Standard Issue Boots.
  • Voice: Quite deep, but with a lyrical aspect to it.
  • Handedness: Right-handed.


  • Quarters: Keeps them tidy, moderately peppered with paraphernalia from his younger years.
  • Favourite Room: Living Quarters.
  • Mannerisms: Sings and whistles to himself.
  • Physical Limitations: Standard Human limitations.
  • Temperament: Soft and light-hearted.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Sworn devotion to the Heart of Kerelia, although has since become agnostic.


Heath comes to grips quickly with other people and his environment, a skill honed from years spent with Starfleet Marines. His Kerelian education taught him patience and virtue, an old kind of chivalry where men still open doors and pull out chairs for ladies. He detests superficiality and would rather spend his time alone then suffer through small talk, only because it's nothing he hasn't heard before. Yes, the weather is still nice. No, it doesn't look like rain. When he makes friends, he makes strong bonds and likes to keep them. He doesn't mind being alone and rarely becomes bored. He thinks deeply about the issues, which surround him every day, and tries to leave the past in the past.

He is a natural leader and that is reflected in those that he does. Never an awkward man, Heath puts himself in positions to help people, even if it means taking a few knocks to him through self-sacrifice, hoping to leave behind a better world for his children. He is confident in his abilities and is constantly promoting the abilities of others around him, hoping to build confidence in the unit.

However, don't mistake him for the proud Marine figure. His career has been dragged through the dogs and Heath fully believes that he is where he is now due to the crap he has had to endure.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Music: With a Kerelian upbringing, that meant an education in music to the fullest extent. He is an accomplished pianist, clarinet, saxophone and violin player.
  • Engineering: His first posting was as an Engineer in the Marine Corps after qualifying at Starfleet Academy. He has never been in the Engineering Post since the destruction of the USS Thunder but he has continued an interest in it and tries to do what he can when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Rock-Climbing: A physical and mental challenger for a Marine.
  • Spring Ball: Played either singularly in the Holodeck or with a partner, involving a ball hit back and forth against a wall, aiming for targets either moving or stationary.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes:
    • Food: Since he spent time as a Bartender, Heath has developed a fondness for Kriosian food.
    • Music: Specifically Kerelian Classical.
    • Drink: Heath drinks coffee, likes weak herbal tea (such as camomile and green) and has the taste buds for a good strong Ale.
  • Dislikes:
    • Fools: An inability to suffer them.
    • Jumja: Whether in a beverage or served as a meal, he hates the stuff.
    • Doias Hocl: A Kerelian opera singer. More of a mutual dislike for one another.
    • Theocratic Governments: The last one was dethroned on Kerelia more than a century ago, but he still doesn't like them.

Ambitions and Goals

Heath has no real ambitions or goals. His first was to enter Starfleet and he accomplished that at the age of eighteen. He has since been up and down about carrying on with his career and has only "just" retaken the opportunity to become part of the Marines once more. Heath has more aspirations to get a small piece of land of his own somewhere and live life peacefully with a loving partner.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements: He still classes his joining the 'Valiant Order' on the USS Thunder a crowning moment in his career. It was his first posting that was not an Engineer but a Flight Officer and then onto the Elemental Leader. This was the time when Heath was at his best, or so he thought, and without any hindrance.
  • Disappointments: Heath finds that his most disappointing time came when he first resigned him commission from Starfleet on stardate 237702.09. His partner at the time, Lana "Chase" Danebe, suffered horrendous injuries while on a Search and Rescue operation on a Garridean vessel, the G'Stantek. They had a child together, a young girl, who was taken on her mother's death to live with her maternal Grandparents on Earth.


Kerelian families are the same setup as the nuclear Terran family. Heath was raised on Kerelia, subject to the education and religion of the planet's Government and the laws that bound the family together.



  • Vee Turner-West: Vee is Heath's adopted daughter together with Captain Toni Turner. Her adoption was finalised on Stardate 238412.15.
  • West, Garth Turner: Biological son with Captain Toni Turner.
  • Aliana Garner Danebe: Aliana is Heath's first child from his relationship with Lana "Chase" Danebe. At the time of her mother's death, Aliana was two years old and it was decided she was to live with her maternal Grandparents on Earth. She and Heath keep in regular contact through subspace communication but it has been a number of years since she has seen her father in person. Aliana is now nine years old.


  • Mother: Elle West - A once glorified singer in the Kerelia Opera circles, she has since retired to continue a life of service to the Heart of Kerelia, serving as a Diplomat for their proud nation.
  • Father: Kyle West - A rogue, through and through. He was absent for most of Heath's young life and has become a figure that enters and exits when he pleases. Heath has never trusted him but the suave and debonair bastard finds a way through the Marine's defences and lays siege to his common sense.


  • Naomi Carter-West - Currently married to Jonam Carter and residing on Colony Io, Jupiter. She is Heath's older sister and did her best to help their mother raise them both with an absent father. Naomi blames Kyle for a lot of the bad situations the family ended up in before Heath's admission to Starfleet, however she has nothing but support for her brother and mother.

