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NOTE: These documents/proposed changes are drafts and are NOT in effect.
For the current Constitution that governs our group, visit UFOP Constitution.

Constitution Rewrite series

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  1. UFOP:SB118 was established on or around stardate 237106.01 (AD1994) for the sole purpose of organizing a non-profit role playing collective, simulating characters, plots and story lines based upon the Star Trek Universe created by Paramount Entertainment. By December 17th, AD 2000, Stardate 237712.17, UFOP: SB118 had reached a sufficient size and experienced such needs as herein discussed that this CONSTITUTION has become necessary for the continued efficient, fair and expedient administration of the group consistent with the above stated purpose. By 2385 the UFOP: SB 118 had been operating under the former CONSTITUTION for over eight years. The UFOP: SB 118 had flourished due in part to the stability brought by the CONSTITUTION, however, it had also become clear that there were areas where the document could be improved to allow a more efficient running of the fleet. For an improved efficient, fair and expedient administration of the group consistent with the above stated purpose, this new CONSTITUTION was created with intention of superseding the original that had previously governed the UFOP: SB 118.
  2. UFOP: SB118 shall always remain a not-for-profit role playing organization, regardless of venue or membership, and regardless of what changes have been amended to this CONSTITUTION consistent with the procedures related herein. If at any point in the future UFOP: SB118 shall become otherwise than a non-profit organization or otherwise than a role-playing organization first and foremost, it shall have ceased to resemble the organization for which this document is intended and this document shall be considered abolished.
  3. The vision of UFOP: SB118 is to create a global community of Star Trek futurists devoted to quality writing and role-playing. To this end the administration of the group will strive to promote forums that bring together our world-wide membership while promoting a fun, engaging atmosphere in harmony with Gene Rodenberry's intrinsically optimistic view of humanity's future.
  4. If at any time the group ceases to provide either, the appropriate governing bodies are charged with the task of returning the group to its primary goal in a manner which preserves the main and original group which does not seek to split or divide the group.