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On an Intrepid class ship, the sickbay is located on Deck 9. This location constitutes the only facility for medical care on this class of vessel, but is exceptionally advanced among Starfleet ships.

The primary biobed is located in a recessed area. This biobed features advanced diagnostic and surgical functions. The unit can be rotated 360 degrees to allow medical staff to work comfortably no matter the patient's size of the instruments required. This bed is effectively a self-contained medical lab which can analyze patients and biological material easily. Due to the ability to generate a sterile field, this bed also acts as a surgical unit, and is equipped with high-powered surgical lamps. The circular area around the primary biobed can be isolated by a forcefield powerful enough to restrain a dangerous or violent patient, and allows infectious patients to be quarantined.

The primary biobed also includes a surgical support frame which can maintain basic life support for most biological lifeforms. A neural unit attached to the head of the biobed can be used to scan a patient's brainwaves or to alter a patient's brain chemistry.

Three other secondary biobeds also provide care stations, although they are less sophisticated than the primary biobed. These biobeds can scan and monitor patients and output information on the panels above.

The Chief Medical Officer's office is located in sickbay, and includes windows on each side to oversee the main sickbay area. This office includes a half-circle desk with a desktop viewer, a large display which can display patient information and other medical data, and a seat for a guest.

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Other areas of sickbay include a small medical laboratory for medical analysis, as well as the morgue, accessed through the medical lab.

A medical supply room is located via the ship's corridor in the unit adjacent to sickbay.

Emergency Medical Hologram

The Intrepid class was the first line of ships to receive the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) system – a computer-generated doctor. The entire sickbay is a holographic-equipped environment, allowing the EMH to roam freely throughout sickbay.

The EMH is programmed with the experience of dozens of doctors, including the biological and sociological features of many races. The EMH is also capable of performing millions of medical and surgical procedures. While this program was intended for short-term, emergency use only, USS Voyager's experience in the Delta Quadrant proved that the system can be used over extended periods when necessary.

In addition to the EMH, medical tools and custom biobed add-ons can be generated by the holographic system.


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