Personal History

Full Article: West, Heath - Personal History

Born in Actya Bay, Kerelia, Heath was the second child to Kerelian parents. His father was an absent figure throughout his childhood and his mother was a working Singer in the Kerelian Opera circle. Heath was raised mainly by his mother and older sister, who made him a confident and consciencous young man. It was his mother's striving spirit that made Heath finally decide to join Starfleet and see the Quadrants for himself.


  1. 235308.25: Born in Actya Bay, Kerelia.
  2. 235912.02: Moved from Kerelia to Starbase 67.
  3. 236105.12: Moved again to the USS Gallipolis.
  4. 237419.04: Relationship with Lana "Chase" Danebe began.
  5. 237620.01: Birth of Aliana Garner Danebe on the USS Thunder.
  6. 237803.14: Death of Marine Captain Lana "Chase" Danebe, Aliana moves to Earth.
  7. 237804.01: Chosen Retirement from Active Service. Is posted as a Civilian in the United Federation of Planets.
  8. 238311.19: Joins the USS Challenger as a Bartender, moonlighting as the Diplomatic Attaché.
  9. 238404.29: Asked to continue serving on the USS Challenger as an Ambassador.
  10. 238412.15: Adopted Vee Turner-West.
  11. 238507.15: Marriage to Commander Toni Turner.
  12. 238507.20: During the attack, Heath was separated from the ship by the Borg invaders and taken.
  13. 238601.15: Heath returns after being rescued by a number of Marines serving with the 104th Black Ravens. His marriage has fallen apart and he opts for a transfer to the USS Steadfast, appointed as Marine Executive Officer.
  14. 238604.22: Currently assigned to Starbase 118 Ops as a General Envoy.
  15. 238605.11: Heath learns that his estranged wife, Commander Toni Turner has lost her child with 1st Lieutenant Brikk Wallace.
  16. 238600.04: Transferred to the USS Resolution and reunited with his wife and daughter.
  17. 238610.15: Transferred to USS Constitution
  18. 238701.12: Heath learns he and Toni are to be parents.
  19. 238702.08: Reassigned to control relief efforts in the Quadrant on board the USS Azincourt.
  20. 238801.01: Marked as MIA.
  21. 238802.03: Assigned to Avaya, Knape System, establishing a colony under Federation protection.
  22. 238804.05: Learns he and Toni Turner are no longer married due to Kerelian Law marriage dictate.
  23. 238811.06: Reassigned to Embassy of Duronis II as Marine Commanding Officer of the Third Battalion.
  24. 238811.28: Captured by the Breen during a routine front line mission.
  25. 238801.02: Released from Breen custody and taken to Starfleet Medical for rehabilitation.
  26. 238801.09: Assigned to Embassy of Duronis II as Marine Specialist.

Professional History

StarFleet Assessments and Records

Full Article: West, Heath - StarFleet Records

Heath has displayed uncanny military tact in the field and continues to do so. His Starfleet Profile is only a section of his ability and the rest would have to be seen. It is noted that Heath has sufficient experience in field combat and battle tactics, although there is little call for the experience when a war is not being waged.

Growing up on Starbase 67, Heath was surrounded by various races, learning different languages and gaining friends throughout the Quadrant, many of which he still keeps in contact with. He used to watch the Engineers on the Starbase working to keep the gigantic adding machine in space and marvelled at their dedication and persistence even when it looked hopeless. It was the thrill of being out in the stars that drove Heath to take up a career in Starfleet and become an Engineer.

However, it was also this talent for developing relationships that led Heath into a Diplomatic role and finally into the Marines. It was a challenge for him that needed something other than what he was naturally good at.


  • Date Graduated from Academy: 237107.20
  • Current Rank: Major
  • Current Assignment: USS Thunder, Embassy Duronis II
  • Duty Post: Marine Specialist

Awards & Commendations

The Semper Fidelis Award

The Semper Fidelis Award

For those StarFleet Marines who have shown great skill in protecting their crew, accomplishing their mission, avoiding tragic loss of life in the line of duty, and upholding the values of the UFoP in times of crisis. This is the first presentation of this award.

Maj. Heath West, Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder - presented by Captain Toni Turner

"The Semper Fidelis Award is new to our group, and one especially design for the Marines among us. And what better candidate than the man responsible for compiling most of the Marine data on our WIKI which is still in use today. He set the standard for our Marines, and now it is my great pleasure to present the Semper Fidelis Award to Major Heath West Embassy/Duronis II. Congratulations Heath!"

The Prisoner of War Ribbon

The Prisoner of War Ribbon

For those Starfleet Officers who have been been taken prisoner in the line of duty.

Maj. Heath West, Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder - presented by Lt.Cmdr Miles Unum

"At the beginning of this year, we found and rescued an old friend who had been captured and held by the Breen Confederacy. At the time, we had been kept in the dark about his capture, and it was believed that he'd been killed in the line of duty. ::removing the appropriate ribbon from the wooden box and holding it up for the others to see:: Major Heath West has earned the Prisoner of War Ribbon for his sacrifices."

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