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Do not make any changes to this area unless you are part of the Constitution Rewrite Committee.
Unauthorized changes will be reverted.
NOTE: These documents/proposed changes are drafts and are NOT in effect.
For the current Constitution that governs our group, visit UFOP Constitution.

IMPORANT: This page is part of the defunct Constitution Rewrite project from 2004. None of its provisions are in effect, but the contents are kept here for historical purposes and for reference as certain ideas are considered for implementation. The latest version of our constitution and its bylaws can be found here: UFOP Constitution.
Constitution Rewrite series

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  1. Committees and Officers in Charge: Depending on which body is exercising its power and subject to any veto by the EC, either the CC or the EC may create and staff committees, subcommittees and "offices in charge" of various matters. These committees shall be chartered to exist for either: a set period of time, indefinitely or until a certain task is completed. They may then be dissolved or placed on an inactive list of committees. The committee may also be continued as the need arises and at the discretion of the enabling body. Essentially committees will beactivities or events on a limited basis. The committees below are comissioned for a limited period of time to put together a special event or project. After the project is completed, the committee is disbanded. The list below contains the committees which are currently in operation.

These committees and officers in charge shall include but shall not be limited to the following subjects and/or matters:

    1. Training (continuing);
    2. Awards ceremonies (continuing);
    3. Special events and functions;
    4. Public interaction and web management;
    5. Website construction and maintenance;
    6. Newsletter construction and maintenance;
    7. Investigative committees (to recommend changes to bylaws, to the CONSTITUTION, to Rules and Regulations or to any other matter);
    8. Addressing any special concern (lateral transfer of an officer from a ship from a different organization, chaperoning or shepherding junior officers who have no mentor, etc., lateral admission of a new vessel, etc.);
    9. Promotion testing;
    10. UFOP:SB118 Records (continuing).
  1. Guilds: UFOP:SB118's guilds seek to bring together members of our UFOP:SB118 who share similar interests interests, by allowing them to organize and utilize resources of our group such as forums, Y!Groups, and web space. These groups are encouraged to gather, discuss, and exchange ideas. Essentially they are special interest groups. For example past and current guilds have included:
    1. The Readers Guild: For those who play characters who are telepathic or empathic, this guild acts as a point of reference on information concerning these unique circumstances.
    2. Lambda Alliance: Helping to create diversity within our RPG, the Lambda Alliance is for members of our group who are/are supportive of/play characters who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.
    3. Guild of Betazoids/ Vulcans/ Trills/El-Aurians: For characters and those interested specifically in these cultures.

Guilds are generally knowledge building groups which allow interested members to learn the specifics of their characters and help improve their sims in these specific areas.

  1. Taskforces: The UFOP:SB118's taskforce teams are groups of members who play a role in organizing an area of our comunity's activities on an ongoing basis. For example, Taskforce teams have or currently include:
    1. Training Operations Team - For training officers, including the training manual.
    2. Publicity Team - An open team, for those officers wishing to assist in the publicizing of our group on the web.
    3. Team Newsies - For the Community News team, responsible for the content which is written for the main menu news.
    4. Web Development Team - For officers involved in the development of ship websites, including tools and resources.

Such taskforces are critical to ensuring our community continues to develop and function. All players are strongly encouraged to partake in these ooc responsibilities when possible.