USS Atlantis Crew Lounge - Poseidon's Lounge

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Poseidon's Lounge Bar.jpg

Poseidon's Lounge is one of the crew lounges on the USS Atlantis. Modeled on a New Chicago speakeasy in the Iotian mob style, the lounge is open to all crew (regardless of rank) and passengers. The original bartender and proprietor was Vann Okoryx, a Sigma Iotian who stuck to the old ways of his people, based on Earth's 1920s mob culture. Okoryx has since moved on, but the lounge remains, manned by volunteer enlisted personnel in their off-duty hours.

The lounge is positioned in the forward starboard section of the vessel's primary hull, deck 2, providing a view of space in front of the ship.

Poseidon's Lounge differs from Atlantis' officers' mess hall (right next door), in that it provides the weary crew with a different environment in which they can relax, gather for a drink and talk after a long day, in a place that takes their minds off work and Starfleet.

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