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Voting Procedure for the Executive and Captains Councils (EC2378-0003)

  1. DEFINITIONS. This bylaw is written in terms of the Executive Council, however, it is also binding to the same extent upon the Captains Council.
  2. PROCEDURE. Any issue that is brought before the Executive Council (EC) and which requires a vote of said council's members to reach a decision, or any issue upon which a vote is called for of said council, should be decided by a vote of said council in the following manner:
    1. The council magistrate, in response to a call for a vote or in anticipating the need for a clear decision on any issue, assigns the issue a unique, sequential index code. The index code shall be of the form ccyyyy-iiii. Where cc represents the council in question (EC or CC), yyyy represents the UFOP year during which the voting period begins and iiii is a sequential index number beginning 0001 for the first issue voted upon in the year;
    2. The magistrate sends an e-mail to the council, clearly referenced with the issue's unique index code, setting out a specific question with a clear list of possible answers, the default answers being 'yes' or 'no';
    3. The magistrate may also include, with the question, a brief explanation of the issue upon which the vote is to be held, any pertinent information or reference any previous votes which may be relevant;
    4. In the said e-mail the magistrate must include a set time period for which voting is valid and at the end of which period no further votes may be accepted;
    5. The council members may then discuss the issue and cast their votes. Votes must be clearly referenced to the relevant issue (preferably by use of the unique issue index code) and be of the form "(member) votes 'yes' or votes 'no' on the question";
    6. At the end of the voting period the magistrate tallies the votes, ensures that the vote was valid (at least 60% of members voted) and announces, by way of an email to said council, the council's decision on the issue.
    7. The magistrate must also make a note of the vote in permanent logs, including at least the issue index number, the question proposed and the result of the vote. These logs are to be maintained and handed over to the EC at the end of each year.