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Commander Raj Blueheart, captain of the USS Atlantis, occupies the Captain's Quarters on Deck 3, Forward. These quarters are larger and much more luxurious than a Senior Officer's Quarters due to the high rank of those residing there. Standard of such accommodation:

Separate bedroom, with a large fluffy bed. A separate living and working area including; food replicator, personal holographic viewer, Workdesk with LCARS access and provisions for pets. A large separate bathroom, with an ultrasonic shower and old-fashioned water shower and/or bathtub.

Main Room

The bank of windows in the Captain's Quarters is centrally located on the ship's forward hull, so the captain can always see where the ship is headed.

Some items found in Blueheart's Quarters:

Grecian vase.jpg Bonsai.jpg Persian rug.jpg
A Grecian vase found in the main room A bonsai, also in the main room A handmade Persian rug hung on one wall of Blueheart's bedroom


Painting of Lady Julia

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