Duster's Range

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Quarantine Alert

By order of Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Command on SD 238806.04

Avoid All Contact with the Lecereon Omega system

Authorized Personnel Only


Duster's Range is the name of a mining colony on the otherwise uninhabited Lecereon Omega. With Duster's Range being the only colony on the planet and thus the only port of call for visiting ships, virtually no one refers to the planet by it's actual name -- the colony name has become synonymous with the planet.

The colony, which was named Duster’s Range due to the sandstorms that frequently blast their way across the surface, is a key producer of the kind of ore starfleet requires to construct the ablative armour on its starship hulls.

Approximately 85% of the colony is actually underground, due to the weather patterns on the surface. Most of what is on the surface is related to processing or shipping the ore produced by the mines.

Though the planet is technically M-Class, weather patterns make the surface a fairly unfriendly place. Very little vegetation grows on the planet's surface and the main source of water is underground lakes, hence the majority of the colony being underground. Frequent sandstorms that can cause serious injury to persons and damage to equipment.

Current Status

As of stardate 238806.06, Duster's Range has been declared a Lost Colony. due to the confined nature of the colony, the spread of the Borg nanporobes was both rapid and total -- the SAR Team from the USS Constitution-B was unable to locate any unassimilated colonists.

Duster's Range remains quarantined and off-limits to both Starfleet and civilian vessels.