Challenger Living Quarters

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Starships...The backbone of the United Federation of Planets' exploration and defense fleet. Beautiful, awe-inspiring vessels that glide effortlessly from star system to star system. Every officer and enlisted crewmember in the Fleet is justifiably proud to serve on any starship. But, there's more...

The most overlooked aspect of the Federation's defense is the vital need for specially trained ground forces to operate on a planet - instead of from orbit. The mighty ships of Starfleet have the power to devastate a planet, but are incapable of quelling a riot. They can level entire cities with phaser energy, but can't stop a civil war. They can take on twice their number of adversaries, but can't destroy a specific enemy entrenchment. Starships have incredible capabilities, but there are simply some things they will never be able to do. Fortunately, the Starfleet Marines can!

The Starfleet Marines. Just the name sends chills down the collective spine of hostile commanders throughout the galaxy. The enemies of the Federation know that an attack on the Federation or on any of her people will not go unnoticed or unanswered. While the ships of Starfleet battle them in space, the Starfleet Marines will pound them on the surface. Marines are specially trained for planetary operations of every kind - from covert landings to full-scale defensive warfare. The Marines are the Federation's best weapon against an enemy presence on a member world, are the only hope for removing any enemy that manages to gain a foothold.

The Marine Barracks are a spartan living arangement, with row upon row of racks and bunks. Officers and Junior Officers are housed among the men, the only difference being that they are given a cubicle arangement, a small amount of privacy. A number of enclaves are present, allowing the senior and junior officers the ability to have small, private meetings with their individual teams.

Unlike the rest of Starfleet Naval crewmen, the Marines are quartered with their gear, both operational and functional. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see rows of well maintained Phaser Type III and Type II among the baracks. Additionally, there are more mundane weapons including melee weapons, and even operational equipment for extended operations.