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NOTE: These documents/proposed changes are drafts and are NOT in effect.
For the current Constitution that governs our group, visit UFOP Constitution.

Constitution Rewrite series

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  1. When the male pronoun is used in this CONSTITUTION, it shall be deemed to apply to all genders.
  2. When notice of any kind or type is required, it shall be deemed to have been given if sent via email (and no error message is returned within one 24 hour period) and is there is not good cause to believe defect in the notice has taken place. While other forms of communication are contemplated and encouraged, electronic mail is the only one minimally required.
  3. When time expressed in hours is relevant to any matter of UFOP: SB118 business, or a particular hour of the day, all times related in official communication shall account for EST, American East Coast, or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) minus five hours.
  4. For purposes of determining simulation location, all locations, irrespective of whether they are starships, smaller spacecraft, planetary installations or starbases shall be referred to herein as "ships."
  5. All officers placed in command of a ship are considered "commanding officers" (or "CO") for purposes of command tradition and shall have the powers of "captains" as defined herein unless specific prohibitions or limitations are herein discussed limiting the powers of acting captains who have not formally achieved the rank. Notwithstanding this article and subsection, the acting captain must obtain the formal rank of captain through the normal course in order to have the full privileges of that rank.
  6. When the word "Captain" is used in this CONSTITUTION, it shall be deemed to apply to all officers in command of a starship (regardless of their actual rank).
  7. Captain's Traditional Powers: Unless otherwise treated in this CONSTITUTION, and unless other specific powers of a captain are dealt with, any matters not herein discussed which arise on a ship are left to the sound discretion of the captain or acting captain or command officer. Exercise of such discretion, however, as well as all specifically granted powers, are subject to the disciplinary provisions hereafter related.