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“Knowledge is its own reward.”

Named for the Roman goddess of the dawn in Terran mythology, the USS Aurora was launched from the Antares Ship Yards in March of 2382 and delivered to StarBase 118 for assignment in April of 2382. Her first Commanding Officer was Cmdr. Megan Parker, whose first mission was a Search-and-Rescue operation for members of a Federation Observation Team that went missing on Caraban II. All members of the team were recovered save for one, who was murdered by suspicious locals after having wandered into a town under the influence of indigenous flora. Subsequently, the Aurora was assigned to a highly-unusual mission involving relief for Romulan citizens suffering from a plague. They were escorted into Romulan space, and were able to cure the local population of the affected planet.

Shortly thereafter, now-Captain Parker fell sick to a mysterious virus and was dropped off at Star Fleet Medical, and the ship was reassigned to short-range anthropological missions with civilizations along the Romulan Neutral Zone, under the command of Malcolm Lysander. Over the course of six nine-month missions, the Aurora was involved in a number of important new discoveries regarding the migration of early Romulans.

With those missions complete, the Aurora returned to space-dock for an major refit, which was completed in January of 2388. She was then assigned to Cmdr. Della Vetri in February of that year, a cruise that lasted until Vetri's promotion to Captain and the reassignment of herself and her crew to the newly-commissioned USS Avandar.


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