Barne's Path

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How Barne's Path go it's name.

SIMed by: Hugh Barnes and Toni Turner


Barnes heard commander Turner contacting the Challenger. Closing his mind off the conversation Barnes guided the battered ship into the atmosphere. Half hearing Turner telling Sharik to get back he was surprised to see Commander Turner sitting in the co pilots seat.

Turner: Mr. Sharik, you heard him. Move to the back of the Bridge, and get under something stable and hold on to it. ::Turning to the view screen pretending not to have noticed that Barnes had been speaking to her too, she grinned.

Barnes: You too commander.

Turner: Now you didn't think I'd ask you to do something I wouldn't, did you? This may be my first and last ship to command, so Number One, take us down... Make it so... to the Dark Cave, Robin... aw hell, just do it Barnes, if I'm going out, it's gonna be with a smile on my face.

Laughing Barnes shook his head: Commander it's been a pleasure. See you on the ground.

Barnes gripped the side of the helm panel as the ship was battered by the atmosphere all the way down, as the ship hit the ground Barnes felt like his knees where coming up through his chin, as the rattle continued for what seemed like years Barnes opened his eyes and looked at the distant hills getting closer and closer oO Oh hell Oo. Closing his eyes again Barnes felt the vibrations as the ship continued her roll out, holding his breath he waited for the crash that he knew was coming. As the grating slowed Barnes slowly opened his eyes again. Watching as the ship slowed and gradually came to a halt.

The D'hazara bumped hard against the atmosphere, shaking as it descended. The vibration was so intense, it made Toni's teeth rattle. There was no turning back now, they either made it or would go out in a blaze of glory, which looked like what would happen as smoke began to seep from the control panel. But just when it seemed all would be lost, Barnes brought the D'hazara so a bumpy and screeching halt, after plowing up some 1000 feet of meadow land.

Turner: ::shaking the hair out of her face, looking rather pale, she looked over to Barnes, calmly.:: I take it we made it?

Sighing: Yes ma'am we made it :: Rubbing his temples Barnes swallowed.::

Barnes: I hope my academy instructor isn't watching.